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Process of bonding metal pieces together
Work or metal pieces are melted along a
common edge or surface and their molten
metal allowed to form a puddle or pool
liquid metal
The pieces are fused when the puddle
Welding Process
3 major
–Gas welding
–Electric arc welding
–Resistance or spot welding
Gas Welding
Uses a flame of an extremely high
temperature that literally melts the metal
Also known as oxyacetylene
– oxygen
– acetylene

Electric Arc Welding
Commonly called Arc Welding
Heat of electric arc used to fuse or cut metal
Resistance (Spot) Welding
Metals held tightly
together under
pressure and
subjected to
electric current
through the point
of pressure
Electric current
causes metals to
heat up and fuse
Types of Joints
in Welding
Commonly Used
Types of Welds
plug or slot
– square
– V
– Bevel
– U
– J
Basic Welding Symbols
Welding Symbol Practice
Symbol placement for Fillet Weld
Special Welding Symbols
Weld All Around

Weld All Around would be used to to secure a
pipe column to a plate
Field Weld is welding done at the job site

Field Weld
Welds with Length and Spacing
Size of Weld
General Weld Callout
Fillet Weld Callout Example
Weld arrow side
Drawing Callout
Actual Weld
Size of Weld--NO larger than the maximum material thickness of
the metals being joined
Fillet Weld Callout Example
Weld other side
Drawing Callout
Actual Weld
Fillet Weld Callout Example
weld both side
Drawing Callout
Actual Weld
Groove Weld Symbol Callout
V-grooved weld
1/4” root opening
45° groove angle

Bevel weld
1/4” root opening
arrow side

Weld Finishes
A welded surface to be finished to a greater degree
than just the structural weld a straight line or a
convex arc is added to the weld symbol
Types of finished surface
– M - machining
– C - chipping
– G - grinding
Review and coordinate the following
consultant sheets into the contract documents –
they must match the floor plans, sections, and
– Sheets P-1, P-2, P-3, M-1, M-2, E-1, E-2, & E-3
Welded Detail
Scale: your choice, as
large as possible for
“A” sheet
TS = True size of part
3/8” bevel weld at side
joints and 3/8” fillet
weld at base plate/side
joints of beam brackets
Profile sectioned items
Cutting Planes are