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Profile of Serena Hotel
The Serena Group comprises a collection of 32 luxury resorts, safari
lodges and hotels, which are located in East Africa (Kenya,
Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique) and Southern Asia
(Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan).
1) Serena care
We provide the best service, employ the best people and provide
them training to improve their skills.
2) Serena quality
We also believe in providing the best quality of service, make sure
customers are satisfied with our standards of comfort and efficient
business support.
3)Treasuring our heritage
We make sure that we promote the culture of the country/ city/
region to our customers during their visits in the hotel
Our Mission is to create outstanding facilities that offer the
highest standards of product and service and to provide
Management and staff with an environment that enables them
to deliver operating standards beyond the level of our guests
We are committed to the development of those projects that
accord optimum regard to environmental concerns in terms of;
design, planning, construction and operation.
We are sensitive towards monitoring the interests of the local
population; particularly with regard to the safeguarding of
their traditions, culture and future development.
We always endeavour to conserve rather than exploit nature.

Serena Hotel Kathmandu will segment its market into five
categories that are as follows:
1. Government Sector
2. Diplomatic Community
3. Multi- National Companies and Commercial Sectors
4. Non- Guests
5. Tourists

1) Government Sector
Serena Hotel Kathmandu should give its priority to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
because of the involvement of these offices in the foreign visits, conferences etc.

2) Diplomatic Community
This is because the Diplomatic would regularly conduct their receptions,
dinners, seminars, festival shows, and different sort of parties in Serena
Hotel Kathmandu.
4) Multi- National Companies and Commercial Sectors
Serena Hotel Kathmandu would charge discriminatory rates to the commercial
sector. A guest from the big commercial company is charged more than a guest
from a medium size company.

5) Non- Guests
The Non- Guests are offered special membership for recreational facilities like
Health Club, Swimming Pool, Meetings & Conferences arrangements and
Restaurant services.

6) Tourists
Serena Hotel Kathmandu shall entertain the tourists by offering those several
packages with some discounted offers too.

The above figure shows sales of the TPS Eastern Africa
Limited Serena hotel and resorts.
The sales have increased by Shs 985,847 (000s) (in 2011 as
compared to 2010).
In 2012 it decreased by 122,015 (000s) (in 2012 as compared
to 2011).
The revenue in 2013 increased by Shs 1,497,460 (000s),
when compared to revenue in 2012.

2010 2011 2012 2013
Shs (000s) Shs (000s) Shs (000s) Shs (000s)
Revenue 4,480,128 5,465,975 5,343,960 6,841,420
Nepal Historical Development
The history of Hotel Industry in Nepal has turned into positive
aspect after the peace process taken action in 2008.
The real boom in Nepal Hotel industry comes in 20th when two
new concepts emerged.
The first hotel opened in Nepal was Nepal Hotel in Patan
Jawalakhel in 1951 to 1952 this hotel was opened and closed in
one fiscal year.
Mr. Boris Lisanevich Russian nationality arrived in Nepal with
his Denish wife Inger in 1951 and established Royal Hotel in
Seto Durbar or Dip Bahadur Bhawan in Kathmandu. In 1952
Parash Hotel and in 1954 Snow View Hotel was opened. In
1956 hotel Coronation was opened in Bagbazar was first
purposely built hotel in Nepal.

Why selected Nepal
The hotel industry, travel agencies, training of tourist guides,
and targeted publicity campaigns are the main reasons for the
remarkable growth of this industry in Nepal, and in
Kathmandu in particular.
Tourism is a major source of income for most of the people in
the city, with several hundred thousand visitors annually.
Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit
Kathmandu's religious sites.
The high level of tourism is attributed to the natural grandeur
of the Himalayas and the rich cultural heritage of the country.

