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India is a developing nation & there is a need
and scope of activities/improvements in the
field of Water Supply, Waste Water
Treatment, Sewage Treatment, Municipal
Solid Waste handling etc. Kendal
Infrastructures (P) Limited with its Head
Office at New Delhi is a new company
registered mainly with the objective of
making a clean and green environment &
help in development of country. The
Promoters of the company are Mr. Neeraj
Jindal and Mr. Aditya Kedia (an NRI).
Main focus of Kendal Infrastructures for initial
2 years will be to do activities within India
and once the company is established & has
build its own team, then we will start
exploring business opportunities in Indian
Subcontinent, Middle Asia & Africa where
there is lot of scope for development &
infrastructure activities.
The promoters of the company belongs to
very reputed, successful & renowned
business family’s in India. They have a very
strong credibility and financial back up.
Mr. Neeraj Jindal is a 35 years young &
dynamic person who comes from Hisar &
belongs to the prestigious Jindal Family
which is a renowned business family in
India. Within the family, he belongs to S.R.
Jindal Group of Companies' which was
founded in 1960. It has grown under the
able guidance of Sh. Shiv Ram Jindal
(Grand father of Mr. Neeraj Jindal), a
renowned name in 'JINDAL BUSINESS
FAMILY', and the founder member of Jindal
Industries Ltd, an I.S.O 9002 company
formerly known as Jindal India Pvt. Ltd, the
first producer of E.R.W, G.I. & Black MS
Pipes in North India and 3rd in Indian
Today the Group with a respected position in the
corporate circle, has interests in diverse
industries like E.R.W, G.I & BLACK MS Pipe,
Metal Strips, Chemicals, Artificial Leather and
different type of buttons like Polyester, Moulded
Polyester, Sea Shell, Wood, Coconut, Corozo,
Horn, Snap Fasteners etc. The group has
following companies under it with a combined
turnover of more than US$ 250 million.
Jindal Industries Ltd
Jindal Industries is the oldest company in the
Group founded in 1960 & manufacture E.R.W,
G.I. & Black MS Pipes of sizes varying from15
mm NB to 300 mm NB conforming to IS & BS
Standards and is one of the top brands in the
country in the field of E.R.W, G.I.& Black MS
Pipes Pipes.
Jindal Industries Limited, Hisar - set up in the nineteen sixties manufactures high
quality MS Black and Galvanized Pipes/Tubes in the range of 15mm to 300mm as per
BIS Standards. The Company is fully equipped with modern manufacturing
machineries, Mills, Welding Plants and galvanizing plants. It has full in-house
maintenance workshop and testing equipment’s to produce the best quality steel pipes
besides other infrastructural facilities.

Jindal Industries Limited has doubled its production and sales during last Five years. It
has achieved this feat by winning a higher share in a very competitive market, which is
also flooded with inferior and duplicate quality Pipes. Their strength lies in their all time
endeavor to provide higher & higher standards of quality and service to their worthy
customers. They never compromise on Quality front even under the most adverse
market conditions. Mainly SAIL material in Steel and High Grade Zinc from Hindustan
Zinc Limited is being used to cater to high quality Pipes/Tubes demand in the Market.
Their Pipes are engraved with ISI Mark and trade Mark ‘Jindal’ with the device of the
Map of India in oval shape and word ‘HISSAR’ underneath, which has become
synonymous with high quality Steel Pipes. Each Pipe/Tube manufactured by Jindal
Industries Limited is a testimony to our commitment to Quality and Service. Jindal
Industries Limited is a prestigious Company of JINDAL’s, who have proved their
unerring might in Steel sector, having unstinted record of Four decade service to the
Jindal Polybuttons Ltd

Jindal Buttons is a premier business of the S.R.Jindal
Group, specializing in the manufacture and marketing
of polyester buttons. Mr. Neeraj Jindal heads Jindal
Polybuttons Ltd & is looking after the operations &
Business Development of Buttons division. This
Company began its operations in 1992 and now is the
topmost brand of buttons in India. From units at Hissar
and Ghaziabad, the company registers gross annual
capacity of 24 Million gross Buttons. The buttons
manufactured by Jindal Polybuttons are known the
world over for their variety and exclusivity & are being
used by Top Most Garment brands in the world.
Hisar Metal Industries:

