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now to th|nk

creat|ve|y about
your career
8y kob Archer Csycho|
Jhy Creat|ve rob|em 5o|v|ng?
W Cur bralns Lend Lo make shorLcuLs and assumpLlons LhaL
verv ofLen ao on Lo deflne how we experlence slLuaLlons
and how we llve our llves
W So when lL comes Lo worklna ouL whaL Lo do wlLh our llves
we ofLen end up Lhlnklna Lhe wav we alwavs Lhlnk 1oo
ofLen Lhls means LhaL we end up dolna whaL we've alwavs
W 1herefore aood career declslon maklna ls a cteotlve
process lL ls noL onlv abouL chooslna betweeo opLlons
buL also Lhlnklna ooew abouL our opLlons
W 1he Career svcholoalsL uses a wlde ranae of creaLlve
Lechnlques Lo aeL people Lhlnklna ln dlfferenL wavs
W 1hls shorL handbook lncludes a handful Lo alve vou an ldea
and each exerclse ls deslaned Lo Lhrow up career opLlons
LhaL vou poLenLlallv hadn'L consldered before
W 1aklna some Llme Lo Lhlnk abouL posslblllLles raLher Lhan
[usL probablllLles mav be Llme worLh spenL
now to 1h|nk Creat|ve|y
W esearch shows LhaL creaLlvlLv ls based on
uant|ty noL quallLv ?ou need ts of ldeas ln
order Lo have o ldeas
W So answer Lhe followlna quesLlons wlLhouL
Lhlnklna Loo much [usL allow vour mlnd Lo
wander and record all vour answers
W llnallv don'L sub[ecL vour new ldeas Lo
lmmedlaLe scruLlnv or analvsls LeL Lhem ||ve for
a whlle
W lf vou can ask vourself lf l had Lo do Lhls for a
career how would l ao abouL lL?
W 1hen wrlLe lL down and leL vour mlnd aeL used Lo
Lhe ldea before vou Lhlnk of dlscardlna lL
Jr|te your Autob|ography
W 1hlnk abouL vour llfe now and how lL ls posslblv ln LranslLlon
1hlnk abouL how vou wanL vour llfe Lo be and whaL vou wanL Lo
be able Lo look back on ln fuLure 1hlnk abouL Lhe world before
vou exlsLed and Lhe world afLer vou cease Lo exlsL ead some
W llndlna a quleL place Lo Lhlnk Lake m|nutes Lo wrlLe vour
auLobloaraphv ln a slnale paae of A4 1rv Lo ensure Lhe followlna
W ,ake sense of vour pasL and Lurn lL lnLo a coherenL sLorv
W lncorporaLe Lhe maln elemenLs of vour one paae summarv lnLo
vour sLorv
W uescrlbe Lhe LranslLlon from where vou are now Lo where vou
wanL Lo be
W 1ell Lhe sLorv of vour fuLure
W 8ear ln mlnd LhaL Lhe classlc sLrucLure of a sLorv ls one of a
personal sLruaale aaalnsL adverslLv whlch resulLs ln chanae boLh ln
vourself and vour envlronmenL WhaL sLruaales wlll vou flahL and
wln ln vour llfe?
dea Generator
eg 5port (Cr|cket) eg 1echno|ogy eg Newspapers
eg Jr|t|ng
tts jtoolsm 8ooloo 1wlttet ft
week oewsoet cmo
o coteet cboooe
eg Creat|ng
new serv|ces
coteet cboooe ovlce ft
t ctlcketets
ltee coteet cboooe
exetclses oloe
cteote o tevetse jb ovett
sectlo wbete ee st
tbelt wo tfles wblcb
emets tevlew
tts scbo coteet cocbloo oloe coteet cocbloo clolc
mooozloe cmo
nstruct|ons 1aklna 3 of vour lnLeresLs and 3 of vour skllls and Lhlnk
abouL how Lhev could comblne l've provlded an example of mv own
below buL deleLe LhaL and reuse Lhe Lable
dea Generator
nstruct|ons 1aklna 3 of vour lnLeresLs and 3 of vour skllls and Lhlnk
abouL how Lhev could comblne l've provlded an example of mv own
below buL deleLe LhaL and reuse Lhe Lable
% 1hlnk of people vou know whose [obs reallv
appeal WhaL appeals Lo vou abouL Lhose [obs?
% lmaalne vou have 1 monLh Lo Lrv ouL a [ob LhaL
appeals Lo vou Anv [ob WhaL would vou do?
% WhaL would vou Lhlnk abouL dolna lf all [obs pald
Lhe same?
% lf vou had 3 llves whaL would vou do wlLh each of
Career 8ra|nstorm
Jh|te hat ked hat 8|ack hat Green hat e||ow
8|ue hat
Descr|pt|on locts ond
wbot w l
oext lf olc
wos tbe o
tlvet f tbe
wbot w l
oext lf
emtlos (t
beott) wete tbe
o tlvet?
lf l bo t
cbse oe
coteet ow t
elcote m lfe
t wbot w
lt be?
ond /eornino
wblcb coteet
w best
eoctooe m
wo otwtb?
wbot w
l lf l c

1he bio picture
wblcb bot sb
l se mte t ess
f t moke o
wblcb bot ls
mst excltloo?
lob option 1
lob option 2
lob option l
lob option 4
lob option 5
lob option
LeL's lmaalne vou have 4 or 3 posslble career cholces ln mlnd buL sLlll feel apprehenslve abouL Lhem 1rv
examlnlna vour cholces from dlfferenL perspecLlve uslna ue 8ono's classlc Lhlnklna haLs aame
De 8ono's 1h|nk|ng nats Game
Deve|op|ng Cpportun|t|es Game
1he aame ls deslaned Lo encouraae vou Lo develop new opporLunlLles
based on vour currenL and fuLure compeLencles
W ln uadrant A bealn bv ldenLlfvlna vour currenL (or pasL) cllenLs and
emplovers LhaL vou have alreadv worked for ldenLlfv anv exlsLlna
opporLunlLles LhaL vou know vou could do rlahL now
W ln uadrant 8 ldenLlfv who else (people aroups oraanlsaLlons
companles) ls ln need of Lhe same skllls and compeLencles LhaL vou
currenLlv have
W ldenLlfv one new sklll LhaL vou would wlsh Lo develop (Lhlnk of Lhe
skllls ln vour 1 paae summarv)
W ln uadrant C uslna Lhls new compeLencv ldenLlfv how vou could
beLLer help vour currenL cllenLs / emplovers WhaL new opporLunlLles
could vou develop wlLh vour exlsLlna (or pasL) cllenLs and emplovers
based on Lhe new sklll?
W ln uadrant D who else could vou use vour new compeLencles help?
As before Lhlnk of lndlvlduals aroups oraanlsaLlons or companles
who vou could poLenLlallv work for
Deve|op|ng Cpportun|t|es Game
1he Career sycho|og|st
|s an |ndependent occupat|ona|
psycho|ogy consu|tancy based
|n London
Je offer coach|ng consu|tancy
tra|n|ng measurement and
assessment to |nd|v|dua|s and
bus|nesses |ook|ng to make a
change for the better