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Encouraging Creativity & Suggestion Scheme
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Creativity  is a mental and social process involving the discovery of new ideas or concepts

Techniques of Creative Problem Solving


Brainstorming is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.

Brainstorming is not very fruitful unless the topic selected for brainstorming is specific. brainstorming is an enjoyable exercise that is typically well received by participants.


Attribute listing is a useful technique for designing or redesigning a specific product or service or activity.   Attribute Listing works as a positional approach, breaking the problem down into smaller parts that can be examined individually.


Like brainstorming and attribute listing, question checklist also incorporates important creativity enhancing values. • fitting together diverse elements. • Synectics is a creativity technique that is closely related to brainstorming. • Synectics is more formalized and rigorous than brainstorming.

The Creative Environment A creative environment is one where people feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and where constructive support is given in the development and analysis of those ideas.




1 . Effective listening 2. Empathy 3. Feedback 4. Converging to a solution or conclusion



Organizations use teams and task forces for specific missions, and the more effective leaders of departments like to turn their staffs into teams. Teams are initiative of several persons so that this group of persons can achieve what may be very difficult for individuals to achieve alone.

MANAGEMENT INNOVATION Nature of innovation

Innovation has two distinct phases . of innovation 2.implementation

•It is when you try to innovate then you become strongly aware of your strengths and weaknesses and you get a hands - on opportunity to overcome your weaknesses . So , try an innovation . •



Structure of Suggestion Scheme There are four most important parts of suggestion scheme in any company. (1) Scheme Coordinator (2) Suggestion Scheme Committee. (3) The Suggestion Evaluator. (4) The Suggestor

steps have to be taken, FOR SUGGESTION SCHEME
(1 )

   (2 )

Appoint suggestion committee and suggestion coordinator.

The suggestion committee should create suitable rules to suit the company culture These rules can be later amended.

  (3)The form is prepared and got printed.     (4)Total sincerity and transparency should be displayed .   (5)Take the membership of INSSAN (INDIAN NATIONAL SUGGESTION SCHEMES ASSOCIATION )

(1) Give a subject for each month. Motivate employees to think about that subject. (2) Provide basic data for utilities that company is using. (3) Give token gift for each given suggestion. (4) Annual awards for different purposes can be announced.  

Matters to be done to keep Flow of the Suggestions

Making Suggestion Scheme Effective
( 1 ) Respond to all written suggestions immediately in writing . ( 2 ) Highlight the suggestions publicly . ( 3 ) Award to be given immediately for

best suggestions
( 4 ) Establish categories for regular awards ( 5 ) Awarding presentation should be big function

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