What is emotional intelligence?

It is the capacity to reason with emotions in four areas: to perceive emotions, to integrate it in thoughts, to understand it & to manage it.

Daniel Goleman defines “Emotional Intelligence as the ability to monitor ones own & others emotions, to discriminate among them & to use the information to guide ones thinking and actions.”

EI is a new & better way of measuring an individual’s chance of success in life. The higher your EI the greater your ability to manage your feelings & deal effectively with others, the greater your chances are of a happier life.

Emotional Awareness It is the ability to see & understand the connection between what you are feeling & how you act on those feelings. Emotional sensitivity People who are Emotionally sensitive pay attention to non verbal cues & listen well.

Emotional management the ability to take responsibility for and manage ones own emotions and personal happiness. Getting “it” Have “it” together - a graceful balance of intellect and emotion.

Attaining emotional literacy It is the first step towards building your emotional intelligence. It is the ability to recognize, understand & appropriately express our emotions.
For e.g..many people confuse frustration & anger.

Mind Your Emotions, Heal Your Body Repressed emotions cause various physical ailments, dreaded diseases, aches and pains like constipation, acidity, indigestion, back pain etc. Negative emotions like stress, sap our energy and make us weak.

What are emotional skills? Self awareness - being able to recognize feelings & put a name on them. Managing emotions- being able to channel emotions to a positive end.

Empathy - being able to act appropriately requires understanding the feelings of others involved & taking their perspective. Communicating - being able to express personal concerns without anger or passivity.

Co- operation - knowing how & when to take the lead & when to follow.

Resolving conflicts - need to understand the mechanisms at work.

How can you improve your EI ?

responsibility for your emotions & your happiness. Examine your own feelings rather than the actions or motives of other people. Develop constructive coping skills for specific moods.

How can you improve your EI ?
 Learn

to relax when your emotions are running high & to get up & move when you are feeling down.  Be honest with yourself  Acknowledge your negative feelings , look for their source , & come up with a way to solve the underlying problem.

How can you improve your EI ?
 Show

respect by respecting other peoples feelings  Listen twice as much as you speak  Pay attention to non verbal communication. We communicate with our whole selves. Watch faces, listen to tone of voice & take note of body language.


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