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Data Information Intelligence Competitive edge

BI Worldwide IT services Market Size

______ Services offered by us currently to our customers ………. Enhancing Focus ,Enterprise – BI Consulting in 02-03 ……….. Managed services in 02-03.

BI Market trends

By 2002, 50 percent of IT services providers will incorporate the operational value of BI functionality into their go-to-market strategies.

By 2003, BI functionality will be one of the most heavily weighted criteria enterprises consider when evaluating potential IT solutions.

By 2003, enterprises will treat BI expenditure as a competitive necessity and an indispensable cost of doing business.

By 2004, 50 percent of Global 2000 companies will have a corporate wide BI strategy

Through 2006 , enterprises that implement BI initiatives using a BI framework will experience a return at least 2 to 3 times greater than those who do not
By 2005, BI will be used by 70 percent of corporate end users in midsize and large enterprises.

* Gartner Report, Aug, 2001

Our Services…02-03
• • • • • • Data Modeling • • • • • BI & DW Solution Framework Business & Information Analysis Roadmap for Implementation DW Project Management Tool Evaluation . PoC DWH Application ETL Architecture Technical Architecture Metadata Management Data Quality


New Services 02-03
• Enterprise BI Consulting


End to End Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Solutions
• •

• EDW Programs • SI-End to End Solutions including Hardware,Software & Services • Managed Services

Design Implementation Development & Deployment

• • • • •

Data Warehouse Administration Capacity Planning Data Warehouse Audit Performance Tuning


Data Warehouse Maintenance

SI Experience– e.g. 186k, Cerner, Vectren Source, Spectra Sight (Transco)

Industry Specific Applications

BI&DW Competency/Solutions –0203
Specialized BI&DW Solutions Managed BI & DW Services Enterprise BI Consulting
Portfolio Mgmt Asset Mgmt Claims Mgmt      CRM DW e-Biz Intelligence Data Mining Teradata - for Large DWs ERP/SCM DW    BI Application Dev. & Mgmt DW Systems Admin & Mgmt. Offshore/Offsite model  Consulting services for Enterprise BI framework BI application Roadmap

  

BI & DW Access
BI tools and applications, Enterprise BI suites, Query and Reporting– Standard/Adhoc,

Generating analysis for effective action BI & DW Infrastructure
ETL, DBMS,Data Modelling, Data Quality, Metadata

Generating Efficiency and Flexibility BI&DW Processes
Process Models for Consulting and Program/Project Management

Enabling Execution

Services Map
 


 Design Implementati on  Development & Deployment 


 

 Data Modeling BI & DW Solution Framework  DWH Application Business &  ETL Architecture Information  Technical Analysis Architecture Roadmap for  Metadata Implementation Management DW Project  Tool Evaluation Management  Proof of Concept Specialized Offerings

Data Warehouse Administration Capacity Planning Data Warehouse Audit Performance Tuning  Data Warehouse Maintenance  Managed DW Services Industry Focus
Retail & Logistics Finance Insurance

Data Mining ERP DW & SCM Analytics Analytical CRM e-Business Analytics BIP NCR TeraData Re-Architect BI/DW solutions


Utilities Manufacturing Healthcare Telecom Government


► ► ► ►

450+ person years experience 325+ BI/DW consultants Worked with 45 high profile customers across verticals across geographies Leveraging business partnerships with key BI/DW players

Delivering Value – A Snapshot Summary

► ► ► ► ►

Successful execution of End to End BI/DW projects In-house Data warehouse development Process Model to address the challenges of DW/BI assignments Customer Satisfaction Index of 5.0 on 5.0 in two recent CSAT surveys On-site / Off-shore Execution model for speedy, cost effective BI/DW solutions Dedicated BI/DW “Centre of Excellence” for focused technology offerings

Growth in BI & DW consultants

"Farmers has repeatedly benefited from Wipro’s abilities to deliver IT solutions using their unique onsite/offshore fix-priced development model" Scott Bean Project Manager - BI&DW, Farmers Insurance

300 250 200 150 100 50 0 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 60 100 175



Technology Expertise – 1/2


CRM SCM Legacy Systems Web Data External Data

Data Visualization



OLAP Reports

Enterprise Data Warehouse Sales


Data Mining

Transform Extract Load



Technology Expertise – 2/2
SOURCE SYSTEMS ETL & DATA CLEANSING DATA STORAGE DATA MODELLING DATA ANALYSIS & REPORTING OLAP EssBase Business Objects Cognos Data Brio Visualization MicroStrategy MS OLAP Seagate Holos/Info Oracle Express DATA MINING

