Presentation on summer internship project

Consumer Buying Behaviour of godrej Appliances
Submitted by
Maman Panda Regd No.0806995043

Under the guidance of
Prof. Kailash ch. nayak Senior Faculty Member, NIBA, Bhubaneswar Mr. Niladri S. Chatterjee Dy.Manager, Direct sales, Appliance Division, Godrej& Boyce Mfg.Co. Ltd BBSR

one of the largest engineering and consumer

products company in the country as it got established in 1897 It started its business with locks manufacturing Godrej and Boyce ltd deals in both the consumer products as well as industrial products

To know the consumers buying behaviour

regarding Godrej Home Appliances. To know how situational influences may affect the consumer buying decision process. To know different types of consumer buying behaviour. Categories that effect the consumer buying decision process.

Scope of project
The market share of Godrej Appliances in

different sectors, to find out the competitor and market leader in this category. Which factor influence the consumer buying behaviour. Consumer satisfactory level.

Research Methodology
Exploratory Magazine Descriptive


Internet Books

Consumer buying behaviour
Buying behaviour is the decision processes

and acts of people involved in buying and using products. Process by which individuals search for, select, purchase, use, and dispose of goods and services, in satisfaction of their needs and wants.

External Influence

Importance of Sociocultural Environment Segmentation and Targeting 1. Family
Input 2. Reference Groups 3. Social class 5. Subculture and culture

Consumer Decision Making

Need Recognition Prepurchas e Search Evaluation of Alternatives


Psychological Field 1. Motivation 2. Perception 3. Learning 4. Personality 5. Attitudes Experience


PostDecision Behavior

Purchase 1. Trial 2. Repeat purchase Postpurchase Evaluation

Stages of Consumer Decision


Q1. Have you already used any product of Godrej


Q3. Which factors influence you to purchase a product? •Price, Service, Brand image, Features, Influence by other,

Existing customers of Godrej are satisfied with

after sales services, with few exceptions. Majority of the respondents in the survey were found reluctant about giving details to us. Customer think that brand name of the company can influence their purchase decision.  The person answered as he/she was not the concerned authority.

Company should organize free checkup camp

and AMC facility. Company gives more emphasis on heavy advertising. Company should provide credit facility to the customer. Company should provide greeting card, messages to maintain customer relationship.

Consumer is a combination of psychological and

physiological structure. In order to study consumer behaviour we need to do indepth study of human attitude,personality,motivation ,perception ,etc. It is not easy to judge the buying behaviour of the consumer. As we know that the consumers are regarded as the arbiters of fortune for the company so their taste and preference should be given higher importance in order to satisfy their wants.

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