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Modern Medicine in Traditional Setting


Welcome to the Practice of Dr Richard M Cooper and
Our primary objective is to provide private general
practice facilities within the vicinity of Central
London, alongside a professional, skilled team ready
to offer tailored and personal medical services to our
As well as Private General Medicine Facilities, we
also offer Insurance Medicals, Executive Health
Screening, Medico-Legal Assessments, Cruise Line
Pre-Employment Medicals, Visa Medicals,
Occupational Health Advice and Consultations, and
TV and Film Production Medicals for the
entertainment industry.

With our site positioned in Central London, our
practice offers easy access and referral to renowned
consultants and surgeons, many of whom are at the
pinnacle of modern medicine and lead their
respective fields through practicing the latest
medical techniques.

This in its entirety matters a great deal to us, but
above all, it matters to my patients who are offered
the very best Modern Medicine in a relaxed,
reassuring and traditional environment.


Our practice site is at 17 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QH (the Cavendish Square end of
Harley Street).

We perform a full range of general practice services with a tailored, personal approach
including Pre-Employment Medicals, Executive Screening, Medico-Legal
Assessments, Insurance Medicals, Occupational Health Services, Immunisation, Flu
Vaccination and general private physician services.

For the ease of all patients, we can at all times offer a chaperone service.

Within our practice there are two associates, Dr Susan Varghese and Dr David Rosenberg,
who both work alongside Dr Cooper. The Practice Manager is Alison Lewin to whom there
are two administration assistants, Grace Parks and Karen Smith.

We act as Medical Consultant to a plethora of large companies within the London area and
offer these companies professional Corporate Health Care.

We are fully aware of the fact that our patients have busy business and personal, private
lives and we strive to ensure that our patients are never delayed for any reason, and
therefore we aim to be conscientious and dependable with all of our appointments.

Dr Cooper qualified at Charing Cross Hospital in
1965 and was a Principal in NHS General Practice
from 1966 until 1976.
He is a registered medical practitioner and has
extensive experience in family medicine.
Alongside this, Dr Cooper has been positioned as
Chief Medical Officer to Cardiff Pinnacle
Insurance Company (plc) from 1991 and is
actively involved with the Insurance
Medicine world for many years. He acts as a
Senior Medical Examiner for a number of
insurance companies and is also a Council
Member of the Assurance Medical Society and
Independent Doctors Forum (IDF). Throughout
this time, he has also spoken extensively to large
audiences on Insurance Medicine and its
Dr Cooper is an Education Officer for the IDF and
diligently prepares monthly morning meetings
with distinguished speakers from all parts of the
medical world. He has written many articles on a
vast number of medical conditions and matters,
yet is still able to participate in a very active and
full time role at his Harley Street Practice.

Insurance Medicine
Well Man/ Well Woman executive
Executive Health Screening
Cruise Line Medicals
Visa Medicals
Sexual health Screening
Medical tests for taxi drivers
General Sports Medical
Overseas Patient care
Private GP practice Harley Street
Occupational Health checks Harley
Full medical health screening


Although the perks of a receiving comprehensive health
assessment are very apparent, the actual practice that takes
part in ultimately fulfilling this medical screening is just as
essential. If you are simply searching for clinics that provide
physical examinations and testing on Harley Street, there are by
no means any lack of such medical services. However, only a few
can achieve the highly professional quality of care that we here
at 17 Harley Street offer. When choosing Dr Cooper and
Associates, you can expect the following during your complete
medical screen:

A fully adjustable health screening package that meets your
health requirements
Tailored care from our professional medical staff
Experienced doctors who are fully educated in the most
modern advances in medical screening
Appointments for screening ready to book at short notice and
with quick results, but also a rapid onward referral if
required, even if on the same day.
A comprehensive confidential screening service
Up-to-date facilities and the modern, accurate screening
Very competitive medical assessment costs.
If you would like to book an appointment for full medical health
screening, phone for a consultation now.

Why choose 17 Harley Street for Full Medical Health Screening

Cruise/Visa Medicals
Why should you choose 17 Harley Street for your cruise/visa medicals?

We are experienced and knowledgeable in performing Cruise Ship/Visa
Medicals for a large number of Cruise Lines and embassies, and the
following provides some reasons to choose us:
Our site is easily accessible behind Oxford street, London, W1.
Well connected and placed for use by public transport, with good
transport links via Over ground train, Underground and bus from all
areas of the UK and situated centrally for embassies.
We are competent, quick and experienced.
We offer appointments for the same day, every day and try to
accommodate for appointments that suit your busy schedule.
Our medicals costs are very competitive.

Dr Richard M. Cooper & Associates

17 Harley street

T: 020 7580 3324
F: 020 7436 0661