Nepal's diverse linguistic heritage evolved from four major
language groups: Indo-Aryan, Tibeto-Burman, Mongolian and
various indigenous language isolates.
The major languages of Nepal (percent spoken as native
language) according to the 2011 census are Nepali, Maithili,
Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, Nepal Bhasa, Bajjika etc.
Nepali is the official national language and serves as lingua
franca among Nepalis of different ethno linguistic groups.
The Nepali year begins in mid-April and is divided into 12
months. Main annual holidays include the National Day, (28
December), Prithvi Jayanti (11 January), Martyr's Day (18
February), and a mix of Hindu and Buddhist festivals.
Data Size
Population 26,494,504 (2011)
Growth Rate 1.35%
Population below 14 Years old 34.19%
Population of age 15 to 59 54.15%
Population above 60 8.13%
The median age (Male) 19.91
The median age (Females) 20.24
Ratio (Male: Female) 100:94.16
Literacy Rate (Average) 65.9%
Literacy Rate (Male) 75.1%
Literacy Rate (Female) 57.4%
(Table 1: Population structure)
Executive: The executive power of Nepal is vested in the Council of
Ministers. The responsibility of issuing general directives,
controlling and regulating the administration of Nepal lies in the
Council of Ministers. The Prime Minister of Nepal is the head of the
Government. The Prime Minister appoints the Ministers.
Legislative: The legislature is composed of 601 members. All the
bills are presented in the parliament. After passing the bills by the
majority. After his approval, it becomes the law.
Judiciary: The Constitution provides three tiers of Court which
include the Supreme Court of Nepal, the Court of Appeal and the
District Courts. All courts and judicial institutions except the
constitutional assembly court are under the Supreme Court.
Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal, has unveiled a new
monetary policy for the fiscal year 2014-15, which aims at
achieving higher economic growth by introducing several positive
measures which include checking inflation, maintaining fiscal
stability, bolstering sustainable economic activities and creating
more conducive environment for investment and economic growth.
The new monetary policy aims at containing inflation rate at 8 per
cent and ushering in economic growth at 6 per cent as per the target
of fiscal budget of the government.
Nepal has already adopted liberal economic policies in order to
being more foreign investment and also to boost economic growth
in the country.
Nepals entry and active involvement in the international
organizations including the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has
helped positively to link Nepali economy with the global economy,
which has been duly taken care of by the Monetary Policy 2014-15.

Nepal is of roughly trapezoidal shape, with an area of
147,181 km
(56,827 sq. mi).
Nepal has five climatic zones, broadly corresponding to the
altitudes. The tropical and subtropical zones,
the temperate zone, the cold zone, the subarctic zone and
the Arctic zone.
Nepal experiences five seasons: summer, monsoon, autumn,
winter and spring.
Nepal is popular for mountaineering, having some of the
highest and most challenging mountains in the world, including
Mount Everest. Technically, the south-east ridge on the Nepali
side of the mountain is easier to climb; so, most climbers prefer
to trek to Everest through Nepal.
Kathmandu is the nation's capital and largest metropolis.

Nepal's gross domestic product for 2012 was estimated at over $17.921
billion. Industry mainly involves the processing of agricultural produce,
including jute, sugarcane, tobacco, and grain.
Nepal's economic growth continues to be adversely affected by the political
uncertainty. Nevertheless, real GDP growth is estimated to increase to
almost 5 percent for 2011/2012.
The rate of unemployment and underemployment approaches half of the
working-age population. Thus many Nepali citizens move to other
countries in search of work.
Nepal's exports of mainly carpets, clothing, hemp natural fiber, leather
goods, jute goods and grain total $822 million. Import commodities of
mainly gold, machinery and equipment, petroleum products and fertilizer
total US$2 bn.
The currency exchange rate is 0.97 Nepalese rupee = 1 PKR and
1 Nepalese Rupee = 0.010 US Dollar
Due to trading restrictions and tariff measures, most of the indirect and
unaccounted for trade is routed through the Gulf countries. Formal
arrangements of greater direct trade will prove to be useful as it would
result in lesser freight and shorter lead time.

Nepal remains isolated from the world's major land, air and sea
transport routes although, within the country, aviation is in a
better state, with 47 airports.
The hilly and mountainous terrain in the northern two-thirds of
the country has made the building of roads and other
infrastructure difficult and expensive.
There is a single reliable road route from India to
the Kathmandu Valley. In addition, some 60% of road network
and most rural roads are not operable during the rainy season.
The only practical seaport of entry for goods bound for
Kathmandu is Calcutta in India. Internally, the poor state of
development of the road system makes access to markets,
schools, and health clinics a challenge.

