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NCTE Annual Convention

Friday, November 20, 2009

Strategies for K-12 Media Literacy in a Changing

Information Age

The confluence of popular culture
and my own identity
Was popular culture
‘low culture?’

What was the place of

media analysis in the
public school
Media literacy is literacy
 teaches the same
analytical methods as  in - school and out - of - school
traditional literacy literacies become one
 codes  Texting

 conventions  Facebook/ My Space
 audience  Surfing the web
 purpose
 Digital photography
 point of view
 persuasion  Television
 cause-and-effect  Film
 evaluation  Magazines
 structures  Graphic novels

 More !
How can I make such claims?

Here’s my argument:
The ubiquitous media make a profound

affect on our collective cultural

identity, and, when students consume,
interpret, and produce media messages,
they become more fully literate.

 This K-12 Media Supermarket will unveil
strategies for 21st century students to bridge
new and old literacies through:

 Blogging
 Photo Stories pseudonyms
 Wikis

 Each is a tool for learning and reflection.
 Each offers today’s youth a pathway to infuse
authentic youth life literacies into the public
school classroom.
 Each can serve as a bridge between the high
western canon, traditional school literacy
practices, and youth’s out-of-school literacies.
Pleasure + Consumption +
Production: Multimodal Projects

 Advertisement  Gallery display

 book  Graffiti wall
review  International
 American Memory newspaper survey
multimodal  Internet comic book
imagination  Music montage
 Blogs from beyond:
 Photographic slide
a superblog
 Body biography

Point of view plea
blogging, wikis, and photostories as tools for
learning and reflection

If you are able  , please open an internet

browser to the url:

W e ’ llsp e n d a b o u t 1 0 m in u te s
o n th is b lo g .
urls of interest
What is blogging?

Sample student artifacts

I created a student-centered blog called

"Society, Issues, Identity" which is
located at
Sample student artifacts that were
posted on our class blogs

These urls are two senior posts as responses to reading Conrad's Heart
of Darkness.

This url below points to a series of initial student comments as they

began to investigate and make meaning around an issue of interest to
Microsoft Photo Story 3
Several students in 2008-09 used the
opportunity to post on a blog to link
print, visual, audio, and digital texts
they composed, including Photo Stories
and Wordles.
Wikis fOurFathers

Flexible grouping and wikis

Wikis allow students to come together and share their wealth of
knowledge. Students in groups collaborate best when they divide and
share tasks and accept equal responsibility for the final project.
Ideas about ways that flexible groups can be most successful are
located on my teacher blog on the "Flexible grouping at the high
school level" post at

Sample student artifacts

Several students decided to collaborate in groups and create wikis
as their multimodal options. The following are their student
Supermarket #2: discourse analysis:

YouTube, the spoken word, and newspaper

comparisons via the internet

If you’re interested, bookmark the

following blog for additional ideas as
meeting the needs of new literacies in
the twenty-first century public school
Supermarket #3:
gender as a social institution

If you’re interested, bookmark

the following blog for
additional ideas as meeting
the needs of new literacies in
the twenty-first century
public school classroom.
(almost) Dr. Carolyn’s blog

I have an instructional blog this

year that I use to post assignments.
It is a central location where my
students --- in a time of flu and
extended absences ---- can retrieve
information from locations outside
the school campus.

www . drcarolynsblog . blogspot . com

Carolyn Fortuna
PO Box 206, Chepachet, RI