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Lucian Thomaz da Silva

Market Competition
Importance of Information Technology
Technology adoption by small
Hard to adopt because of its costs

Hard to learn how to use

High costs and extra staff necessary for the maintenance
The use of Cloud Computing is appropriate to the
development of small business
Cloud Computing definition
The practice of using a network of remote servers
hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data,
rather than a local server
Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing for businesses

A case study of cloud computing adoption by a microenterprise

How to differentiate the business in this cloud computing platform
Evaluation of cloud computing for
Offers reliable and affordable technology

Allow companies focus on business, moving IT infrastructure
to specialized companies

Lower cost computers for company members

Not necessary to invest in powerful servers

Not necessary to buy license of software to each computer
Evaluation of cloud computing for
Reduce costs of cooling and power, new servers, and server administration
and management

Increase and reduce IT infrastructure according to economic situation

Infrastructure constantly updated
Evaluation of cloud computing for
Require constant high-speed connection

Concerns about the safety of the data stored in the cloud

Concerns in retrieving information if the cloud goes down
Adoption of cloud computing by a
Restricted Resources

Particularly interested in reliable and affordable technology
Adoption of cloud computing by a

Small company from New York

Run businesses with organic and health food

Owners have little experience with Information Technology

A website for the microenterprise would increase sales
Adoption of cloud computing by a

A customized functional website created by the owner

Only cloud-based tools were used (such as Google Checkout,
Weebly, Google Calendar)

No costs to set up the website

Owners excited about exploring new technology resources
How to succeed in cloud computing
Companies share same basic benefits from cloud computing

It is easy to replicate a business model

New strategies required to succeed
How to succeed in cloud computing
Only the use of cloud computing do not differentiate a company

Lack of appropriate knowledge during cloud adoption may be an obstacle

Importance of technical, managerial and relational capabilities
Benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing - benefits far outweight drawbacks

Benefits achieved by a microenterprise adopting cloud computing

How to differentiate a business in the cloud computing era
The conclusions are indeed supportive for cloud computing adoption
by small businesses.
Next steps:

Further researches involving enterprises from different fields

Case study to determine whether small businesses are able to successfully
apply principles to differentiate its business