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Know about what is egg donation
and its procedure
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What is Egg Donation?

In egg donation, eggs are borrowed from a young woman (less
than 33 yrs of age) called the donor, with her consent. These
eggs are then fertilized with the sperms of the husband of the
recipient woman and the resultant embryo (the earliest form of
the baby), is inserted into the womb of the recipient. The
success rate of this procedure is in the region of 30 to 40%. In
fact, many women till the age of 50-55 have become pregnant
by this technique. You will be surprised that the oldest woman
pregnant by this procedure is 69 year old, residing in Italy. At
Babies And Us, the oldest women who has conceived with this
technique is 62 years of age. This is probably the oldest woman
to have become pregnant, in India.

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Who Can Qualify For Egg
 In this day and age more and more career oriented women are
getting married late in life. By the time they start planning to have
children, they are nearing the fourth decade of their life (40 years).
Fortunately, at this age, many women can conceive naturally.
However nearly 10 to 15% women fail to conceive within a year's
time. These women who are more than 37-40 years of age then
resort to treatment of infertility by their gynecologist. If they still do not
become pregnant they take help of newer technologies like IVF - In
Vitro Fertilization (test-tube baby) or ICSI - Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm

 Women after the age of 40 tend to have fewer eggs in their ovaries or
the quality of the eggs they produce may be poor. Thus, even new
technologies like IVF and ICSI may not ensure a successful
pregnancy. Furthermore, after the age of 40 to 42, many women stop
producing eggs as they enter the stage of Per menopause
(decreased periods) or menopause (stoppage of periods). Till now,
such women could only have a baby through the wonderful route of
adoption. However, in the last ten years, a new technique of egg
donation has come as a blessing to many such women.
 In India, preference is given to younger couples to adopt children.
Couples over the age of 45 can adopt, but find it difficult to do so,
because of Governmental preference for younger parents. Such
couples can tremendously benefit by egg donation.

 Egg donation can also be performed on women who have had
multiple cycles of test-tube baby (IVF or ICSI) and have still failed
to conceive and become pregnant.

 Besides elderly or menopausal women, egg donation can be
done in younger women whose ovaries have prematurely failed or
in young women who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy
for cancer. Radiation or chemotherapy destroys the eggs and
hence these women have a failure of their ovaries.

 Egg donation is also used in patients who are carrying major
chromosomal defects so that they do not pass the genetic defect
to their children.

 Patients suffering from severe Tuberculosis and
severe Endometriosis may also produce poor quality eggs and
hence can be treated by egg donation.
How are the Donors
 Generally, eggs are borrowed from healthy
women less than 30-35 years of age and who
are not suffering from any illness or genetic
disorders. These young women, also called
donors, are specially screened for AIDS and
Hepatitis. Their family history is taken, to rule
out any genetic problems. The donor can be
married or unmarried. However, married
donors with children would be preferable,
primarily because they will have established
their ability to bare children.
How is the procedure done?

The Babies And Us staff will coordinate the cycles of
the donor and recipient to accomplish a fresh embryo
transfer whenever possible. Synchronization of cycles
includes using a series of medications to facilitate a
hospitable uterine environment for the transfer of
embryos. During egg donation, the donor is given
injections to produce many eggs. When these eggs are
ripe, she is given a short anesthesia and the eggs are
removed from inside the vagina without giving a cut on
the abdomen. The donor can return home three to four
hours' after the procedure. The eggs are then fertilized
with the recipient's husband's sperms in the laboratory,
either by IVF or ICSI and kept in the incubator for two
 Incase the recipient's husband's sperm is of
poor quality; the eggs can be fertilized by the
technique of Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection
(ICSI). Two days later, a four-celled embryo is
formed. Three days later, a eight-celled embryo
is formed or five days later a multi-celled Blast
cyst is formed. This embryo (small baby) is
then transferred back to the womb either at the
four cell, eight cell or the Blastocyst stage.
 30 to 40% of such women will become
pregnant. Incase they fail to become pregnant
they can have a repeat egg donation cycle.
Many women undergo two to four cycles and
achieve their goal of a child.
What is the age limit of the
 In general, any woman with a medical or genetic
indication for using an egg donor can be a recipient, if
there are no medical contraindications to pregnancy.
Our current age limit is 55 years. The decision to utilize
donor eggs is made in association with staff and
consultants. If a male factor exists, donor egg with
ICSI is also available. Generally a psychiatrist and a
physician would assess a recipient. This is done to
gauge the mental and physical fitness of the patient.
This analysis is very important to withstand the
pressures of childbirth.
What is the background of
 Babies And Us fertility Centre is renowned for its
egg donation techniques. Our patients hail from all
over the country. They are from different walks of
life. Our unit facilities are also utilized by NRI
patients (Non Resident Indians) from USA, UK,
Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka & Far
East(Singapore). We are also getting some patients
from other nationalities who hail from Asian
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