Media and Technology
In the broadcast media, as of 2007, the state operates 2
television stations as well as national and regional radio
stations. There are roughly 30 independent TV channels
registered, with only about half in regular operation.
According to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority MIS
May 2012 report, there are 7 operators and the total voice
telephony subscribers.
Most of the data service is accounted by GPRS users
In 2009, the telecommunication sector alone contributed to 1%
of the nation's GDP. As of 30 September 2012, Nepal has
1,828,700 Facebook users.

Competitive Environment
Hyatt Regency Kathmandu
It is an urban five-star resort in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hotel has 280
well-appointed and spacious guest rooms, including eight suites, all
with contemporary world class facilities to provide guests with the
ultimate comfort.
Dwarika Hotel
Dwarika's Hotel is a luxury hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hotel is a
collection of various traditional heritage Nepali houses that congregate
around courtyards and considered one of Nepal's finest hotels. The
hotel, a 76-room 5-star luxury hotel that welcomes over 3000 visitors a
Hotel Tibet International
A Tibetan concept boutique hotel, takes its inspiration from the Tibetan
architecture. this property contains all the amenities and services you
would expect from a 4.5-star hotel.
Market and Size Potential
According to Hotel Association of Nepal (HAN) (July 2013)
business in the hotel industry has grown by nearly 15% in the
current fiscal year as compared to previous years.
As per in an article in August 2014, Tourist arrivals to Nepal
have seen a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10%
during the period from 2003 through 2012, to reach 803,092
by the end of 2012.

The Serena hotel Nepal shall be a part of Nepal Tourism
Board, which was established in 1998 and will be a member of
the Serena hotels chain.
It will be established in Nepal through Management Contract
(Contractual Agreements) strategy managed by the Hotel
Association Nepal.
The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development S.A.,
Switzerland (AKFED) holds majority of the shareholding i.e.
91%, followed by 7% holding by the Hotel Association Nepal
and the remaining 2% by Government of Nepal Ministry
of Tourism.
The Serena Hotel, Kathmandu is committed to work with the
Government of Nepal in promoting tourism in Nepal.
Promote culture
High quality services
Recreation and Health
Training and Development
High Cost
1. Limited Target market
2. Establishing First Hotel
3. Low Incentives

1. Trend to Tourism
2. Alliance with shipping and
Airlines Cooperation
3. Entrance in to new Market
4. Improvement in Customer
Relationship Management
1. Existing Competitors
Serena Kathmandu (Nepal) shall have a limited target market;
their basic approach is to target the High class and Business
class people because the prices are high. They target the
Government Sector, Diplomatic Community, Multi- National
Companies and Commercial Sectors, Non- Guests and Tourists.

Marketing Strategy
One of the most important functions of the marketing
department is to design a set of written goals, objectives and
strategies for marketing activities of the organization.
The marketing department develops a market based business
strategy that provides unique value to the customers on all
services and products of the organization.
The strategy establishes the workflow in the marketing
department so that each process within the workflow can be
continually evaluated, measured and improved until the
marketing goals are successfully achieved.

Table 2: Similarities between Serena Hotel Islamabad and
Targets corporate clients, general clients, Embassies, families,
executive clients, wedding and parties.
Have Executive and Junior suites
Dining restaurants with a vast variety of local and international
Wedding services offered in extensive grounds, event social
centre and pool side area.
Facilities provided to customers such as Internet WIFI free access
facilities, valet parking, room service, shopping arcade,
conference room, in house laundry services, health club, lounge
with dining facilities and snacks availability etc.
Factors Serena Hotel Islamabad Serena Hotel Kathmandu
Indoor and Outdoor facilities Provide swimming pool,
tennis court and Spa
Will provide swimming
pool, Spa, hiking, tennis
and squash court facilities.
Executive lounge for our
guests such as private Lounge
area, Business Centre, Meeting
Room and Butler Service.
Transport facilities Limited Pick and drop
facilities provided to
customers from Airport to
Hotel and drop back again
(extra charges).
Provide complimentary
airport services (involved
in package)

