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Introduction to

Why is it so cold?
Antarctica is the 5th
largest continent on
earth and larger
than the US and
Mexico combined.
The word,
Antarctica, refers
to the continent
itself. Antarctic
refers to the entire
southern polar
region, including
the ocean that
surrounds this
Most of Antarctica is coered with oer ! "m of snow and ice.
These large glaciers moe toward the coast under their enormous
weight and the force of grait#. $hen a portion floats out oer the
ocean these extensions are called ice sheles. The %oss &ce Shelf
is as large as Texas.
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Ross Ice Shelf
This is the edge of a glacier that is floating on the
water, but is connected to the remainder that is on the
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The ice shelf from the ocean. What you see is only !" of
the height of this mass of ice. #!" is under the water. This is
fresh water and was made from snow fall.
The amount of ice in Antarctica plays a very influential role in the Earths
temperature. Ice reflects most of the sunlight back into the atmosphere without
absorbing it. This helps keep the Earth cool.
There are ports all around the world that can take you to
Antarctica, the most popular is Ushuaia. During the peak of
the Antarctic tourist season, there is a constant ow of cruises
to Antarctica that lea!e on almost a daily "asis. #ne
ad!antage that Ushuaia has o!er other ports is that it has the
shortest distance to tra!el. The souther tip of $outh America is
closest to Antarctica. %igh season is from &o!em"er to the
"eginning of 'arch, the summer on the great white continent

Antarctica is not go!erned "y any one

country in the world. Instead, there are a
group of nations that go!ern the area under
!arious Antarctica Treaties. #ne of the
regulations state that ()) people are allowed
to step on thecontinent at at time. This
means that you if you are on a ship with *))
people, if you only land * times, you ha!e a (
in * chance of stepping foot on the island.
+lan for a ship "etween ,)-(.) people, they
will still let e!eryone go if its (.).

Anice"reakeris a special-purposeshiporboatdesigned to
move and navigate throughice-covered waters, and provide
safewaterwaysfor other boats and ships. Although the term
usually refers to ice-breakingships, it may also refer to smaller
vessels, such as the icebreaking boats that were once used on
thecanals of the United Kingdom.
$$ P%SS&'(&)S
** +,--&)&'T
Air /onditioning and %eating 0
The ship is fully climate controlled. ach cabin is e!uipped
with individual temperature controls. "lease contact our sta#
in case you wish to change these controls to your own
comfort level.
Announcements 0
All announcements are made via our "ublic Announcement
$"A% system on board. The bridge announces interesting
events and wildlife attractions. &hould there be an
emergency call from the bridge we will make sure that you
receive it'
%s part of your voyage e0perience, you will find many languages are spoken
aboard the ship.
&nglish and Spanish are the languages used and spoken by all officers and
crew 1although some crew members may only speak Spanish2. %ll
announcements are made in &nglish and Spanish and lectures are given in
both languages.
The average price that you will pay !"#$%% &'. (ou can get better )eals if you are fle*ible an) share a triple cabin# these
)eals are typically in the !"#%%% range. The most that you shoul) pay for a last minute cruise to Antarctica is !+#%%% &'.
,ne a))itional cost that you nee) is travel insurance. This is because if you go to Antarctica an) for any reason you get
sick they nee) to sen) a helicopter to evacuate you to the nearest hospital. There are a lot of options for travel insurance
an) most times the travel agent that you use will inclu)e it in their prices or )irect you in the right )irection.

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