Hisar Metal Industries Ltd. was set up at Hisar
in the year 1991 to produce High Precision,
Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Strips. Over the
years, Hisar Metal has achieved a phenomenal
growth. Utilising state-of-the-art-technology
and high precision imported machinery, they
are able to manufacture ultra thin, upto 0.05
mm, high precision Stainless Steel Strips with
dimensional accuracy, excellent flatness and
smooth surface finish.
The Hisar Metal Industries Limited forms a valuable representation of
the Group in the area of manufacturing metal products. The unit is a
part of the large Jindal complex at Hisar. It produces high class
stainless steel strips having high dimensional accuracy with excellent
flatness and surface finish
Ravindra Tubes Ltd:

Ravindra Tubes was established in 1973 and is a
pioneer in manufacturing steel pipes. The company is
equipped with the latest technology & sophisticated
equipments applying stringent quality control
measures. The company also manufactures ERW
Galvanised and Black Steel Pipes & PVC Pipes.
United Decoratives (P) Ltd

United Decorative is proud to be first ever manufacturer who started
Polyester Buttons Manufacturing in India in the Year of 1990. The
company’s main emphasis is always on continuous R&D, Best Quality and
Best Services to the customers. United Decoratives is the only producer
for Metal Fastener in India. Their unit at Ghaziabad is in operation since
1987, manufacturing mainly buttons made from River Shell, Sea Shell,
Moulded Polyester Buttons and Snap Fasteners. They are the path setter
in manufacturing of exclusive range of "Real Mother Pearl" (MOP)
Manufacturer of all kind of Buttons like; (1) Natural Shell Buttons
(including Trochus, Akoya, MOP & River Shell), (2) Moulded Polyester
Buttons, (3) Polyester Buttons - by Sheet Casting Process & (4) Snap-
The company has started a new division of
synthetic leather. The total capacity of the
plant is about 400,000 LM per month. United
Decoratives can cater the customers
requirement in 100% PU, PU / PVC and 100%
PVC in the range of 0.30 mm to 15 mm. The
main focus of the company is to cater
Automotive OEM’S, Shoe, Garments, Upholstery
with consistent quality and continuous

Mr. Aditya Kedia is a young man aged 31 yrs.
He Belongs to Unique Group of Companies. Mr.
Kedia has BA in International Business from
Eckerd College and over 7 years experience in
the Diamond and Jewelry business. He also
oversees the Unique Group’s interests in real
estate, pharmaceuticals as well as energy. The
Unique Group leverages its global reach and
diversified company base to offer its clients
exceptional service, competitive pricing in the
different areas and a global network base. The
company reputation for integrity and ethical
practices has helped them not only maintain its
client base but increase it every year.
Through its associated companies, the Unique
Group has a Pan Asia presence with 50 offices
across India and offices in Bangkok, Hong Kong,
Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma.

The Unique Group of companies, owned and
managed by the Kedia family span the following
three areas:

Shreepati was established in 1994 and is involved in
Stock Trading Business as well as Commodity Market
Trading. Shreepati is a member of the National and
Bombay Stock Exchange as well as the multi commodity
exchange and national commodity exchange with
headquarters in Mumbai and branch all over India.
Services offered include brokerage, arbitrage and
portfolio management for high net worth individuals.
Commodity market trading includes trading in Gold,
Silver, Zinc and Copper as well as agricultural
commodities and Crude Oil.
In the year 1994 it became the member of the National Stock Exchange of
India Ltd. (NSEIL). In just a decade, they have come to enjoy immense
loyalty and goodwill amongst investors. Their secret is an uncompromising
belief in transparency and trustworthiness in all dealings. It is their constant
endeavour to present you with the best investment opportunities available.
Towards this goal, in 1994 they acquired their membership to the National
Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSEIL) for cash segment and 2000 they
acquired membership for the derivative segment.

To further strengthen their stock trading opportunities, Shreepati Holdings &
Finance acquired membership to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in
2006. At Shreepati they are members of National Commodity and
Derivative Exchange Limited (NCDEX) and the Multi Commodity
Exchange of India Limited (MCX).