Room Facilities Flat screen televisions in
limited rooms, internet
access in lounges,
mediocre furniture in
normal rooms
Flat screen televisions
available in all the rooms,
internet access available in
all the rooms, historical
places sceneries
Culture promotions Culture is promoted during
Culture is promoted on
daily basis to attract the
Market Needs
Market Benefits
Offer the highest standards
of service and product

This will help Serena hotel Nepal to
increase their revenue when they
would provide a vast number of
Promotion of culture

Serena hotel can attract more
customers through promoting their
culture during the whole year
Incentives for
Discounts offered during the off
seasons to general clients and
cooperate executives which can
decrease their expenses.
Packages to be introduced
Packages with hotel accommodation,
indoor and outdoor facilities shall
increase the hotel sales.
To Increase Market Share
Serena hotel has an objective to increase their market share from
Internet sources and through alliances with airlines and to give
more attractive packages to their customers.
Contribute To National Growth
Tourism is a sector of Nepal economy that has
significant potential and a country can increase the
foreign earnings with the help of tourism.
Being the best and maintain high standards
Serena Hotel Kathmandu needs to keep high standards regarding
the quality of their goods and services and to make improvements
in those areas where they are lacking behind.
Comparison between Serena Hotel Nepal
and Local Competitors

Serena Hotel (Nepal) Hyatt Regency (Nepal) Dwarika's Hotel (Nepal)
Executive club rooms and
suites shall offer an array of
the highest quality services.
The hotel shall include a wide
variety of local and continental
foods dine inns with different
The hotel shall also provide
other facilities such as
swimming pool, tennis and
squash court, hiking in the
mountains etc.
All rooms are well-equipped
and spacious with a private
bathroom, a walk-in shower,
an in-room safe and a mini bar.
There are numerous dining
options including The lobby
Lounge, The Cafe, Rox
Restaurant & Bar and The
The hotel also has a well-
equipped Spa and Fitness

The hotel is a collection of
various traditional heritage
Nepali houses that congregate
around courtyards.
The rooms capture the essence
of such a lifestyle without
compromise. The furniture is
custom designed and
The Dwarika's Hotel is
designed to meet all the needs
of our guests. The facilities
provided by the hotel to its
customers includes library,
pool, spa, business centre,
WIFI meeting rooms, shops,
meeting rooms, guest care
services and fitness centres
Room Types Room Details
Deluxe floor Room 375 sq.ft, King or Twin beds, high speed internet
access, smoking and non-smoking, working desk,
safety deposit box, bathtub, shower and
iron/ironing board.
Executive Club Floor Room 420 sq.ft, King or Twin beds, smoking or non-
smoking, high speed internet access, working
desk, bathtub, shower, safety deposit box and
Junior Suite 585 sq.ft, King bed, sitting space, smoking, non-
smoking, high speed internet access, large
working desk, bathtub, shower, safety deposit box
and iron/ironing
Executive Suite 650 sq.ft, King bed, smoking, non-smoking,
separate sitting room, large working desk, high
speed internet access, bathtub, shower, safety
deposit box and iron/ironing
Presidential Suite 2115 sq.ft, separate board room, dining room,
reading room, large working desks, high speed
internet access, bathtub, shower, safety deposit
box and iron/ironing
Room Types Room Details
King Room Serene garden or pool views are yours in a 36-square-metre room featuring one king bed, granite bath
with tub and walk-in shower, and separate work desk area with high-speed Internet access etc.
Twin Room Serene garden or pool views are yours with a 36-square-metre room featuring two twin beds, granite bath
with tub and walk-in shower and separate work desk area with high-speed Internet access. Wooden
flooring and Tibetan hand-woven carpeting reflect the local culture etc.
Stupa View King Inspiring views of the Boudhanath Stupa, UNESCO recognised world heritage site, are yours in a 36-
square-metre room featuring one king bed, granite bath with tub and walk-in shower, and separate work
desk area with high-speed Internet access.
Stupa View Twin Inspiring views of the Boudhanath Stupa, UNESCO recognised world heritage site, are yours with a 36-
square-metre room featuring two twin beds, granite bath with tub and walk-in shower and separate work
desk area with high-speed Internet access.
Club King VIP accommodations feature local artefacts and a traditional Tibetan hand-woven carpet, complementing
a 36-sq.metre room with king-sized bed, granite bath with tub and walk-in shower and work area with
high-speed Internet access. Enjoy famous Boudhanath Stupa or garden views etc.
Club Twin VIP accommodations feature local artefacts and a traditional Tibetan hand-woven carpet, complementing
a 36-square-metre room with two twin beds, granite bath with tub and walk-in shower and work area
with high-speed Internet access. Etc.
Regency Suite King Spacious 80-sq.-metre suite offers parlour, work area with high-speed Internet access, granite bath with
tub and walk-in shower and bedroom with king bed, all accented by local artefacts and distinctive decor
reflective of Nepalese culture. Enjoy amenities such as daily local newspaper, high speed internet access
and Regency Club lounge offering private concierge, Continental breakfast and hors d'oeuvres.
Regency Executive Suite Local artefacts and traditional Tibetan hand-woven carpet complement luxurious interiors, including
parlour, dining table for six, private study with high-speed Internet access, granite bath with jetted spa
tub and walk-in shower and separate bedroom with a king bed. Enjoy mineral water and fruit platter
upon arrival, plus luxuries such as butler service on request and Regency Club lounge with breakfast and
hors d'oeuvres.
Serena Hotel, Kathmandu

