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Industrial Visit

Chaudhari Group
Group First
• Introduction
• CG Foods
• Company Overview
• CG vision and mission
• Infrastructure
• Achievements
• Product and services
• Operating Cycle
• Work to be appreciated
• Our suggestion

• The late Bhuramull Chaudhary having started his
business in a humble manner by importing fabrics from

• the first and largest modern departmental arcade in Nepal
with individual departments for ladies, gents, electronic
and household goods

• Today Chaudhary Group has over 40 Companies under its
umbrella and an investment outlay of over $1Billion

CG Foods (Nepal) Pvt. Ltd.
 CGFN is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and
formerly known as Nepal Thai Foods.

 established in 1984 in Kathmandu for manufacturing
instant noodles with a capacity of 120 packets per minute.

 increased its product portfolio to Extruded Snacks,
Potato Chips, Fried Snacks, Fruit Drinks, Chocolate
Enrobed Wafer and Broken Noodles popularly known
as Bhujiya.
Company Overview
• Established 2050 BS
• Started production 2052 BS from noodles
• CGFN1 Plant 20k Cartoon
• 50k cartoon per day
• Not able to fulfill the market demand
• Growth rate 35% rate per year
• Daily turn over 15 to 20 million
• Employee : Permanent 950 Nos
Temprorary 670 Nos

CG vision and mission
• Vision
• We strive to be a global leader in customer value. We
recognize and seize opportunities for growth that builds upon
our strengths and competencies.
• Mission
• Understand consumer insights and meet their needs with
safe, effective and world class products.
• Enhancing the value we deliver to our customers.
• Develop a lasting relationship with our customers.
• Recruit, develop, motivate and retain the best talents within
the country; recruit if need be from abroad and provide them a
challenging and demanding environment.
• Become globally competitive.
• Become the most admired company in Nepal.

• Production centers
– Ganga Devi Chaudhary Udyog Gram (CUG)
– FUDCO (Chaudhary Food Complex)
– STARLEC (Electronics Complex)
• Learning centers for training, workshop,
and conference.
• Diesel plant for the period of load
• Chaudhary Group has achieved various distinctions of
being the first in Nepal.
• No. 1 corporate house in Nepal
• 40 plus operating businesses with 6000 employees
• Annual turnover of more than $270 million
• 1
multinational company in Nepal
• 12 Global partners and associates
• Presence in more than 20 countries
• Wide network with 2000 distributors all over Nepal
• Recognition from Forbes Asia
• ISO 9002: The first food production company to be
awarded ISO 9002.

Product and services
Operating Cycle
Production Demand
Raw Materials
• Major Ingredients
• Wheat Flour
• Vegetables oil
• Chicken
• Salt
• Chilly
• Onion
• Garlic

• Tomato
• Cereal meal
• Cheese flavor
• Salt
• Anti oxidants
• Milk
• Flavors
• Soya sauce
• MSG(1%)

Production Process of Wai wai
• tie up with Thai foods
• 4 plant for noodles
• 50 thousands cartoons per day
• Separate plants for exporting products
Production Flowchart for Cheese Ball
Grit Mixing
Drum drying
Seasoning coating
Ball collection
Transfer of FG Store

Works to be Appreciated
highest ethical standards, fairness in every action

Processes, documentation and audit systems are in
place to ensure quality standards

Good team work and quality product.

Proper management of wastage.

Able to evaluate the issues and situation critically

• About 90% of local employee.
• quality test in every production phase
• Safety audit twice internally and once by
• CG plant for wastage management.
• Standby maintenance of machineries
• The Gyan Udaya scholarship was
established in 2008.
• In Nawalparasi, CG Medicare was
established where over 3000 patients are
treated every year.
• Established the Shree Lunkaran Das-Ganga
Devi Chaudhary Academy for Arts and
Literature in 1994.
• Internet networking for 6 community schools
in the hilly areas of NawalParasi.
• Chaudhary Group launched CG Operation
Drishti to facilitate eye care.

• Skill development programs through
• Helping local farmer to grow potato.
• Internet learning and research for students
in rural nepal.
• Infrastructure development of schools.
• Project Kasam ( Kalikot Sanitary
• Wai Wai U-19 Cricket tournament.

Our Suggestion
• Prepare for Disaster Recovery and drill
• Encourage local row materials.
• Use of safety Devices and tools.

• Any
Thank you