Informatica Constellar

CRM SCM Legacy Systems Web Data External Data

Cognos Decision Stream MS DTS

Powersoft Warehouse Architect DATA MARTS ERWIN Oracle Designer Sales Mktg HR

Data stage S SAS

Oracle Warehouse A Builder R

Oracle SQL Server HR Enterprise Teradata Data Sybase Warehouse Sales DB2 Informix

SAS E-Miner Business Miner SPSS Clementine IBM Intelligent Miner SGI Mineset Cognos Scenario

OLAP Reports

Data Mining

Oracle DM Suite


Transform Extract Load


IBM Visual Warehouse Prism

Platinum Repository M E T A D A T A


Business Alliances / Tech. Relationships

Trillium Software

Up to speed with Tools and Training

Some Of Our Customers

Across verticals – Across Geographies

BI&DW Methodologies and Frameworks

Data Warehouse Development Process Model
Client Readiness Data Model Physical Database Build ETL Build Project Start-up Business Analysis Technical Architecture Application Architecture ETL Architecture Testing

End User App. Build

Information Analysis

Requirement Specification

Build Plan

User Acceptance




Addresses the unique challenges of a data warehousing project

Onsite-Offshore Delivery Model
Customer Project Coordinator Project Manager On-Site Quality Assurance

Project Leader Offshore Requirements Collection Team Data Warehouse Architect

Data Modeling team

Database Administrator

Tool Experts

Data Quality Analysts

Data Acquisition Developers

Data Access Developers

Meta data Developers

Offshore Team

Allows us to deliver an onsite / offshore effort split of around 25/75 to several

Wipro A-CRM Framework
Key Features
Operational Systems Call Centers Retention & Expansion Customer Service Click stream Analysis E-commerce Risk Analysis Analytical CRM Customer Profiling Integrated Customer View Reach & Selection

Tool independent Customer Centric Solution framework

Campaign Management

Customer centric Data Models for vertical industries

Behavioral Modeling

Needs Analysis
Profitability Analysis


ODS and customer centric DW to handle synchronous & asynchronous touch points

A methodology and framework for:
  Data Integration Data Cleansing and ETL for fuzzy Match & Merge, synchronization

Sales Analysis

Acquisition ERP Conversion Customer Lifecycle

Data Access, Analysis and Reporting

An evolved process model for building and implementing the solution

Customer intelligence anchored on Data Warehouse & BI applications that integrate customer-centric processes based on Engage, Transact, Fulfill, and Service lifecycle.
 Service Offering

CRM Data Warehouse  Available Artifacts
 Telecom TOM based ACRM data model  Telecom TOM based reporting catalogue  Utilities ACRM data model  Framework for Siebel & Clarify based A-CRM analytics  Industry specific A-CRM framework documents for Utilities, Telecom, Insurance, Retail Banking, e-governance

Customer centric Data Warehousing consulting, development and deployment services for enabling analysis across the Customer lifecycle

 Target Market
Organizations With

   

Large Customer base-primarily consumer
Multiple channels of customer interaction Implemented/Implementing CRM applications Evolved & Mature Customer service systems Evaluating packaged DW applications like Epiphany

Experience : 186k,Radianz & Pacific corp verticals like Retail (mediators), Retail Insurance, Retail Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, Logistics

■ Specifically focus within Customer oriented

e-business Analytics

► ► ►

Product independent E-business Analytics Solution framework A Generic and highly customizable customer centric Data Model A methodology and framework for:
♦ Data Integration ♦ Data Cleansing and ETL ♦ Data Access, Analysis and Reporting

Managed Service Offerings
Manage, Administer & Maintain End-to-End BI/Data Warehouse Applications and Infrastructure
Application Management and Support
 Development & Enhancements  Maintenance and Service Request Management  Project Management  Data Integrity/Quality  User Training and Support  24X7 on call Application Support  Meta Data Definition  Archive & Purge of Data  New technology/tool introduction  Application Performance Tuning  Quality Assurance  Integration of third party solutions

Infrastructure Management
 Own, Manage Hardware, Communication Links and System Software  Production Monitoring and Scheduling  Facility Management & Computer Operations  Data Integrity and Management  Database Administration  24X7 on call Operations Support  Capacity Planning  Configuration Management  Security Management  Disk / Tape Management  Back up & Restore  Disaster Recovery