Room Types Average Daily rates (USD Nepalese RS.) (1 Nepalese Rupee
= 0.010 US Dollar)
(Room charges + Service Tax
(10%) + Value added tax
Nepalese RS.
Deluxe floor Room 155.00 + 15.50 + 22.17 =
Executive Club Floor Room 195.00 + 19.50 + 27.89 =
Junior Suite 310.00 + 31.00 + 44.33 =
Executive Suite 490.00 + 49.00 + 70.07 =
Presidential Suite 1870.00 + 187.00 + 267.41 =
Other Facilities


Enjoy sumptuous cuisine at the
Al-Maghreb Restaurant

USD 15.00/ Person = Nep.RS.
Pamper Yourself

Choice of body massage Deep
Tissue of Swedish 55-minutes
Choice of Salad from the menu
Fresh Seasonal Juice

USD 24.00/ person = Nep.RS.
Luxury Spa Day

Get spoilt at the Maisha Spa.
Gift of an embossed luxury
robe with slippers, Luxury
facial 55-minutes , manicure or
pedicure 55-minutes and an
Ultimate body massage 55-
USD 120.00/ Person =
Nep.RS. 11,690
USD 120.00/ Child =
Nep.RS. 11,690

Hyatt Hotel, Kathmandu

Room Types Average Daily rates (USD Nepalese RS.) (1 Nepalese Rupee =
0.010 US Dollar) including breakfast cost ( $ 15)
(Room charges + Service Tax
(10%) + Value added tax
Nepalese RS.
King Room 160.00 + 16.00 + 22.88 = 198.88 19,374
Twin Room 160.00 + 16.00 + 22.88 = 198.88 19,374
Stupa View King 164.00 + 16.40 + 23.45 = 203.85 19,859
Stupa View Twin 164.00 + 16.40 + 23.45 = 203.85 19,859
Club King 200.00 + 20.00 + 28.60 = 248.60 24,218
Club Twin 200.00 + 20.00 + 28.60 = 248.60 24,218
Regency Suite King 495.00 + 49.50 + 70.79 = 615.29 59,939
Regency Executive Suite 755.00 + 75.50 + 108.00 =
The Dwarikas Hotel

No discount packages shall be offered by the Serena Hotel Nepal in the initial period
unless and until there is special package/ offer announced by them in which they will
offer a discount on laundry or other services.
The discount packages are offered to a group instructor, tourist guide etc. but for that
they need to have a code and an account in the Hyatt Regency.
As per The Dwarikas Hotel website, no discount is offered to anyone whether he is a
middle man or a rich man.

