Day 3

Me And The World
Bill Gates
• Bill Gates is one of the richest
men in the world(Forbes 2012
• In 2006, Gates announced that
he would cut back his
involvement at Microsoft to
spend more time on
philanthropy. The Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation
supports many causes. Some
are: helping to eradicate polio;
fighting AIDS, malaria and
tuberculosis; providing
vaccinations for children and
even reinventing the toilet
among many other things.

Bill Gates
• Spent his whole life Working on Computer systems.
• Dropped out of Harvard to start up Micro-soft.
• Inspired the Era of the Home Computer
• Launching Windows 95
• Became the Richest Man on earth.
• Then Gave All his money away.
• The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has now
given close to 2 billion US dollars away in the form
of global education and health initiatives.

Warren Buffut
• One of the most
successful Business
Investers of the 20

• Ranked as the Worlds
most Wealthiest person in
• Noted not only for his
business principle, but
also for his Frugality; still
lives in the same house
he bought with his wife.

Warren Buffet.
• In June 2006, he announced a plan to give away his
fortune to charity, with 83% of it going to the Bill &
Melinda Gates Foundation.[119] He pledged about
the equivalent of 10 million Berkshire Hathaway Class
B shares to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
(worth approximately US$30.7 billion as of June 23,
2006), making it the largest charitable donation in
history, and Buffett one of the leaders of

Tom Hiddleston
• Played Loki in the Thor
• Also one of the most good
looking men in an almost
unanimous poll from women.
• Successful actor, credits
include Thor and War Horse.
• Is known as one of the most
approchable actors in
• Has done surprise trips to
children hospitals, Kids
Homes, etc.

Tom Hiddleston
• In April 2013, British actor Tom Hiddleston vowed to live on
just $1.50 (£0.93) a day for one week to support a United
Nations (U.N.)Children's Fund (Unicef) campaign in aid of
starving children.
• British actor Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Avengers Assemble, War
Horse) has been a UNICEF supporter since January 2013,
when he went on with a trip to see UNICEF's work in Guinea
in West Africa.
• “What I learned in Guinea is that we are all responsible for
the state of our world. The world – and the system by which
we trade, share, cooperate and conflict – is clearly not
working. We are only as strong as our weakest members.”-
Quoted from His Blog about his stay in Guinea West Africa.
• Brazillian Football Player.
• Professional soccer player.
Born Ricardo Izecson dos
Santos Leite on April 22,
1982, in Brasilia, the capital
city of Brazil. A top-level
player soccer player
throughout his youth, Kaká
began his move toward the
professional ranks at the
age of 15, when he signed
to the São Paulo youth club.

• In a sport that has its share of glitz and glamour, the playmaker
has been unafraid to voice his Christian faith. "Cars and
women, things like that, have never been important to me,"
said the player. "My family, and my belief in God and Jesus are
the things which determine my life. I do want to live my life in
the right way, and live my life close to God." The player has
tried to back up his words with action.
• In 2004, he became the U.N. World Food Program's youngest
ambassador, a recognition that has seen the soccer star
support programs that try to address world hunger. In 2008,
for example, he helped the organization launch "Fill the Cup",
an ambitious relief effort that works to get food to the
estimated 59 million children in developing countries.
Christiano Ronaldo
• Cristiano Ronaldo is a
professional soccer
player who has set
records while playing
for both Manchester
United and Real
• Plays Also for Portugal
in the World Cup.

Christiano Ronaldo
• Has been involved in the following Charities:
– Took on Child Hunger in Guatemela; Raised awareness on the
nutirional needs of the average Child in Guatemela.
– Real Madrid’s football star Cristiano Ronaldo is kicking off 2013
as Save the Children's new Global Artist Ambassador. In his new
role, Cristiano will fight child hunger and obesity, and promote
physical activity and healthy eating.
– named as an ambassador for Save the Children.
– On his first day as a global ambassador, Ronaldo presented a
charity auction in aid of the charity’s newborn and child survival
campaign in Egypt.
– agreed to play in a charity game organized by Portuguese
champions Porto after weekend floods left at least 42 people
dead in his birthplace of Madeira.