What does this mean?
Key Features
      Total ownership on facility, hardware, platforms, O/S, software tools and applications SLA driven, long term relationships Reduction of cost of ownership year by year by 20% to 40% Flexible execution models – onsite, offsite, onsite/offsite-offshore Well defined frameworks to manage transitions smoothly Promote DW among user community, increase usage & there by returns

Business Potential
  Customer spends on an average 1M USD/year to manage a medium size DW/Data Mart Each deal would be of size 1M USD/year with 3-5 year agreement
  Seagate has 20 Data Marts GM- 5 M USD – 3 year Contract for managing Finance DW

DW Managed Services – Delivery Model
 Framework & Process  Solution Definition  Transition Planning  DW Alliances & Partnerships  Training & Education

DW Managed Services Practice

Program Mgmt

 Vendor/ other supplier Interfaces


Platform Infrastructure

Comm Links

Application Support

 Domain Knowledge

 Sys Admin  Operations  Desktop / Server  Management  Backup & Restore  DR & Security  Process Definition

 Network Planning & Setup  Network Management  Network Admin  Network Security  Process Definition

DW Delivery & COE teams
 Tools Expertise  Application Architecture  Database design & Modeling  Data Quality  Integration with other s/w  Application Security  Process Definition

Enterprise BI Strategy
Key Differentiators

Without EBI/EDW Strategy

With EBI/EDW Strategy
► Alignment with business drivers and processes Enterprise data source

Lack of alignment with business drivers and processes Multiple technology integration Poorly leveraged technology investment

► ►

Approved technologies meet architectural integration specifications

► Current and future technology investments maximized

Staff trained in a wide range of technologies Increased Cost of Ownership Scattered Information and Multiple Entry Points for Users

► Core competencies in standard technologies. ► Reduced TOC in a controlled environment with well-defined ROI

Streamlined Information Flow with Enriched User Experience

Enterprise BI Framework

Business Need

Scenario* : Through 2005, Global 2000 enterprises will adopt a staggering amount of disparate and unrelated BI technologies, largely through applications, adding to BI fragmentation in enterprises (0.7 probability).

To prevent the fragmentation, there is a clear need for Enterprise BI Framework

Offering : Provide ‘Enterprise Business Intelligence’ (E-BI) consulting services to deliver a E-Business Intelligence (E-BI) Framework.

* From Gartner Report, July 2001

Wipro’s E - BI Consulting Framework
Assess Strategize Architect
Need Assessment Readiness Assessment Application Architecture Enterprise BI strategy Enterprise BI strategy Information Architecture Technology Strategy Technology Strategy Conceptual Architecture Conceptual Architecture BI Application Roadmap BI Application Roadmap Enterprise Data Modeling RFI/RFP Formulation RFI/RFP Formulation Architecture Auditing Metadata Architecture Security Architecture Technical Architecture Business Case Preparation

Gap Analysis

Ready-to-Use Frameworks Analytical CRM Analytical CRM Analytical SCM Analytical SCM ERP DW ERP DW e-Business Analytics e-Business Analytics

Methodologies & Process Models Methodologies & Process Models Data Quality Data Quality Metadata Management Metadata Management Data Migration Data Migration

The EBI Framework – An Example

Define a E-BI application framework: Identify the metrics and management/ monitoring techniques used to manage all areas of the business. Build a E-BI Applications Road Map: Derived from the E-BI application framework. An example road map as shown The road map and framework are not static. They are to be constantly reviewed and updated as business conditions and needs change.

Adapted from Gartner Report, July 2001

COE (Center of Excellence)
     
Focus on methodologies and process models Project Mentoring Prototype Development Tool evaluation Architecture review and data warehouse performance audit for clients Technical white papers on technology

Wipro white-papers used for industry references/customers

Client Engagements
Banking & Financial Services Media & Publishing


Energy & Utilities




Travel & Leisure



End to end data warehouse implementation
Business Objective

To implement a CRM solution & to transform from a mere claims handling and adjusting organization to highly customer focused organization by reducing customer response time. Create a Decision Support , Management Reporting and Analysis Environment for claims analysis

Large US basedKey Highlights Insurance Company
► ► ► ►

Wipro’s Contribution
Fixed Price project. Wipro’s Increment/Iterative model to deliver in short phases. End to End Data BI/DW Implementation ► Phase 1: Design and develop reports as required by the customer ► Phase 2:Based on business discovery study and interactions with 10 business groups in the claims department, Wipro suggested a Business Intelligence solution

