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Scaffolding, Hard and Soft

Infrastructures as Critical and Generative Structures

Shannon Mattern
Infrastructure as a Critical Structure

Harvard GSD, Landscape Futures
A Deeper, Networked Media History
Telegraph Wires + Train Tracks;
Fiber Optic Cables in Parisian Sewers
Media Networked Across Scale
Ben Millen, iPhone Deconstruction [/Archaeology]
Virtualitys Material Scaffolding
Human Infrastructure
Via Michael Chen + Justin Snider, Signal Space Urban Omnibus
Agbogbloshie dump, in Accra, Ghana. Andrew McConnell
Subjective Cartographies: Mapping Telecom Infrastructure in Bangalore
Infrastructure as a Generative Structure

Where My
Ladies At?

December 2012
62 Presenters,
9 Women Some Merely
Itemizing the
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Shannon Mattern