Javanese Culture “ Swaddling Baby “
Kelompok 9
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A. Understanding Swaddling Baby
Swaddling baby is a vital tool that is
clinically proven to make a crying baby comfortable
and prevent newborns from sleeping face down.
Swaddling baby warm familiar place that reminded
him: the mother's womb. The world is still foreign to
him and when he in swaddling he felt calm and safe,
therefore in swaddling baby likes.

B. Benefits of Swaddling Baby
1. To warm the baby.
2. Practical benefits to parents, such as
breastfeeding and make it easy to hold.
3. Reduce the risk of SIDS or sudden infant
death during sleep.
4. Make baby feel safe and comfortable.
1. Swaddling can make the baby's blood circulation
impaired because the heart pumps blood to become
very heavy.
2. Do swaddling infants with multiple layers of fabric
because it can cause shortness of breath and
3. If swaddling baby too tight, will increase the risk of
experiencing infant pneumonia and other acute
respiratory infections.
4. Avoid swaddling baby up to the shoulder because it
will interfere with breathing.

C. The Danger of Wrong Swaddling Baby
D. How to Swaddling Baby Correctly
1. Fold top down and place baby in the center
using square or rectangle swaddle –
demonstration uses rectangle.

2. Fold top from center (not corner) over
shoulder and tuck under arm

3. Hold with fingers and with other
arm pull corner while holding
blanket under arm

4. Slip hand out and pull corner across body

5. Tuck behind back as far as possible while
turning baby

6. Roll baby back to front and pull bottom
corner between legs. For a 10 week old
baby and under, include feet and bring
bottom corner under chin

7. Fold top from center (not
corner) over other shoulder
and tuck under arm

8. Slip hand out again while
pulling blanket firmly across
upper body to the back

9. Hold loose end against back
as you lift baby to
place in crib

10. Front view

11. Crib view with sleep
positioner and additional
blanket for cold weather

12. Baby on side

E. Myths and Facts
1. Myth : Swaddling baby making baby's feet are not bent
Fact : All the baby's legs are bent. Because, in the stomach
there is no enough room for the baby to stretch my
legs so that at birth his feet were still crooked.
2. Myth : Swaddling also make the baby does not quickly
catch a cold, deep sleep, and not easily startled.
Fact : To remember, be surprised when the baby is
sleeping moro reflex and it naturally happened.
Even babies swaddling, moro reflex will still
happen, just not visible because it was blocked by
3. Myth: A blanket or sleeping bag other better way to help
babies sleep.
Fact: The medical research indicates a tremendous benefit to
swaddling baby so he feels comfortably warm and
slept soundly.
4. Myth: Swaddling baby can also inhibit the motor
development of the baby.
Fact: The purpose swaddling here can be very good, in
addition to keeping the baby move so as not to fall
when he moves, or hit in the vicinity.
5. Myth: Swaddling baby may interfere with the expansion of
the lungs, contributing to risk of suffocation.
Fact: Studies have shown that infants swaddling. Swaddling
baby does not inhibit the absorption of oxygen by the
lungs or interfere with breathing. And no incidents of
suffocation because swaddling ever reported.

F. Conclusion
Swaddling baby is a tradition of Javanese
society proved very beneficial for babies. Many studies
show that babies swaddling can help baby's development.
Dr. Harvey Karp, a leading expert on infant sleep problems
and his work includes nearly four decades, has long
advocated swaddling Baby.
In his book "The happiest baby in The Block",
swaddling actually very well done, especially since the baby
before birth until age four months. Because time was the
time when babies need warmth to prevent the occurrence of
hypothermia or a decrease in body temperature below
normal, which is very bad for the baby. Besides new-born
babies are also not able to control the movements of his
limbs, sometimes even at risk of danger around. In addition,
the infant is much more comfortable if swaddling.
Example Swaddling Baby :