2008 Board Development Training

Traction Advisory Board
2008 Development Training
March 30,2008 Derwin Dubose, Development Chair derwin.dubose@gmail.com

2008 Board Development Training

Our Fundraising Mission
Traction is developing an on-going development program that generates the funds needed to not only sustain the organizationally annually, but also lays the groundwork for long-term plans. It is the Board’s responsibility to create and sustain that program and realize that donors are not raised, but they are developed.

2008 Board Development Training

Outline of the Training
Overview of our Fundraising Plan Fundraising Resources and Time Allocation Some concrete proposals for your approval The “quick and dirty” on major giving One final word of advice QNA

2008 Board Development Training

Five Components to the Program
A Board Campaign
– 100% Board giving sets the tone for the organization.

Capacity Building
– Infrastructure building in 2008 will set the tone for the organization’s complete future. – Donor database, email, website, publications

2008 Board Development Training

Five Components to the Program
Grants and Strategic Partnerships
– The backbone of our funding sources

Major Gifts
– Defined previously as gifts above $100 – Sustains long-term organizational history

Grassroots fundraising
– Member contributions, pass-the hat,

2008 Board Development Training

Three Fundraising Resources
The only resource we can’t make more of! Where do we focus our attention?



Board, Donors, Traction Members, Volunteers

The money we bring in and the money we spend


2008 Board Development Training

$200,000  Financial Goal 

A New Model for Time Allocation
Grants and Strategic Partnerships Major Gifts
Events Grassroots Fundraising

Re tu rn tm in  on ve s en t

 ar Bo d/ af st ft im e


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2008 Board Development Training

Concrete Proposals
ED take lead on grants and strategic

– Board ensures support by recruiting volunteers to help with grants and sponsorships – Board assists ED when possible to submit grants – Explore ways the new staff can assist with grants and sponsorships

2008 Board Development Training

Concrete Proposals
Less resources going toward events and

grassroots fundraising
– Vital to programming, but low ROI for FR – Shift from reactive fundraising to proactive
• No staff/volunteer capacity for many FR events • Quality of product compromised

– Adapt a “less is more” approach to events
• August 31: House Party (Save the Date)

2008 Board Development Training

Concrete Proposals
Board takes the lead on capacity building
– Vital to the long-term success of the organization and essential to all aspects of fundraising – Donor database and email  – A new website – Fundraising publications (case statement, proposals)

2008 Board Development Training

Concrete Proposals
Board takes the lead on major giving
– Vital to the long-term success of the organization – Major donors stick around for a while – Grassroots donors become major donors over time if a good major giving infrastructure is in place – Learning experience for Board members’ professional development

2008 Board Development Training

Major Giving
Defined by Traction as

$100+ gifts Goal set at $40k this year

2 @ $5000 4 @ $2500 7 @ $1,000 11 @ $500 20 @ $250 30@ $100

= $10,000 = $10,000 = $7,000 = $5,500 = $10,000 = $3,000 Total = $40,000

2008 Board Development Training

Moves Management for Major Giving

Moves management is a series of initiatives or moves to develop each prospect's awareness of, knowledge of, interest in, involvement with, and commitment to the institution and its mission.

2008 Board Development Training

Moves Management Giving
Research and Identification Cultivation Solicitation Stewardship


2008 Board Development Training

Research and Identification
Who are our prospects?
– – – – – Friends and family Traction members Employers and coworkers Community leaders and elected officials Ideological partners (list shares and public lists)

Database entry and data management Assignment to major gift “officers”

2008 Board Development Training

Introduction to the prospect
– Phone call, email, referral, “bump”

Relationship building by assigned officer
– In-person advisory meeting – Personal invitation to Traction event

– Clear and concise website and materials

2008 Board Development Training

Person-to-Person solicitations with ED and

assigned officer

– In-person asks for 80-20 donors – Formal proposals for 80-20 donors – Phone and at-event asks okay for lower dollar

– Clear and concise website and professionally done materials (campaign plan)

2008 Board Development Training

Prompt personal acknowledgement of

donations (3 hits) Public recognition
– Website (prominent billing), publications – Giving societies, special events

Stewardship visits for large donors Get referrals to other donors

2008 Board Development Training

One Final Bit of Note
Traction needs a development staff person
– Coordinating major gifts, researching prospects, doing data entry, and planning events are four full-time jobs – We are limiting ourselves and losing continuity/efficiency by having volunteers drive and coordinate this process, as opposed to staff

2008 Board Development Training

How do you see yourself fitting into the

moves management process? What are your questions/concerns?