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Exporters to project good image of the Country abroad to promote exports

Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1992

enduring relationship with foreign buyers

Early settlement of trade disputes

Nature of complaint from Buyers
Quality unethical commercial dealings


Trade Disputes Cell

non-supply of goods after confirmatio n of the orders

nonpayment of agreed commissi on

nonadherence to the delivery schedule etc

Action Against Erring Exporters
cases pertaining to export made before 19.6.1992
Non-payment of commission supply of sub-standard goods, non-adherence of delivery schedules, indulgence in unethical commercial dealings

breach of contract

debar an exporter from exporting any goods clause 7 of the Export (Control) Order

cases pertaining to export on or after 19.6.1992
exporter has committed an economic offence

Section 8 suspend or cancel the Importer/ Exporter Code Number

any person has made an export/import in a manner gravely prejudicial to the trade relations of India with any foreign country

interests of other persons engaged in imports or exports

brought disrepute to the credit or the goods of the country.

Section 9(4) suspend or cancel any Authorisation granted

Authorisati on has been obtained by fraud

suppression of facts or misrepresen tation

licensee has contravened any law relating to Custom or Foreign Exchange or the Rules & Regulations

Section 11(2) imposition of fiscal penalty

person attempts to make any import or export in contravention of any provisions of the Act

under para 13.9 of chapter 13 of the Hand Book of Procedures A.M. 19972002

direct any Registering Authority to register or deregister an exporter

he has indulged in any form of unfair, corrupt or fraudulent practice.

Penal action under the Export (Quality Control & Inspection) Act, 1963 as amended in 1984

against exporters who do not conform to the standards and or provisions of Act (products have been notified for Compulsory Quality Control & Preshipment Inspection )

Some more Acts governing export from the Country
•Indian Coffee Act •Tea Act •Coir Industry Act •Dangerous Drugs Act •Customs Act. etc

Addressing Complaints
Indian Missions abroad Government of India, Ministry of Commerce EPC, Chamber of Commerce & Industry ITPO EIA and EIC


DGCI&S Reserve Bank of India

Commodity Boards

food items exported to USA, detentions published by USFDA

NODAL OFFICE The Export Commissioner/ Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

trade disputes and complaints

Trade Disputes Cell

Scrutinise and examine (ii) Complaints other than quality complaints against registered exporters (iii)Complaints other than those at (I) & (ii)

(i) Quality complaints