 ROPES of Case Study
 Critical Evaluation
 Key Take-aways

I. ROPES of Case Study

1. Research
 Background
 Gumtree Australia
 Number 1 free and online classifieds
 Achieving coverage is challenging
 Situation Analysis
 Research released in August 2011, Sydney became
the 7
most-expensive city in the world
 Australian businesses, particularly retail suffer from
depressed spending

1. Research (cont.)
 Target Publics
 Key Influencers
 National and metro publications (online & print)
 Street press
 Broadcast media (TV & Radio)
 „Mummy bloggers‟
2. Objectives
 Goal
 To promote Gumtree brand & provide a thought leadership
platform able to evade competitive concerns by Australian media
 Objectives
1. Business impact – create a 10% spike in unique visitors to
2. Use a research media platform highlighting brand key messages
in 80% of coverage
3. Widespread coverage; at least 15% pieces of feature coverage
and 1 million impressions
4. Five tier one interviews for spokesperson
5. Garner usage of „Second-Hand Economy‟ in 80% of coverage

3. Programming
 Key elements of Communication Strategy
1. Create strong Research & Data Platform for
2. Identify & secure a respected Third-party
3. Create localized media storylines and strong
campaign collateral, and develop state-by-state
pitches and story angles
4. Pre-briefings: Media could be briefed on the results
by spokespeople prior to launch
4. Evaluation
 Business impact – create a 10% spike in unique visitors to
 15% increase in traffic and live ads to site
 Use a research media platform highlighting brand key messages in 80% of
 100% of coverage
 Widespread coverage; at least 15 pieces of feature coverage and 1 million
 66 pieces of coverage, exceeding target 440%
 Over 16 million impressions
 Five tier one interviews for spokesperson
 Sky, ACA, Today Tonight, News Ltd, AAP, mX
 Garner usage of „Second-Hand Economy‟ in 80% of coverage
 100% of coverage

II. Critical Evaluation
Positive Aspect (1)
 Public Information Model
 Provides information with accuracy (Lattimore et al
 The research report is the practice
 It has credibility and informative
 Longer impressions on readers
 Good to introduce new term „Second-Hand Economy‟

Positive Aspect (2)
 Diffusion of Innovation Theory
 Seeks to explain how, why and what rate new ideas
and technology spread through cultures
 Scott Pape as Innovator
 Influence on Late Adopters in the evaluation stage of
innovation-decision process
 Informal Opinion Leader
 Influential role model who has respect and confidence
of the public (Smith 2009)
 Independent ideas
 Word-of-mouth
Negative Aspect
 Primary Target Public
 Uncontrolled
 Not guarantee that Gumtree‟s target audiences will
be reached
 “Not everyone will see or hear about the news… Just
because a message is available in some vehicles,
doesn‟t mean that people attend to it and remember
it” (Lattimore et al. 2012)
 Active Audiences
 Uses and Gratification Theory
 The audiences are not passive, but take an active role in
interpreting and integrating media (Katz, Blumper & Gurevitch
 The arrival of Internet
 Australian households with Internet access reached 7.3 millions -
83% of total households (Australian Bereau Statistics 2013)
 23,3 hours online per week and 60% of them are active users of
Facebook (Nielsen‟s Australian Connected Consumers Report
Recommendation (1)
 Secondary Target Audiences

Demographics Psychographic
Behavioral Geographic
Both gender

18 – 35

Middle class &
Blue collar


Interests in
earning & saving
money from
online classifieds

Want to do
online business

Learn to check
product‟s quality
before buying &
bargain skills

Strong social
media users

Urban & Rural
Recommendation (2)
 Facebook fan page
 Share the research report & Scott‟s analysis
 Share real-life profiles of Australians who successfully
in Second-Hand Economy
 Human interests
 Get-rich-fast or save-more-now attached with
„Second-Hand Economy‟
 Interactions between Gumtree & the publics
 Key take-aways
 Current situation and public‟s concerns are important
factors that can affect the success of the campaign
 The media or key influencers are always essential
publics in order to achieve third-party endorsement
 Media analysis is a common evaluation tool in PR
 Public Information Model & Diffusion of innovation
theory are good start for promoting new terms and
 An opinion leader is always good source of third-party
endorsement to attract media‟s attention.
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