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High-Tech Electronic

Present By :
1 Lee Wei Hin
2 Lee Meng Fong
3 Tan Yong Siang
4 Lee Woei Jye
Google Glass
Google glasses developed by Google X team, which is part of Google's
dedicated to studying the autonomous vehicles and other advanced

The military began to study the optical head mounted display since 1995,
while Google glasses compared with the past are much more lightweight head-
mounted display. Google Glasses prototype is to replace the general rise of
spectacle lenses display. In November 12, 2013, released a series of new
features Google glasses, including search songs, scanning saved playlists, and
listen to high-fidelity music.

On March 3, 2014, Google glasses more level to Android 4.4.

Google on April 15, 2014 Google glasses sold in the United States limited,
priced at $ 1,500. May 13, 2014, Google announced public offering in the U.S.
market Google glasses. As long as there is still stock, any person may, $ 1,500
purchase price of this product.
The user can control the time line in the form of a user interface by sliding.
Slide shows the current events, such as: weather, slide forward display of
historical events, such as: telephone, photographs, Google+ notifications and
Google glasses can be built-in camera to take pictures or record HD video.
3)Traffic information and map services
A very cool feature, Google glasses can be provided depending on
your location corresponding traffic information, if suspended
subway service, and it will pop up a message timely reminder, very
practical. Also, it can provide a map service. Also, you can use the
enhanced GPS (GPS + Wi-Fi) to determine the location of your room,
so browse indoor maps.
There are also some games on Google glasses, can get you through
gestures, virtual reality has some effect
The main problem

1)Price is too high
From the purely material costs, the Google glasses are not extravagant,
more importantly, this is a landmark product, the key to the future of
technology, must return to rational pricing, 1,500$ does make a lot of
people fear
Google when wearing glasses, a user must be looking right eye vision at the
top right of the projector shimmer to see the data and text, but it may
cause the user distraction, potentially dangerous.
3)Health problems
Wearing such glasses may cause side effects, such as dizziness, visual
confusion, visual fatigue and so on.
3D Printing
3D Printing or additive manufacturing (AM) is
any of various process of making a three-
dimensional object from a 3D model or other
electronic data source primarily through
addictive process in which successive layers of
material are laid down under computer control.
A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot.
How Does Three-Dimensional Printing Work?
Many types of 3D printers currently exist. Every
printer type typically uses a different material;
nonetheless, all such printers employ the same basic
technique to "print" objects: Spraying on or
otherwise transferring multiple layers of a material
onto a construction platform, starting with the
bottom layer.
Before printing a 3-D object, you must first produce a
three-dimensional image of the item you want to
print by using a computer-assisted design ("CAD")
software application. The program "slices" your
desired object into several hundred or several
thousand horizontal layers. Each layer is then placed
on top of each other in a one-by-one manner until
the entire object develops.
How Does Three-Dimensional Printing Work?
One type of 3D printer known as a selective
laser sinter uses a laser beam to heat and
solidify a granular substance into a specific
pattern for every slice before repeating the
process again and again on new layers. This
particular method is often used to create
figurines, for instance. Another 3d printing
method involves the use of UV light to cure
layers of resin. Still other methods deposit
materials into a layered pattern, much as
automatic glue guns work.

3-D Printing Advantages:
1) Shorter response times
2) Three-dimensional printing allows businesses to
construct working models in just hours instead of
days or weeks.
3) Lower Cost
4) Durability
5) The objects obtained in many types of 3-D printing
are quite long lasting and durable, as they do not
absorb moisture or warp over time.
3-D Printing Limitation

Copyright Violation:
>>Clear disadvantage is that the 3D printing markets
is still breached and expose, easy to buy 3D printer
design and print them at home violating copyrights
and brand name products.
Fraud and Scam:
>>3D printer can be used to scan and duplicate
credit cards, ID's, car keys and other private
craft.The obvious disadvantage is already serving
criminals and fraud activities.
Samsung galaxy gear
Develop of Galaxy Gear come in the midst of a
push toward the growing smart watch market.
Samsungs main competitor ,Apple had been the
subject of rumors suggesting an upcoming watch
product ,while the kiskstarter-backed Pebble has
been credited with creating mainstream interest in
the concept on September 4,2013 during a
Samsung unpacked event prior to the IFA
consumer electronic trade show in Berlin .
Samsung also expected to unveil the Ga Note 3
phablet during the event as well
It is powered by an 800WHz Exynos System-on-chip, and
contains a 320 pixel-wide-shaped .Super A MOLED touchscreen
display with a pixel density of 277 PPI it band contains
A 1.9 mega pixel camera with a Black-illuminated sensor
720P video recording
Speaker and two noise canceling microphones
4GB of memory
512MB of RAM
An and a gyroscope
315 mah battery
Placed inside a special micro use-equipped charging case
An NFC tag
IP55 with resistant and protection from short term exposed to
Bluetooth low energy

Design of the gear itself was met with
mixed reaction

Consider high quality incorporation of
component directly onto its strap was
criticized for making it inflexible

Criticized for the limited functionality
of it apps
Curved Television
Curved is gentle and not unattractive
Some film industry experts says it work
best because it follows the natural
curvature of the eye and after all,
cinema screen have a little curve to
Its certainly easy on the eyes,
especially if you sit dead center ,
though viewing angles are uniform

It is too expensive for an ordinary
Curved television may affect our
individuals lifestyle
May affect student for their study
People may addicted into curved
Would get the short sight easily