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Group 10
Aggyapal Singh (13DM014)
Aman Sharma (13DM023)
Animesh Taneja (13DM027)
Huge Population (154.7 million) and very high population
density (1045 people per square kilometer)

Serious problem of crime and insecurity

High Police-Citizen ration (1:1138)

Over-reliance and unrealistic expectation on Bangladesh

Crucial role being played by Private Security Service
Private Security company is a Profit-Oriented enterprise or
Corporation or Limited liability partnership company

Provides armed and unarmed security services and
expertise to private and public clients for protection of
personnel and assets

Around 50 companies are members of Bangladesh
Professional Security Service Providers Association

400 registered companies with 90000 security guards

Complements Government security and creates
employment opportunities

Booming industry as people are becoming more and more
security conscious

Issues like Low compensation to service providers, below
standard quality, over-worked workforce, less overall
capacity are emerging
Introduced by Government for Security Service providers
for establishing, directing and controlling private security
service providing company
To declare the various terms and conditions
To maintain quality assurance in private sector

Companies work in diversified sectors like
Cash Carrying
Security survey
Fire Safety
Security awareness lectures
Founded by Squadron Leader Mahmood Iqbal
(Retd.) in 2004.

Served in Bangladesh Air Force under security and
intelligence duties

Awarded Commendation Certificate by Chief of Air

Currently serving as MD of the company and
supervises all departments
Mode of Business operations B2B

More than 150 clients in the country

Operates in 20 out of 64 districts

Presence in areas like
commercial outlets
Construction sites
Power plant projects
Hospital & Healthcare Security
Events Security
Apartment/Personal Security

Armed/unarmed dark suit security to high-profile
Specially trained children friendly guards
Traffic supervision guards
Gunmen for individuals security
Advice on security of persons and the property
Investigations on occurrence of breach of security
Specially trained personal to combat any threat associated
with ATM transactions
Operational and Training Department
Administrative Department
Finance and Accounts Department
Operations and training functions clubbed together as there is a high synergy
between these activities. This department has further three sub-divisions headed
by three managers:

1. Operations guarding services:
Pre-deployment of security survey
Smooth discharge of duties
Inspection for quality assurance

2. Operations CIT: Looks into total operations of Cash in Transit Operations (CIT)
between and within the banks, other financial institutions and companies.

3. Recruitment, Training and Verification:
Manager responsible for recruiting and training supervised by recruiting
and training officer.
Detailed verification carried out through local police and other sources.
Attention to age, sex, physical and mental fitness along with background.

Headed by Director of Administration.

He is responsible for all administrative matters such as management of
food, accommodation, transportation, pay, gratuity and discipline of
the companys employees.

He is also responsible to maintain employee files and records, leave
and other admin matters of the employees.

Looks over the transportation unit.
Finance of the company is strictly controlled by the MD M. Iqbal

He is also responsible for the accounts in order to prepare and make
monthly payments to the employees.

Responsible for operations of companys bank accounts, maintaining
petty cash for companys day-to-day small expenditures.

Responsible for collection of dues and receivables from the companys
client organizations.
ICoC, a Swiss Government initiative

Aims to both clarify international standards for the private
security industry operating in complex environments, as
well as to improve oversight and accountability of the

ICoC was signed was 58 private security companies. ICoC is
having impacts in the better regulation of the security
industry. Marshal aims to join this initiative.
Uniforms used by many of the private security agencies resembles that
of the Government security forces despite instructions given by the

Some cases see terrorist activities due to the use of similar uniform.
Law and order is also threatened.

Thousands of less educated unemployed are being employed, making
customers information and security vulnerable

Salary of a guard at an embassy and that at a shopping mall has a wide

Less availability of number of quality security guards and lack of
government support.

Lack of adaptation and quality in understanding in security personnel
makes it more expensive and time consuming to train them

Lengthy procedures to get Police clearances of employees leads to
delay in deployment of guards

Lack of gunman in the market because government has suspended
sanctioning gunman license. Marshal has only 45 gunmen
The company is among top ten Private Security Service providers in

As the company is yet to be a part of ICOC certification, we conclude
that the company is striving for becoming World Class

Operations are confined only to Bangladesh

Sustainable competitive advantage could be achieved by focusing on
development of skilled security forces and good working environment

Company is now seeking to expand its services in
commercial areas like in jewelry establishments, where the
security risks are high.

The industry wants to develop partnership with the
international bodies, that is ICOC to comply with
international codes and practices.