Project was showcased in Cognos User group conference as the best in its category Providing seamless support to field users Greater flexibility for analysis and faster report generation Implemented a system with scalable architecture for future expansion

Business & IT Consulting – A
Logistics major in US
Key Highlights
► ► ►

Business Objective
Integrate & simplify complex logistics operations globally including order fulfillment, transportation, storage and distribution. ► Track Capacity management and cost of delivery

Wipro’s Contribution
► ► ► ► ►

Provided consistent and timely information on the following business drivers – time delivery, carrier compliance, supplier reliability, customer profitability & supply chain visibility Enhanced customer satisfaction providing ready access to shipment information Project completed in under 5 months

Business & IT consulting for the client. After a Business Discovery process, Wipro prepared a business case for DWH. Charted out a roadmap for the DWH architecture and implementation Gave recommendations on the architecture and tools Project Management, Design and implementation of ODS and Data mart for Transportation Subject Area

Fortune 100 Power Equipment Manufacturer Need
■ ■

Generating Cost Savings
Key Highlights
► ► ►

Implement “One Company” concept. No single source of consolidated sourcing information Need of BI/DW system for Strategic Sourcing, Business Metrics, Employee ODS, 360 Degree View of Customer, Customer Site Delay Tracking

Average savings of $100M on an yearly transaction value of $ 6 Billion by the strategic sourcing effort Single source of consolidated sourcing information across the organization Use of re-usable components to achieve significant effort reduction

■ ■

Participated in the design, which follows the Corporate Information Factory architecture Technical and Infrastructure Architecture , Development and Implementation

A Leading Water Utility Need

100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Regular development

Improve understanding of costs incurred, value created pricing and existence of cross subsidies. ► Need for information in profitability analysis & pricing analysis, competitive positioning

Wipro ShoreGain advantage
40% cost savings


Design & Development of the profitability analysis data mart and ETL architecture ► Currently providing support to 3 other data marts besides the profitability data mart using Wipro’s onsite/offshore model ► A scalable architecture for enabling new BI apps in future

Wipro ODC

Case Telco Infrastructure Company Large Study Large TelecomDW Provider A-CRM Service in Financial Sector (US) UK Large Telecom Service Provider in
Business Objectives:

the Financial Sector - US Wipro Solution
 

Develop the Information Base(RIB) infrastructure for Customer centric analysis and reporting to
 Enterprise wide data visibility and reporting.  Provide web based enterprise wide reporting via a portal  Support plug & play architecture for OSS/BSS systems.  Support one time data input capability e.g. Customer information entered once enterprise wide.

An on-site scoping study to understand the complexities of the project Consultancy to educate the IT/Business sponsors
 Joint development of internal business case for RIB  Business/IT users - Case study presentations & inputs from TOM based MIS catalogue  Joint development of Business Requirements Document

Construction of an ODS followed by a customer data warehouse

Project Highlights
■ Phase 1 – ODS under construction ■ Onsite model for Phase 1

E-Business Intelligence System
Business Objectives:

A Global Technology Leader
Key Highlights
 

Provide the necessary intelligence and the resulting definition of projects to double conversion rate on the Web.
 Conversion rate: Ratio of buyers to browsers  Metrics: Conversion rate at beginning of program was approx. 0.25% for NA public stores. Goal is to reach 0.50%

7 Consultants Long term on-site ‘Sand box’ environment – Consulting, Conceptualizing, prototyping, Documenting

EBI ‘Sand Box’ Process

Wipro solution

Understand the existing EBI system and Provide Consulting services to
 Augment existing analytics for web based Sales, Marketing efforts in NA  Instrument, analyze and provide needed insights to increase B2B revenues  Package analytics and implement worldwide starting with APD

Enterprise Data Warehouse
Large Asset Management Company
Business Objective

 To provide a Global Operational Data Storage where all portfolio management data is
consolidated in a Centralized Repository.

Wipro’s Contribution

 Strategic Partner  Solution Strategy and Architecture
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Analysis of the existing source Systems and extraction. Exception reporting, correction and reconciliation reports for the ETL process. Data Modeling and design and creation of a data mart for downstream applications Build, Deploy and Support Applications Tools Evaluation for downstream applications and design and development of reports E-Architecture finalization for ad-hoc analyses and report publication.