Room Types Average Daily rates (USD Nepalese RS.) (1 Nepalese Rupee =
0.010 US Dollar) including breakfast cost ( $ 15)
(Room charges + Service Tax
(10%) + Value added tax
Nepalese RS.
Heritage Deluxe Room 240.00 + 24.00 + 34.32 = 298.32 29,062
Junior Suite 350.00 + 35.00 + 50.62 = 435.62 42,437
Executive Suite 495.00 + 49.50 + 70.79 = 615.29 59,940
Royal Suite 1800.00 + 180.00 + 257.40 =
Comparison among Serena Hotel and its

Serena Hotel
Hyatt Regency,
Dwarikas Hotel,
Sales Promotion Brand Marketing Contests
Social Media Coordinated Marketing Social Media
Causes and Charity
Field Marketing Marketing materials
Public Relation Direct Marketing Trade shows
Website Website Website
Marketing Materials Other Methods
Other Methods
Sales Promotion
Free samples
Purchase discounts
Discount cards (e.g. PRESTIGE CLUB CARD of Serena)

Social Media
Social networks such as Facebook and Google + will connect with a world of
potential customers that can view Serena Hotel, Kathmandu from a different

Causes and Charity shows
Promoting your products while supporting a cause can be an effective promotional
strategy. Customers get a product they can use and the sense of helping a cause.

Public Relation (PR)
The hotel will make strong customer bases and public relations by involving
themselves in functions and events at respective domestic levels in Kathmandu,

The complete information should be accessible on the website of the hotel
regarding the quality of service being provided. The web address of the
hotel should be present on websites of various travel agencies. It helps the
customers to find hotels according to their requirements.
Marketing Materials
Each business includes some of these materials in their promotion plans. The most
common marketing materials are:
Business cards
Other Methods
Services launches
Receiving and using customer testimonials.

Brand Marketing
Hyatts Regency marketing strategy is well designed to shelter and maintain brand
value and responsiveness while formulating the specific business requirements of
hotel operations.
Coordinated Marketing
Hyatt Regency coordinated marketing initiative benefits a sub-set of hotels and
resorts, as well as beneficial to regional programs.
Field Marketing
The Corporate Marketing management assigns a personal hotel marketing manager to
each hotel who utilizes the propertys business requirements, issues and profit
objectives and helps in the development of the brand and promotional marketing
Direct Marketing
Our direct marketing will be handled by our PR agency. We will buy select targeted
list of corporate companies and send them information about Hyatt Regency.
The Hyatt Regency shall use their website to provide the detail information about the
rooms, facilities, Room and facilities rates and policies, hotel description, location,
contact information, offers and packages etc.
Contests are a frequently used promotional strategy. The idea is to promote the
hotel and put your logo and name in front of the public rather than make money
through a hard-sell campaign.
Social Media
Marketing Materials
The marketing materials which are used by the Dwarika's Hotel are as follows:-
Business cards
Trade shows
It can be incredibly effective promotion and sales opportunities, which can be done
through participating in the local exhibitions.
Other Methods

Advertisement Agency Recommendation
The Advertisement agency to be used by the Serena Hotel Kathmandu will be Aastha
Advertising Agency Pvt. Ltd.
Serena Hotel would use the following types of media in promoting their hotel in
Print Media: Serena Hotel Kathmandu shall use Business cards, Brochures and Leaflets
in order to promote the hotel to its target market in Kathmandu. Local Newspaper and
Magazines shall also be used to promote the hotel.
Social Media: Social media shall be opted by the Serena Hotel Kathmandu to promote
new offers and packages, increase awareness among the customers, promote new
facilities and sharing information about their events, packages and offers.
Internet Media: it is a standard identifier used on the Internet to indicate the type of data
that a file contains. Common uses include the following:
1. Email clients the offers/ packages
2. Website
Personal selling
Sales representatives can adopt personal selling by sending
emails to the customers to promote the hotel by updating
customers about the offers, packages, facilities and events
which would take place in the Serena Hotel Kathmandu.

Sending emails to the corporate and general clients shall
increase the hotel sales.