Pendekatan Riset

Presented By:
Jamaludin Kamarudin JP 081242
Marchelin JP 081249
Jenis pendekatan dalam riset
Komponen yang terlibat dalam sebuah Pendekatan Riset
Pendekatan Riset sebagai worldviews, designs & methods
Kriteria dalam memilih sebuah Pendekatan Riset
Pendekatan dalam Riset
an approach for exploring and understanding the meaning
individuals or groups ascribe to a social or human problem
an approach for testing objective theories by examining the
relationship among variables
Mixed Methods
an approach to inquiry involving collecting both quantitative
and qualitative data, integrating the two forms of data, and
using distinct designs that may involve philosophical
assumptions and theoretical frameworks
Komponen dlm Sebuah Pendekatan
Philosophical Worldviews

Postpositivism Constructivism
Empirical observation &
Theory verification
Multiple participant meanings
Social & historical construction
Theory generation
Transformative Pragmatism
Power & justice oriented
Consequences of actions
Real-world practice oriented
Komponen dlm Sebuah Pendekatan Riset,
Research Designs

Quantitative Qualitative Mixed Methods
 Eksperimental designs
 Nonexperimental
designs, ex: survey
 Narrative research
 Phenomenology
 Grounded theory
 Ethnographies
 Case study
 Convergent
 Explanatory sequential
 Exploratory sequential
 Transformative,
embedded, or
Komponen dlm Sebuah Pendekatan Riset,
Research Methods
Quantitative Methods Mixed Methods Qualitative Methods
Pre-determined Both predetermined and
emerging methods
Emerging methods
Instrument based
Both open- and closed
ended questions
Open-ended questions
Performance data,
attitude data,
observational data and
census data
Multiple forms of data
drawing on all
Interview data,
observation data,
document data and
audiovisual data
Statistical analysis Statistical and test
Text and image analysis
Statistical interpretation Across databases
Themes, patterns
Komponen dlm Sebuah Pendekatan Riset,
Interconnection of worldviews, design & research methods
Pendekatan Riset sbg worldviews, designs
& methods
Pendekatan Kuantitatif
Postposotivist worldview, experimental design, & pretest and posttest
measure of attitudes
Pendekatan Kualitatif
Constructivist worldview, ethnographic design, & observation of
Transformative worldview, narrative design, & open-ended interviewing
Pendekatan Metode Campuran
Pragmatic worldview, collection of both quantitative & qualitative data
sequentially in the design
Kriteria dlm memilih sebuah Pendekatan
 The Research Problem and Questions
 Problem comes from a void in the literature, conflict in research results in the literature
or from topics that have been neglected in the literature
 Personal Experiences
 Familiar dgn technical, scientific writing, statistic, & computer statistical programs &
jurnal penelitian kuantitatif  quantitative approach
 Senang dgn studi literatur, melakukan wawancara pribadi, atau observasi up-close 
qualitative approach
 Familiar dgn pendekatan kuantitatif dan kualitatif  mixed methods
 Audiences
 Audiences: editor dan pembaca jurnal, peserta konferensi, rekan, akademisi, dll
 Pengalaman dan ketertarikan audiens akan suatu pendekatan berpengaruh dlm keputusan
untuk memilih pendekatan riset.