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"All over the world, the citizens' right to

acquire knowledge and information is

increasingly being proclaimed and
recognized as a fundamental right. The
international human rights instruments as
well as national constitutions and laws,
acknowledge and safeguard this right."
Television was introduced in
Pakistan in 1964
Pakistan Television (PTV) was
the only channel
It was introduced as a state-
controlled medium
The Managing Director, also
appointed by the Government
of Pakistan
There was no law specifically enacted to
establish Pakistan Television Corporation
which was incorporated as a joint stock
company in 1967 and then, upon the
Memorandum and papers went through
minor amendments. The entire share-
holding rests with the Federal
Shalimar Recording Company Limited (SRC) which
operated the STN TV channel
Network Television Marketing (NTM) to provide all
programming and advertising to the STN Channel
originally known as PTN
PTV 2 was established in 1995.
The solution tried by the then Nawaz Sharif
government (Feb. 1997- Oct. 1999) was to launch PTV
World in 1998.
In December 2001 when Indian
parliament was attacked by some
terrorist organization, India
started their propaganda against
Pakistan so Government had to
ban their news channels like
DOOR DARSHAN, zee news and
star news
Established in March 2002 under the Pemra
Ordinance promulgated
In the same month has reportedly already
issued 29 licences for new private radio
It was initially placed under the information
Later shifted to the cabinet division in line
with the government’s policy of ensuring the
neutrality of regulatory authorities
For the first time in the history of Pakistan, a law
acknowledges the right of private citizens

Also for the first time, the law permits electronic

media to broadcast news bulletins other than
those originated by the Government-controlled
PTV and PBC.

It was initially placed under the information

ministry but was later shifted to the cabinet
PEMRAs MANDATE, Improve the standards
Enlarge the choice available
to the people of Pakistan
current affairs
religious knowledge
Art and culture
Science and technology
economic development
social sector concerns
music, sports and drama
and other subjects of public and national interest
Improve the standards of information, education and entertainment ;

Enlarge the choice available to the people of Pakistan in the media for news,
current affairs, religious knowledge, art, culture, science, technology, economic
development, social sector concerns, music, sports, drama and other subjects
of public and national interest ;

Facilitate the devolution of responsibility and power to the grass roots by

improving the access of the people to mass media at the local and community level ;

Ensure accountability, transparency and good governance by optimization

the free flow of information.
Prohibit any broadcast that violates any part of Section 20(c) of the PEMRA

The PEMRA Bill inserts a new Section 27, under which PEMRA may prohibit any
broadcast media or distribution service operator from broadcasting or
distributing any programmed or advertisement if PEMRA is of the opinion that
it violates any part of Section 20(c) of the PEMRA Bill.

The Authority shall process each application and on being satisfied that the
applicant's) fulfils the conditions and the criteria and procedure as provided
for in section 19 of the Ordinance, may, on receipt of the applicable license
fee, as determined through the bidding process, and the prescribed security
deposit, issue license to the applicant's) concerned

In addition to General Terms and Conditions contained in the Schedule, the

Authority may impose on the licensee such other terms and conditions as
appear to it necessary
The Authority will consult the Government of the Province, with regard to
proposed location of the broadcast station and the possible area of
coverage, through the Chief Secretary of the Province or an officer so
authorized by him.

The Authority, if satisfied that the issue of the license to a particular

person is not in the public interest, may, for reasons to be recorded in
writing and after giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard, refuse
to grant a license.

The Authority shall take decision on the application for a license within one
hundred days from receipt of the applications

The Authority shall make regulations setting the procedures for an open
and transparent bidding process in such cases where the number of the
applicants is likely to exceed the number of licenses which the Authority
has fixed for that category of license.
The Authority shall take decision on the application for a license within one
hundred days from receipt of the application;
(1)No programmed shall be aired which:

(a) Passes derogatory remarks about any religion or sect or community or

uses visuals or words contemptuous of religious sects and ethnic
groups or which promotes communal and sectarian attitudes or

(b) contains anything pornographic, obscene or indecent or is likely to

deprave, corrupt or injure the public morality;

(c) contains an abusive comment that, when taken in context, tends to or is

likely to expose an individual or a group or class of individuals to
hatred or contempt on the basis of race or caste, national, ethnic or
linguistic origin, color or religion or sect, sex, sexual orientation, age
or mental or physical disability

(d) is likely to encourage and incite violence or contains anything against maintenance of
law and order or which promotes anti-national or anti-state attitudes

(e) brings into contempt Pakistan or its people or tends to undermine its integrity or
solidarity as an independent and sovereign country.

(f) contains material which may be detrimental to Pakistan’s relations with friendly

2) Particular care should be taken to ensure that programmers meant for children do
not contain objectionable language or are disrespectful to their parents or elders.’’

(3) Programmers must not be directed against the sanctity of home, family and marital

(4) While reporting the proceedings of the Parliament or the Provincial Assemblies, such
portion of the proceedings as the Chairman or the Speaker may have ordered to be
expunged, shall mot be broadcast or distributed and every effort shall be made to
release a fair account of the proceedings of the Parliament or the Provincial

WAY Of Advertisement Design
Advertisement aired or distributed by broadcast or cable TV station ,designed in
such manner that it confirm to the laws of country and not harm morality and
religious sect of the people of Pakistan.

 No advertisement shall be permitted which :

 Against any provisions of the constitution of Pakistan or another law in

 Tends to incite people to crime, cause disorder or violence ,
 breaking of laws or obscenity in any way.
 Glorifies adultery, lustful passions or alcoholic drinks or the non-Islamic
Values .
 Distorts historical facts, traditions of Pakistan or the person or personality
of a national leader or a state dignitary .
 Racial, sectarian, parochial, regional or class hatred.
 Promotes social inequality, militates against concepts of human dignity and
dignity of labor.
 Against sanctity or home, family and marriage.
 Wholly or mainly of a religious or political nature .
 Contains indecent, vulgar, or offensive themes or treatment
 Promote or support sedition, anarchy or violence in country.
 The goods or services advertised shall not suffer
from any defects which are harmful to human health.
Misleading claims about the goods shall not be made.
 No advertisement which is likely to be seen by
children in large numbers should urge children
directly to purchase goods of a particular brand or
ask their parents to do so.
 All advertisements must be clearly distinguishable as
such and be separate from the programmers and
should not in any manner take the form of news or
The function and role of PEMRA is very
important for a society they should provide the
general public with the knowledge of Islam
through informative programmes
Educate the people as well as able to remove all
the misconceptions regarding Islam
Promote religious sectarian harmony among
public by showing programmes and by calling
Renowned Religious Scholars for educating the
Play an important role in character building of
the public
Transmit true Islamic values among the public
related to religion
To create a positive image of Islam in the
western world that Islam means Peace and
Muslims are not terrorists.