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Group No :- 03

Members:- Abeysiri A.N.M.C.N. RU/E/2008/001
Bandara K.A.J.M. RU/E/2008/014
Bandara K.M.C.M. RU/E/2008/015
Bandara K.R.M.M.B.R. RU/E/2008/016
Bandara T.G.J.S
 The economy in the past

 Beginning of the civil war

 Relation between war and economy

 Present economic background
 Agriculture
 Fisheries
 Manufacturing Industries
 Economic Infrastructure
 1980 to 2009 people should have faced to
civil war in the country. The war is directly
effected agriculture,fisheries,manufacturing
industries in northern &eastern provinces of
the country. this reasons effected to the
economic desolation for sri lanka.
Rise,onians,green chili,tobacco,are
mainly producing the eastern and
northern provinces. in 1980 to 2005
reduced the national out put of these

sBecause of the war the
national fishery crops is
Manufacturing industries
Many enterprises were destroyed or discard during the
civil war.
Economic infrastructure
Water,electricity,roads & telecommunication
Sri Lankan economic indicators
Sri-lanka had the 7th largest economy in the world in 2008.

Sri-lanka is classified as “lower middle income” by the world bank in 2007.
Other countries in the region in the same group include India ,and
China although Pakistan is classed as low income in 2002.

Further economic indicates are shown in the table below.
After war, what want to do
There are three crucial issues which have major potential

 Destabilize both regions are land disputes and post conflict resettlement.

 To a durable peace in the coming period could be the sheer size of the Sri
Lankan army.

 Also want to consider about global economic crisis.

 Specially Sri lanka will also continue to be faced in the future by challenges
of justice and reconciliation arising from the grave human rights and manly
economic situation in Sri lanka.
Past situation of the economy

Growing process
 Present situation of the economy

 Future achievements
The application of scientific and mathematical principles to practical
ends such as the design,manufacture,economical

Sustainable Development……
Pattern of development that permits future generations to live at least
as well as the current generation
 Effect on employment

 Effect on residential activities

 Effect on property, resource consumption

 Effect on environmental…
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