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Totalflow Measurement
& Control Systems

AGA3 Equations & Data
A portion of the equation is calculated once per second
and the rest is calculated once per Vol Calc Period

The Extension is integrated once per second

Also on a one second basis, update flow-dependent
accumulators for Hw, Pf, and Tf in order to construct
averages for use in Vol Calc Period calculations.

Additional set of timed averages (independent of flow)
are maintained to provide Pf and Tf averages for
complete periods without flow.

Ext P P
f 85

Summary - Totalflows AGA-3
Summary - Totalflows AGA-3
Once Per Volume Calculation Period
These accumulators and the flowtime are used to calculate Vol
Period averages for Hw, Pf, and Tf.
These Vol Period averages are then used to compute the Integral
Multiplier (C).
This Integral Multiplier is then multiplied with the Integrated
Extension to compute Volume.

User Can Select either AGA3-85 or AGA3-92

Adjustable Vol Calc Period of 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60

Supercompressibility computed using
NX19, various method
AGA8-92 Gross Method
AGA8-92 Detail Method (up to 23 composition variables)
Either Linear or Square Root averages (user
selectable) based on one second samples taken
during times of flow.

Extrapolation of live inputs during transducer

Selectable Static Pressure Tap Location

Selectable Differential Pressure Tap Type
(Pipe Taps require AGA3-85)
Summary - Totalflows AGA-3
Summary - Totalflows AGA-3
Equations are explicit implementations, not table
driven approximations

Participated in API round robin for AGA-3-92
API sought +/- 50 ppm deviation tolerance
10,080 calculation sets were tested
Our deviations were within +/- 5 ppm

Along with whole flow computer, algorithms subjected
to flow laboratory testing (CEESI)
AGA-3 Configuration Data
Calculation Method
Calculation Units
Reporting Units
Fpv Method
Contract Hour
Pressure Tap Location
Tap Type
Temperature Base
Pressure Base
Ratio of Specific Heats
Ft and Fp for one form of NX19
Barometric Pressure
Faux - Auxiliary Factory
Factor Selects
Hi/Lo Limits for Pf, DP, TF,
RTD Enable
RTD Zero Bias
Fixed Temperature
Fb (AGA3-85)
Use Fixed or Calced Cd? (AGA3-92)
Fixed Cd (AGA3-92)
DP Zero Cutoff

Fixed Composition (Events)
Live Composition (No Events)
Diameter Data for AGA3 92
Orifice Reference Diam
Orifice Reference Temperature
Orifice Coef. of Thermal
Pipe Reference Diam
Pipe Reference Temperature
Pipe Coef. of Thermal
Diameter Data for AGA3 85
Orifice Diameter
Orifice Material
Pipe Diameter
DP Calibration Points (3 or 5)
Pf Calibration Points (3 or 5)
Device ID (10 characters)
Calculation Period
Log Period
Averaging Technique
(Linear or Square Root)
Database Size Parameters
Number of Events
Number of Log Period Records
Number of Day Period Records
AGA-3 Configuration Data
AGA-3 Log Period Data Summary
Log Period is programmable
(Default=60 min)

Number of Log Period
Records is programmable

(Default = 970 records,
or 40 days of hours + 10

Record Size = 36 bytes
Log Period Data Items
Sequence Number
Average Dp
Average Pf
Average Tf
Integrated Extension
Quantity Volume
Quantity Energy
Period time
Discrete Alarms (24)
Verification Code
AGA-3 Day Period Data Summary
Number of Day Period Records is

(Default = 50 Day records,
40 Days + 10 Day Skips)

Record Size = 100 bytes

Day Period Data Items
Sequence Number
Event Sequence #
Starting Log Period Sequence
Ending Log Period Sequence
Contract Hour
Day Period Data Items cont
Flow Time
Backflow Time
Period Time
Discrete Alarms (24)
Min, Max & Avg Pf
%PF Hi, %PF Lo
Min, Max & Avg DP
%DP Hi, %DP Lo
Min, Max & Avg Tf
%Tf Hi, %Tf Lo
Verification Code
AGA-3 Log Period & Day Period
Discrete Alarms
AGA Calculation Error
NX19 Used Methane-
Alternate Analysis Used
Low Lithium Battery
Low Charger
DP Measurement Error
Pf Measurement Error
Tf Measurement Error
DO #1 Tripped
DI #1 Detected
Backflow Detected
Zeroflow Detected
DP Below Low Limit
DP Above Hi Limit
Pf Below Low Limit
Pf Above Hi Limit
DO #2 Tripped
DI #2 Detected
Tf Below Low Limit
Tf Above Hi Limit
AGA-3 Event Log
Number of Event Records is

(Default = 200 Events)

Record Size = 12 bytes

Event Record Data Items
Date Time
Event Flags (dayskip)
Sequence #
Event Code
Old Value
New Value
Verification Code
Compatibility with on-site/off-
site Calculation Methods
Our Flow computers Are Compatible With Either
Off-Site Calculations
Integrated Extension, hourly or faster
Flowtime based averages for Live Inputs, hourly or faster
(Averages must be in synch with extension)
Fixed Inputs for each Calculation available via Config and
Events File

On-Site Calculations
High priority to pre-empt other tasks
Ability to accept Live inputs for Pf, Tf, DP
Ability to accept either real-time or periodic fixed composition
Adequate facilities to review necessary data at site
Program/Config For Basic
Can Be Configured using
On-site PC laptop software w/ user friendly interface
On-site ruggedized hand-held w/user friendly interface
On-site terminal with interactive command line interface or batch
file upload/download capability (Tech Bulletin #44).
On-Site VT-52 compatible terminal with interactive menu driven
from Flow Computer
Various Remote Communications Protocols

No permanently mounted keyboard or switches
Environmental Concerns
More economic to amortize cost over several flow computers.
Trend toward remote configuration
Example Data Capacities
128K RAM = 262144
System = 81920
200 Events = 2400
50 Day Recs = 5000
970 Log Recs = 34920
Free = 6832
256K RAM = 262144
System = 81920
200 Events = 2400
50 Day Recs = 5000
3850 Log Recs = 138600
Free = 34224
(40 days of 60 min recs or
10 days of 15 min recs or
3 days of 5 min recs or
<1 day of 1 min recs
+ 10 dayskips)
(160 days of 60 min recs or
40 days of 15 min recs or
13 days of 5 min recs or
2+ days of 1 min recs
+ 10 dayskips)
Example Data Capacities
512K RAM = 524288
System = 81920
200 Events = 2400
50 Day Recs = 5000
11530 Log Recs = 415080
Free = 19888
(480 days of 60 min recs or
120 days of 15 min recs or
40 days of 5 min recs or
2 days of 1 min recs
+10 dayskips)