 Established in 1969.

 

of the top automobile & agriculture machinery manufactures in India. Today the group has approx. turn over of US Dollar 250 Million & an average growth rate of 30%makes it one of the fastest growing corporate in India. It employs about 2000 people & works on the Maxim of Low cost and Clean environment.

 ITL is manufacturing various Tractors of Sonalika brand.  ITL is one of the top five tractor selling companies in India.  ITL tractors are also exported to various countries including South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Canada etc.  entered into strategic alliance with YANMAR of Japan for joint manufacturing tractor in India.



 ITL’s quality control systems and R & D facilities are ISO 9001-2000 Certified.

 Process of Attracting the best Qualified individuals to apply for a given Job.

 MEHTODS – 1. Internal recruitment 2. External recruitment

 This refers to the filling of job vacancies from within the business - where existing employees are selected rather than employing someone from outside.  Internal vacancies are usually advertised within the business via a variety of media: • Staff notice boards • Intranets • In-house magazines / newsletters • weekly staff magazine devoted solely to advertising jobs within the organization! • Staff meetings


 This refers to the filling of job vacancies from outside the business (contrast with internal recruitment). Most businesses engage in external recruitment fairly frequently, particularly those that are growing strongly, or that operate in industries with high staff turnover  There are several ways of looking for staff outside the business. 1. Employment/Recruitment agencies 2. Head-hunters or Recruitment consultancies 3. Advertising 4. Job centres

Common Selection Process

Multiple hurdle model: eliminating some candidates

Compensatory model: a

at each stage of the selection process

Vs .

very high score on one type of assessment can make up for a low score on another. All candidates go through all selection procedures

Selection Methods
     Application forms Interviews Assessment center Psychometric test Peer assessments-

Objectives of the study
1. To examine the Organisation’s Strategies for Recruitment and Selection. 2. To study the current strategy and processes used to implement recruitment and selection in the organisation.

Research Study: Recruitment & Selection Strategies of ITL
I have done my this study in two distinct phases. 1. Formal discussion with HR Manager 2. Filling up a Questionnaire from HR Manager

Formal discussions
 HR manager provided me with background information regarding the organisation  Guided me the various Literature reviews for better understanding of the Topic.

1. What type of industry does your organisation participate in? 2. How would you rate the turnover of staff in your organisation? (please circle) • High • Medium • Low 3. Do you have more than one category or type of employee? If yes, please list.

- cont’d

4. Does the recruitment and selection strategy
differ for each category? 5. Who is responsible for recruitment & Selection in the organisation? 6. Do you have an Internet site? (please circle) Yes • No 6.1 If yes, do you use the Internet site for recruitment? • Yes • No

- cont’d
7. Do you have a requisition form for vacant or new positions? • Yes • No 8. Do you use job descriptions and/or duty statements? • Yes • No

- contn’d

8.1 How often are job descriptions reviewed? (please circle) • Not at all • Monthly • Every 3months • Every 6 months • Yearly • As position becomes vacant

- cont’d
         

9. Which of the following sources do you use for recruitment? (please tick)
Newspaper Internet Referrals University Notice Boards Word of Mouth Graduate Recruitment Services Executive Search Employment Consultant Recruitment Agency Other (please list)

- cont’d
10. If you advertise a position in the newspaper, what paper do you use? (please tick)  Local  Metropolitan daily  Suburban 11. Does the organisation have a policy regarding internal recruitment versus external recruitment?

- cont’d

12. What type of interview process do you use? (please tick)  Panel  One on one  Stress  Group  Video conference  Telephone interview  Computer-assisted interview  Other (please list) _________________________________

- cont’d

13. Do you have a specific room to conduct interviews in?  Yes  No 14. Do you have an orientation program?  Yes  No
15. Do you notify all applicants even if they are unsuccessful?

 Yes  No

thank you


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