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It’s A Group of Independent Hotels for the Independent-minded Traveler.
It will give you a Authentic Home Away from Home Feeling You esire. !e
have only one motto" to #tay Independent" Get $ewarded. It has %&''(
mem)ers who representing *+' countries over ,"'''"''' rooms and suites.
Among them Hotels in -iami" Florida" .nited #tates Has a different Taste.

I/0 founded )y 1amela /arnhill who grew
up in the independent hotel )usiness"
daughter of an Independent
Hotelier23wner2-anager" 1amela
e4perienced first-hand the sales and
mar5eting trials and lac5 of cost-effective
operations resources for independent
hoteliers. To com)at the lac5 of afforda)le
resources" 1amela founded I/0
6Innependent /outi7ue 0ollection8 Hotels
which is Independent Hotel 9etwor5 to
address this pro)lem of feeling li5e
operating on an island. To date" 1amela is
1resident and 033 of independent hotels
which she has successfully tested these
sales2mar5eting2operations methods.

Humans are not machines. !e need to rela4 our minds from the hustle
)ustles of day to day lives )y ta5ing a )rea5. #a))aticals are therefore a
must for everyone. A leisure trip" pilgrimage trip or )usiness and leisure trip
ma5es sure that one:s mind is refreshed and he or she is prepared for more
hectic days or schedules. -iami" Florida has its own flavour with tropical
climate" sunny )eaches" glit;y nightlife and mainly miami:s hotels. Here hotel
is a )ase to discover the city. Hotels in -iami Florida under I/0 ma5e you
feel home away from home.
Hotel to described..
 !e a%e &oin& to ta'( about the Hote's in Miami )'o%ida unde% IBC.
 Miami )'o%ida the most *o*u'ous met%o*o'itan cit+ in the Southeaste%n ,nited States
afte% !ashin&ton #.C. due to its 'eade%shi* in -nance comme%ce cu'tu%e media
ente%tainment the a%ts and inte%nationa' t%ade. In .//0 Forbes ma&a1ine %an(ed
Miami 2Ame%ica3s C'eanest Cit+2 fo% its +ea%-%ound &ood ai% 4ua'it+ 5ast &%een s*aces
c'ean d%in(in& 6ate% c'ean st%eets and cit+-6ide %ec+c'in& *%o&%ams.
 )o% mo%e than t6o decades the 7o%t of Miami (no6n as the 2C%uise Ca*ita' of the
!o%'d2 It accommodates some of the 6o%'d3s 'a%&est c%uise shi*s and o*e%ations and
is the busiest *o%t in both *assen&e% t%a8c and c%uise 'ines.
 !hat to see in Miami the S(+'ine of #o6nto6n )%eedom To6e% 9i''a 9i1ca+a Miami
To6e% 9i%&inia :e+ Beach Ad%ienne A%sht Cente% fo% the 7e%fo%min& A%ts
Ame%icanAi%'ines A%ena 7o%t Miami And the Moon o5e% Miami !hich is one the s+mbo'
of Miami.

Hote's a%e most'+ used b+ *eo*'e a'' o5e% the 6o%'d fo% business t%i*s o%
'eisu%e. !hen an indi5idua' &uest o% a fami'+ is &oin& to ha5e a 5acation
it 6ou'd be %easonab'e to boo( 2a'' inc'usi5e2 hote'.

The most *o*u'a% hote's a%e usua''+ 'ocated in cu'tu%a' histo%ica' and
business cente%s. Ho6e5e% some *eo*'e chose hote's c'ose to the *'ace
of thei% 6o%( o% a f%iend3s house to fee' mo%e comfo%tab'e. But %ea''+
*eo*'e 6ant a hote' fo% on'+ e=ecuti5e suite 6ith a hea'th+ cost.
Accommodation of hote's

An+ hote' f%om Lu=u%ious to
Econom+ c'ass is to *%o5ide a
custome% 6ith a'' necessa%+
accommodation Some hote's a%e
sti'' of So5iet t+*e 6ith a minimi1ed
amount of %oom s*ace and sha%ed
faci'ities. !e can be +ou% &uides fo%
+ou not to &et into such a
6onde%fu' hote'. Cont%a%+ to those
abo5e mentioned Lu=u%+
accommodations in &ood hote's of
a 6o%'d standa%d ho6e5e% o>e% a''
the necessa%+ faci'ities. 

This cit+ o>e%s di>e%ent o*tions and o**o%tunities fo% the e5e%+ 5isito%s
businessman and a'so fo% immi&%ant. This cit+ (no6s 6hat +ou need and
6hat +ou% demand is. The%e a%e numbe% of choices to &et somethin& and
abundance of so'utions so sometimes se'ectin& the co%%ect one is a'so
becomes a headache. It doesn3t matte% 6hethe% +ou be'on& to a
business c'ass o% not 6hethe% +ou 6ant to s*end some time in +ou%
5acations o% 6ant to setu* a sma'' o% 'a%&e o8ce eithe% t+*e of business
e=ecuti5e suites 6e 6e'come to Hote's in Miami Beach 6hich 6i'' be a
%eminde% in +ou% bus+ schedu'e 'ife..
!hat Custome% !ant
AN# !hat !e ?i5e..
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