Thanks to their scale and pace of activities, their year on year track record
has seen them outperform all client targets. From a humble start of just one
office in Mumbai in 1993, today they are proud to have a pan India and
international presence.
* Trust, Transparency & Professionalism
* Ethics before Profits
* Clients before Company
* Focus on building Long-term Relationships
* Maximizing Investors Wealth
* Focus on Research & Technology
Radiant Unique:

Radiant Unique was established in 1970 and is
in the business of manufacturing & trading of
Diamond, Semi Precious Stones and Jewelry
with their offices in New York, Belgium, Hong
Kong, Bangkok and Mumbai.

Parma established in 1990 is in business of
Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution.
It has offices in Cambodia, Vietnam and Burma.
Parma is the sole agent for brands like Glaxo,
German Remedies, Cipla, and Kopran.

We are having alliances with the following
Companies of National and International repute in
the field of Water Supply & Sewerage Systems,
Waste Water Treatment etc.

Ion Exchange India Ltd
Ion Exchange India bring total environment solutions
- water treatment, liquid waste treatment & recycle,
air pollution control, solid & hazardous waste
management and generation of energy from waste.
They are Specialists in water and waste water treatment
for over four decades & offering total water solutions for
industry, homes and communities. Integrating process
technology, design engineering and project management
capability, they take end-to-end responsibility - planning,
integrating and managing water on supply, quantity,
quality, discharge and environmental fronts. By creating
quantifiable benefits for valued customers, they
demonstrate how efficient water management is a value
Although water is perhaps the resource most
under pressure globally, the increasing
environmental pollution calls for an integrated
approach of total environment management.
Kendal can offer a complete portfolio of
advanced environmental solutions and services
spanning water, liquid & gaseous effluents, solid
& hazardous waste and renewable energy, for
infrastructure, industrial, municipal and
household applications with the technical know
and supervision of Ion Exchange.
Kendal can provide industry with total water
management - from pretreatment, through
process water/liquid and waste water treatment,
to water recycle and recovery of valuable
byproducts for reuse in process. Total solutions
address environmental concerns of customers
by incorporating water conservation, pollution
control, energy saving and reduced chemical
consumption. Comprehensive services,
including O & M and BOOT contracts, deliver
end benefit conveniently and economically, with
single-point responsibility utilizing the technical
know how & vast experience of Ion Exchange in
the above fields.
Thalle Construction Company, U.S.A.

More than half a century of diversified,
innovative, and reliable performance has made
Thalle Construction Company one of the most
respected contractors in the eastern United
States. From highways to high profile corporate
sites, Thalle is an industry leader with an
impeccable reputation in both public and private
sectors. From planning to completion, Thalle
focus is on satisfying clients.
Thalle’s wide range of construction expertise
includes dams, landfills, site work,
communication technology, utility work and roller
compacted concrete. Thalle owns and operates
quarries, portable asphalt plants and crushers
allowing them to supply materials directly to the
site, whenever possible. Major field of activities
of Thalle’s are as under:
 Heavy Construction
 Utilities and Site Development
 Dam Construction and Rehabilitation
 Roller Compacted Concrete
 Soil Mixing and Pugmill Rental
 Landfills and Environmental Projects
 Plants and Industrial Sites
 Portable Concrete and Rock Crushing
 Design/Build Capabilities
 Construction Management
Thalle traces its history back to America's post-
World War II expansion era. The company grew
quickly to become a formidable force in
construction throughout the Middle Atlantic States
and deep into New England.

As years progressed, Thalle diversified from
landscaping to sewer and interceptor projects.
Thalle have undertaken various niche projects,
including tunneling, difficult site work, and
highway projects which has been completed
As years progressed, Thalle diversified from
landscaping to sewer and interceptor projects.
Thalle have undertaken various niche projects,
including tunneling, difficult site work, and
highway projects which has been completed
In view of the business track record & financial
resources available with the promoters of Kendal
and technical know-how and vast experiences of
our above alliances in the field we see no
difficulty in executing any project of large

We now look forward the pleasure of associating
with you for your forthcoming projects.
Thank You