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Target the Crowd with

Custom Audience of

There are a number of social media platforms that

will attract a select audience.

Pinterest will probably always be something that

the ladies enjoy, and Google will be a place
where a lot of tech wi!ards will hang out.

"owe#er, social media marketing has de#eloped

and other platforms are o$ering the tools to gain
audiences. These other web sites can focus on
other business establishments that could turn into
a #ery pro%table &'& campaigns.

Facebook is taking dramatic mo#es forward in

e$orts to de#elop audiences. The Facebook
feature, Custom Audience, is permitting Facebook
ads to become a superior means of focusing
marketing e$orts.

(t is an ama!ing opportunity for small to medium

si!e business to be more selecti#e when it comes
to the audience type #iewing established Facebook

Custom Audience will permit information regarding

prospects and clients to be used by &'& marketers
to better label, and describe, an audience for the
Facebook ad. (ndeed, information can be matched
to pro%les on Facebook.

This will allow for a dedicated audience that would

be more recepti#e to particular ad#ertisements
posted on Facebook. There are a number of other
uses for the Custom Audience tool that can be of
great ser#ice to any marketing campaign.

Former clients can be retrie#ed with the use of a

C)* system. The data can be coupled with an
ad#ertisement to help recognition and possibly
allow a lapsed business relationship to come back.

The company brand can be enhanced on Facebook

with the use of Custom Audiences. (t is possible to
take the e+isting followers of a corporate blog,
create a custom audience, and then create an
ad#ertisement intended to increase likes.

This message could be shown to those blog

subscribers who ha#e not yet liked the corporate
Facebook page, and encourage them to both like
the page and follow de#elopments posted on

There any number of ways in which the

ad#ertisements can be redesigned and
adapted so that the custom audience is

The audience which is created can help

further de#elop the creati#e artistry of
the ads. (f the images used are
connected directly to the audience
pro%le -e.g., the use of the young
millennial in the #isual, or senior
citi!ens prominently displayed in the
ad#ertisement, etc.., The response
rates can be substantially high,

There is the possibility of doing some

segmenting. Creating a custom audience
that centres on pre#ious business
transactions and then producing an
ad#ertisement or o$er for that segment
can generate repeat business and #ery
good sales re#enue,

Custom audience allows ad#ertisements

to be created to appeal to that gi#en
audience. Those features o$ered that
appeal to the custom audience can be
emphasi!ed, drawing greater attention
and interest in the process,

)emarketing list can be better used. (t would

be possible to take ad#antage of Facebook
e+change to ha#e ad#ertisements
retargeted for the right column and also the
newsfeed. This will of course take into
consideration the content of the site itself

All of this seems #ery wonderful, but there is

a cautionary note that an account e+ecuti#e
needs to keep in mind. The use of Custom
Audience must be cost/e$ecti#e as far as
numbers are concerned. (n other words, a
#ery small custom audience doesn0t do
much good at all, and barely justi%es the
time and e$ort.

The larger the custom audience, the

better it will be. A rule of thumb is to
ha#e a population si!e somewhere in
the thousands. (t creates a #ery large
group of people seeing ad#ertisements.
(t also allows for or #aluable analysis of
resulting data.

The positi#e bene%ts of the Custom

Audience tool cannot be denied.
*arketers would always rather deal
with known entities, than try to cast
marketing seeds to the earth, hoping
for sprouts here and there.

&eing able to resurrect old relationships and

create ads that further work certain
demographics are just some of the positi#e
aspects of this part of the Facebook toolkit.

1mall business in particular can see this as an

e+cellent opportunity to make use of the larger
social media platform currently on the (nternet. (t
can reduce the stress of ha#ing to chase retail
customers, concentrating instead on those with
whom contact has been established in the
present or in the past.

Custom Audience helps the small entrepreneur

compete more e$ecti#ely against larger
companies, courtesy of this remarkable aid
o$ered by Facebook.
Thank You