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Calvin &
& Hobbes
• Created by Bill Waterson and one of the most
loved comic strips ever

• Featured daily for a decade from November 1985

to December 1995

• Featured in atleast 2400 newspapers

• The entire series comprised of 3160 comic strips

• 6 year old American kid

• Named after 17th century French

theologian, John Calvin

• Lives mostly in a fantasy world of his

• Hobbes is a stuffed tiger

• Calvin imagines him to be real

• Named after the 17th century English

political philosopher Thomas Hobbes
• Script centered mainly in the east American

• Calvin is a stereotypical kid, stuck in the

system but constantly questioning it

• Adult like in thoughts, but very much a kid

• Imaginations are wild manipulations of real

world scenarios
• Hobbes is portrayed as a real individual
with thoughts and feelings

• Dim view of human nature

• Immune to silliness; that of humans and

of Calvin

• Voice of reason against Calvin's

impulsive imagination
• Wry humour with criticism of society

• Criticized the academia and artworld

through Calvin; eg. Snowmen, art critic

• Criticized consumerism, commercialism

and gadget culture through Hobbes
Tracer Bullet Stupendous man

Spaceman Spiff