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Concept Chart
Understanding the concept of Competitive dynamics
Analysis of strategies to compete in Indian Telecom Sector
Identification of various brands which compete in telecom sector
Analysis of competitive strategies adopted by airtel
Classifying the strategies under the following factors
Strategic Warfare Offensive Warfare Flanking Warfare Position Defence
Airtel: An Overview
Indias largest telecom provider in Wireless communication, 201 Million

Worlds Fourths Largest Telecom Player by subscribers, with over 275
million subscribers

Worldwide Presence across 20 countries across Asia and Africa

Chairman and MD: Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Revenue at 71451 Crores (FY 12-

Incepted in 1995, as public company, one of the earliest player
In the mobile telecom industry

Has acquired companies in India (JT holdins, Spice) during
initial times and lately in Overseas (Zain) as well

Constantly evolved from offering telecom services,
to services that Include 4G wireless services, fixed line,
DTH, IPTV and M-Commerce facilities

M-Commerce: Equipping financial transactions directly on mobile phone

Ericsson MBCSolution: Personalized profile based data charging plans

4G Spectrum: Providing voice services for its TD-LTE subscribers

Joint Venture with IFFCO: Targeting 55 million farmers under to enhance rural

New Arenas: Landline internet, WIFI, Digital TV, Airtel Movies, Airtel Photos,
Smart Drives

Strengthening position by introducing new products or services

Divesting its hard assets, Telecom Towers to Indus Towers Ltd.

Replacing Postpaid mobile concept by prepaid connection

Outsourcing all major operations except marketing, sales and finance

Courage to attack itself
Defensive Marketing

Smaller denominations Recharge and Night call concept in line with Hutchs moves

Adopting per paisa billing move following similar moves by TATA DOCOMO

Blocking Strong Competitive moves

Launched an innovative business model with IBM India Pvt. Ltd. to outsource all of
its IT operations (2004-2014)

3 year pact with ComViva Tech for managing 2000 value added services (2009)

Contraction Defensive Strategies

Radio Streaming to mobiles: Partnered with Radio Mirchi to launch Mirchi Mobile

DTH Recording via Mobile: Airtel Digital TV, DTH set top box enabling TV
recording through mobile phones (2010)

Mobile Defensive Strategies

Officially declared the i-Phone 3G launch date on 22
Aug 2008, days before
Vodafone planned to declare the same

Pre-emptive Defensive Strategies
Strategic Alliances
VM Ware Google
Toll-free wireless Internet service in
2013 with Google
Airtel brought Google search to the
Airtel Live mobile WAP portal.
In turn Google incorporated advertising
through its Mobile Ads product on the
Airtel Live mobile portal.

Alcatel Lucent Zain
Joint Venture to manage the net
work Infrastructure for the
Telemedia Business

Acquired Zain Telecoms business in 15
countries in Africa which has a higher
consumer spending, $ 1.4 trillion than
India, and only 3 to 5 players in each

First-of-its kind initiative in India
collaborating with VMware in
offering cloud based services for
our customers.

Vodafone had rolled out Mini Stores commonly Airtel adopted a strategy of direct communications
referred as laal dukaan managed by resident of the to market its value propositions to rural customers
area Also developed PCOs to increase awareness

Vodafone concentrated more on different kind of Airtel is more concerned about useful services
VAS i.e. fashion tips, voice sms etc. to provide i.e car insurance , electricity & mobile bill payment to
entertainment to youth attract elite people

Reliance and Tata Docomo came up with CDMA Airtel is market leader in the GSM sector
technology to cover large chunk of market CDMA

Reliance reduces its 3G data rates for prepaid Just a day after ,Airtel followed the suit and
and postpaid customers slashed its 3G rates
Offensive Warfare
Creates market in Rural cities with
Lesser competition

First mobile service provider to
launch 3 years validity scheme
Got a huge market in South India
where no mobile company was
Tata provided one hand set free with
buying of one hand set

Along with unlimited free talk time
Creating a separate category
Launched micro financing
agreements in collaboration with
Nokia and SKS Micro-finance

Provides subsidized tariffs and
subscriber identity module (SIM)
cards to rural users

Night plans with unlimited Airtel to
Airtel calls
Flanking Warfare
Services provided are not only limited to
voice calls but video calling and other
smart phone supportive services as
Engage and educate subscribers

Drive new acquisitions

Create fun and excitement around the brand

Reduce churning rate

Deliver rewards to subscribers
Position Defence
Over 250,000 sqm of walls have been branded
in the SS, SW & SE Nigeria

Brand visibility increased by 25% in 2011/2012
Position Defence

Untapped Missed Call Industry

Contingency plan to snap out of European JV

Quick movement to more 4G services

Latent need of secure payment gateway

Mascot of Airtel to be identified and promoted virally

Services provided are not only limited to
voice calls but video calling and other
smartphone supportive services as well.
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