Productivity tool with multiple benefits

BSC is a strategic performance

management tool for measuring whether the smaller-scale operational activities of a company are aligned with its larger-scale objectives in terms of vision and strategy. “If you can’t
measure it. You can’t manage it….” -Kaplan & Norton

It is not what you can see….

It is what you can’t!!!

Financial Perspective Internal Perspectiv e

Customer Perspective Learning & Developme nt Perspective

BSC in GE: Use of 2 X 2 matrix Performance
Cell 1 Cell 4 Cell 2 Cell 3 LOW HIGH LOW HIGH


 Describes 8 GE values in behavioural terms  Data is collected through the 360 degree feedback method  Used to track and monitor the process of value

 

This scorecard was developed by Lyold Trotter Designed to check on the use of best practices. The Trotter Scorecard

0 points Aware of best practice: no plans to adopt 1 point Plans to adopt: no current activity 2 points Current activity on best practice 3 points Best practice implemented on some product lines 4 points Best practice implemented on all product lines 5 points Model site for best practice

Non profit Organizations: Oak Knoll Academy - A primer on development of a management strategy for a fictitious private school Vinfen Corporation - A private, non-profit human services organization based in Cambridge, MA.

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Government Organizations: Defense Financial Accounting Service (DFAS) Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center Department of Energy Federal Procurement System Department of Energy Federal Personal Property Management Program Commercial Organizations: Regional Airline Credit Card Company

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