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Implications to the stages of

teacher development
Prepared by :
Ahmad Syafiq
Muhamad Elyas
Mohamad Syarqawi
1) Novice Teacher
Implications towards :

experience a decreased strength of belief in their own
efficacy and in the learning potential of their students
- leave
failed to provide for careful support and thoughtful
development of teaching expertise over time

may have bit of interactive learning or none at all.
most pupils are passive
classroom management is not stablelots of
undesired behaviours.

Colleagues and others
Confused and cannot make up quick decision
Limited ideas and skills
Have a hard time to explain certain thing to others
Afraid in making mistakes
Mostly got isolated
2) Advance Beginner Teacher
At the advanced beginner stage pre-service teachers
Achieved after considerable experience
More sophisticated rules that are situational
Develops the idea that the idea of developing
skill is a much larger conception
The advanced beginner begins to ask the
question how? How does one (fill in the
Can set goals but cant set them reasonably
Personal effectiveness (Towards self)
An advance beginner teacher have more confidence in terms of knowledge
and skills compared to novice teacher. Begins to develop goal that needed to
be achieved, but not reasonably, making them slightly more competence.

Professional practice (Towards students)
An advance beginner teacher seizes most opportunity to encourage
learning, And learning isnt limited to the classroom. With more experience,
teaching skills becomes better and keep on improving with every
opportunities that cross their path.

Leadership and management (Towards colleagues)
An advance beginner teacher is begins to win the heart of the students.
Such a teacher begin to see the value in developing and working with
others, including parents and colleagues, and concurrently seeks out
opportunities for collaboration to increase their competency.
3) Competence Teacher
At this stage the individual is:
More experience
Possesses a sense of importance and is able to prioritize
behaviours based on levels of importance. Behaviour is
determined by importance and not by context-free rules
or merely situational rules
Possess a hierarchical procedure for making decisions
Requires organization and the creation of a plan
Accepts responsibility for choices because they
recognize they made choices; they are emotionally
invested in their decision-making
Problem-solving indicates competence
Slow and detached reasoning (problem-solving)

Personal effectiveness (Towards self)
A good teacher understands the importance of developing oneself before he
or she is able to provide support for others. As a professional, this teacher
maintains high standards of personal and professional integrity when
carrying out all duties and responsibilities.

Professional practice (Towards students)
A competent teacher seizes every opportunity to encourage learning,
believing that all students can learn. And learning isnt limited to the
classroom. To this end, the teacher takes every opportunity to improve on
his or her own professional practice, in order to provide quality learning.

Leadership and management (Towards colleagues)
A competent teacher is a leader who wins the hearts and minds of the
students. Such a teacher sees the value in developing and working with
others, including parents and colleagues, and actively seeks out
opportunities for professional collaboration within and beyond the school.

4) Effective Teacher
Implications towards :

always being remembered and honored by ex-
studentsprovide positive impacts towards their lives.
Recognize important elements in certain tasks.
Ability to analyze learning environment creatively.

Interactive learning.
Passive pupils being interactive. (has the skills to
Responsive and productive pupils.
Good classroom managementless undesired

Colleagues and others
Has the ability to guide and be a mentor to novice
teacher. (supervisor)
Make wise decision according to his intuition.
Giving ideas on solving certain tasks regarding
Share ideas, experience and skills through:
In-service training course
Research seminar
Intellect discussion
Sometimes hard to explain certain thing to othershas too
internalized (sebati) on certain tasks..they see things differently.

5) Master Teacher
Implications towards :
Has profound knowledge in his field.
Make use of his experiences holistically.
Able to understand more information in a time .

Smooth teaching skills.
Helping pupils in many learning issues.

Colleagues and others
Spokesman or the one who has the authority in his
His ideas and skills are able to affect the policies
regarding teaching aspects in the classroom.
Forum, seminar, discussion.once a week in the
same district
Increase the schools grade of performance.