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August Wilson

Background, Biography and the Seeds of

Do Now: Browse through the
handout and pick out the circled
words, write them down on loose-
leaf paper and define them using
the red dictionary.
Vocabulary Words
 Accolades= praise; awards
 Diligence = carefully; thoroughly; efficient
 Ferocity = fierce; rage; enthusiastic
 Connotations = different shades of meaning
 Assimilation = integrate; take something in
and make it part of the whole; adjust
 Opus = a piece / work; the entire range of
someone’s work
 Prerogative = your own choice / choices ;
right or privelege
Who is August Wilson
Annotating the Text
 Aswe read today’s text, please circle
or underline facts of importance:
From Essay to the Seeds of our
Own Plays
 What struggles have you, your
community, your friends gone
 List them on your sheet of loose-leaf
Beginning your play!!!