Key Highlights

    

Infrastructure approach to implementation Sources distributed globally VLDB – Over 1TB of data Onsite / Offshore ratio of ~ 1:1 Multi skilled team of ~ 30 ramped up in 3 months

Enterprise Warehouse Architecture

Metadata Layer

Source Systems
Staging Area

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Web Application Server

Apache Web Server


Data for loading



New York London Frankfurt Philadelphia

Reporting Tools

R e p o r t i n g


BusinessObjects Oracle Express

Downstream Applications

Source System Data Load Layer

Application and Security Layer

Work Bench Presentation Layer

Large Telco Infrastructure Company - UK
Objective: Develop a decision support system to analyze
■ ■ ■ ■ Customer profitability Network performance SLA, QoS monitoring Revenue Assurance

Key Highlights
■ Implemented with the complete OSS/BSS system based on the TOM model ■ Customer centric data warehouse for advanced customer analysis ■ Near real time Operational cross-functional reporting through an ODS ■ Cognos integration with Websecure Single sign-on system

Data Sources
■ Clarify, Portal Infranet/interconnect, Xacct, Astracon, Smallworld, Netcool Omnibus, NPPR

■ Oracle DBMS, Cognos Powerplay, Impromptu, IWR and Upfront ■ Database on Sun Solaris ■ Sun E10K environment
Claims Processing Application

Data Acquisition Layer
EAI  Interface CRM Seebeyond Clarify

Data Storage Layer Data Access Layer Cross-Functional Reports
Used to create static Operational  Data Store Impromptu reports Cognos Impromptu Reports View impromptu reports using upfront portal

      Oracle 8i
Solaris 2.6

Cognos Impromptu Web Reports (IWR)

Infranet Xacct Cognos Upfront Web Portal

ETL Informatica Designer

Cognos Access Manager Invoked from Web Portal

W W E E B Sign on   B

Small World

      Oracle 8i
Solaris 2.6

View power cubes on upfront portal

Informatica Repository Manager

Analytical  CRM  Repository

Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Used to create dimensions, facts and power cubes

PowerPlay Enterprise Server Publish the cubes on the web




Netcool Informatica Server Manager Source Systems

Ad-hoc & Analytical Reports Metadata Management – Platinum Repository

Dashboard Reporting for KPI’s
A Global Financial Services & Travel company

Business Objective

 Provide management information to support global Forex business  Analyze customer profitability, ad-hoc querying and dashboard reporting
Wipro’s Contribution

 Preparation of Business Case for Data Mart  Development & Deployment of Data Mart  Design and generation of standard reports  Dashboard Reporting to measure the success of business performance against key
CFX strategies through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Key Highlights

 Support for Multiple currency conversions  Customer profitability and dashboard reporting on a daily basis  Duration – 8 months, peak team size – 6  Ad-hoc querying, Reporting and OLAP over web, with single sign-on



Leading Digital Tech and Products Maker, USA
    Users at locations spread across the globe with diversified requirements Gaining participation and support of the business and other IT areas Cost Gains from the Offshore Model Ensuring the Quality of the deliverables pertaining to Wipro’s Veloci-Q process Availability of pool of diverse technology skill sets

 Analysis support for SCM involving procurement of Inkjet and LaserJet  Integrated view of data from various SAP instances  Avoid performance impact on the production SAP systems

Wipro’s engagement:
 Knowledge transfer on-site  Build, deployment and support of Finance and eProcurement Data marts  Development and Maintenance of Business Objects Universes and reports  Design, development and testing as part of maintenance, service request execution for existing Data Warehousing applications as per the specification and priority set by the client  Ongoing support from offshore

Some Recent Projects
A Leading Healthcare software and services provider
 Suggested an alternate architecture for their DW implementation  Tool evaluation/recommendation  DW implementation roadmap for the next 3 years

A large Finance and Insurance company
 Putting together a Future State architecture for their DW environment  Roadmap to transform the current DW to the future state architecture over the next 3-5 years

A leading IT products and services company
 Working with their e-business analytics team in putting together a strategy to transform the company into a leading e-business organization

A US Stock Exchange
 Participated in re-architecting data warehouse application  Recommendation on BI tool fit

Summing up
End-to-End BI&DW Services Cutting Edge Technology Expertise

Speed of Deployment

Cost Advantage

Thank You

Our Promise
With utmost respect to human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity, through a variety of innovative, value for money products and services, by applying thought, day after day.

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