She - Hulk

Saajid & Michael

Representation of She-Hulk
•Image is realistic and shows veins in the arms which connotes strength and the biceps also show this •Her posture shows confidence and dominance and there is a radiant glow/aura around her. The light green colours reflect her skin and colour. •Her posture is subverting the traditional roles of Propp’s character types, she is clearly the hero which was in the past a male dominated role. In fact, the very character SheHulk is a subversion of the Hulk himself. •Her clothes are tight fitting, this is common of the codes and conventions of the superhero subgenre of comics, however the fact that she is female emphasises her subversion, showing her abdominal muscles and her strength and leaves nothing to the imagination.

Genre in the She-Hulk
•The main character is a women this is a subversion of Propp’s character types. •It is an action genre, emphasises by the word ‘Mighty’ on the front cover. •The front cover emphasises her strength and dominance. •There is no pug, puff or freebies offer. This may be to stop older ages being put off by buying ‘childlike’ comics that offer toys. Barcode and prices are shown, as usual. •She subverts the sub-genre of superhero comics as she is female it has deviated from the norm

Lettering/font styles and sizes
•Sharp, bold and strong, connoting strength of She-Hulk. The drop shadow on the word ‘She’ of She-Hulk connotes she is a female and thus, emphasises subversion of the genre. •The yellow font of Spider-man, Ghost Rider and Wolverine show that they will be included within the issue and that they are above the Mighty World of Marvel, connoting their inclusion within this. The red outline makes it stand out and is linked to the Marvel industry, as it has a red background. This also connotes danger within the comic.

•The dominant image on the front cover is that of she-hulk and thus emphasise her role as the protagonist of the comic. •She is bright green which makes her stand out and she is monochromatic in appearance. •There is a greenish tinge throughout the front cover which is unusual for Marvel because this is the return comic of SheHulk. •The facial expression is that of concentration which shows the problems she is going to face, also her flexing of the muscles shows that she is strong and showing off. •There is also a speech bubble saying ‘Miss me?’. This shows that she is popular with readers and is making a comeback. •She is also smiling with a ‘it’s good to be back’ look and looking straight at the readers.

Main Character
•The main character is She-Hulk and she has a sidekick called Southpaw. •She is iconic because she is green and female but she is just a subversion of the comic character, Hulk. •She is wearing a tight fitting lycra costume. This connotes that she is of the superhero genre. Also, it is like a wrestlers suit. •She is also shown as strong, as is the main character supposed to be for a superhero. •She is on her own, showing that she is strong, however, she has a sidekick within the comic.

•The comic is aimed older audiences, from around 16-20. It will be aimed at mostly males, but with the dominance of a female on the front cover, it hopes to entice females as well. •It is aimed at the Socio-Economic class of C1 and higher and the segmentation it targets is that of aspirers and others. •It also hopes that children will use pester power to purchase the comics. •Mostly collectors’ and long time Marvel comic fans will be buying this comic because Marvel has a following and loyal fans will purchase all comics. •Some people may buy it for gratifications because of having collected yet another Marvel comic. They also buy it for the incomics adverts to know about the next edition release. The website on the front also has a forum which buyers use to interact with other fans of the comic. This relates to Blumier and Katz’s Personal Relationships and Surveillance theory.