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Understanding your changing body

Sexual development is an integral
and important part of human
These developmental changes starts
from adolescence at the age of 10-11
yrs for girls and 12-14 yrs for boys
These are normal and inevitable
physiological changes occurring in every
human being
Adolescent changes
For girls, these changes starts with
Development of breasts, more curved
and prominent hips, weight gain and
pubertal growth spurt.
Growth of hair at the areas of
armpits and genitalia
Most importantly, appearance
of periodical bleeding, called
Appearance of menstruation is an
important chapter in every girls life
One of the most pleasant event, due to its
connection with feminity and procreation
It is important to understand that
Menstruation is a normal physiological
Comes as periodical bleeding
through genital orifice at an interval
of 28-30 days
Certain symptoms like abdominal
discomfort, mild abdominal or back pain
are normal just before or at the
beginning of each periods
Some irregularities in periods is
normal for the initial 1-2 years.
Around 50-80 ml of blood can be lost
during each periods
Each menstrual cycle lasts around 4-7
days and the amount of bleeding and
duration is variable
Some necessary chemicals secreted
Inside our body, called hormones are
responsible for these rapid changes
at puberty.
Estrogen is the most important
hormone secreted from ovaries, is
mainly responsible for pubertal
changes in girls
Female reproductive organs
Health and menstrual hygiene
Every girls should practice
proper body hygiene during
this time
Sanitary napkins can be used and
Should be changed atleast 6 hourly
During periods
Genital areas should be
cleansed properly
Use properly washed and
dried undergarments
Ensure proper nutrition and
Psychological changes at puberty
Adolescence is a vital period in social
and psychological development
You can be easily influenced by people you
develop close relationships, like friends.
Psychological changes in adolescence

Start making your own decisions;
start feeling a change in your role
within the family.
Feeling overly sensitive about
your physical appearance
Mood swings (Confident and happy
to Irritated and depressed)
Feeling uncertain, curious and
Start getting sexual feelings
Each girl should realize
Do not give unnecessary concerns on
these; keep these things within the
frame of your privacy.
Ask your doubts and share your
problems regarding these with your
teachers and parents
Again remember; commencement of
menstruation and other changes are
pleasant things designed for
reproduction, indicating a girls ability
to give birth to babies
Some of your usual concerns
When will I start menstruating?
Commencement of menstruation
can occur any time between 10-15 years
(usually). It can be influenced by
heredity,diet,lifestyle etc

How frequently I get periods?
Usually it occurs as 28-30 day
cycles. Some irregularities can occur
during initial 1-2 years;21-35 day interval
between cycles is normal
How long does the periods last?
Usually it lasts around 4-7 days
;But it can vary.
Why should a girl know about
menstruation even before she
start getting periods?
Commencement of menstruation is
unpredictable. So, having an idea about this
will help you to prevent that embarrassment
resulting from this intensely private