•Action/Adventure/Superhero •Features the protagonist - Spiderman, so we know what the comic is about •Text is limited to a small

masthead so we focus on the image, which dominates the page. •No USP, puff, pug or internet address because Marvel doesn’t need it since they are so well established •Doesn’t give away storyline. Only shows basic picture which could mean anything

• Uses two villains standing over the hero. Can tell they have injured Spiderman. This is highly subvertive • Most superhero characters are shown to be all powerful and never lose a fight. Goes against normal media codes and conventions • Makes Spider-man seem powerless. Very unusual especially since the 2 villains are women

• Target Audience probably male around 15-30 • Probably that age because of the connotations of the cover image • Open to be bought by most classes, races or religions • Not expensive but unlikely to be bought by pester power due to the target audience ages

•Spiderman- so we know as soon as we see him that it’s a Spiderman comic •Spiderman is lying on the ground with Black cat and Elektra (with exaggerated features) in a dominant position above himthis attracts the target male adolescent market •It looks like the 2 are fighting him (but consistent readers know that Black Cat is allied with him), makes us curious why she is in this position •Because of Spiderman’s mask we can’t see his expression, this keeps the image cryptic and prevents totally revealing the story to the reader •The connotations of Elektra’s calm expression is that she is not angry at Spiderman, so there's no actual conflict

•On the other hand it could connote her dominance over him being so much that she doesn’t see him as a threat, so Spiderman is in great danger •Black cat is in a more menacing stance with claws bared, so she looks more angry. Consistent readers know Felicia fancies Pete so she may be jealous of Pete’s attention to Elektra •There is also orange/brown. Both of these colours have warm and energetic connotations, which could be symbolic of fighting between them

•Both Spiderman and the Black Cat are the main characters, Elektra is on the cover because she is the main villain •It wouldn’t normally see the main villain on the cover but the narrative carries over many issues, so we already know about her •We see them all in their costumes because they are highly recognisable, most of all Spiderman’s bright red and blue. This is so the reader immediately knows what comic it is as they are browsing the shelf (if they aren’t a long term reader) •In most comics we would see the main protagonist (spiderman) in a dominant position or pose, and it’s even less likely to see females dominant over males because normally female characters are docile. However, Peter is a troubled teenager created to relate to real life teenagers who know women aren’t as simple as that

•The main colour is yellow, the semiotics of yellow are cheerful and energetic, like the sun •Yellow is very bright, this means it stands out and can be seen from a distance. As someone is looking along the shelf they are drawn to it •The font is sharp, connoting danger. This is the case both with fighting super villains and the danger of New York •The words other than “Spiderman” are smaller. This ensures the title doesn’t appear too long and bores the reader. It also places more emphasis on “Spiderman”

•The only font other than the tile is in the bottom right, advertising Panini comics. It is out of the way next to the barcode. It’s very small and vertical to minimise the space it takes. It’s small because they don’t want the reader to realise how much of an institutional impact there is