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Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.

~ William Wordsworth

What follows The Pictures
is a Selection of the Prizes
of Prize- are not the
Winning pictures of
Slogans in the actual
Commercial Prizes
Contests presented

I choose Kodak Film
, in capturing
Malaysia’s beauty,
Kodak’s Focus
is on quality.

The Slogan won a beautiful Condominium

along a Holiday Resort beach.
My new Moulinex will make my life easier because
what was chore, now allows time for so much more.

The Slogan won a Trip for Four to Hollywood

I use Holts and Turtle Wax Products because
,when put to the test, they outclass the rest – from engine
interior to gleaming exterior, making my car’s
performance superior.

The Slogan won a Ford Probe car. 5

California dates taste delicious because
,with warming sun and gentle breeze,
California grapes are picked to please.

The Slogan won a holiday for two in California

I would like to win the Raleigh Activator bikes because
, for comfort and style, they’re ahead by a mile.

The Slogan won four Raleigh bikes

Both the Renault Clio and Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut
Cornflakes are irresistible because
Kellogg and Renault grew to fame by putting
quality and taste behind their name.

The Slogan won a Renault Clio

HSBC’s Credit Card is definitely my choice because
,with minimum fuss, maximum speed, this Card has
ONE FORMULA I need – Worldwide Access Always Guaranteed

Jaguar S-Type V6

The Slogan won a Jaguar Car in a HSBC Contest

tied in with a Formula One Grand Prix 9
Wolsey is first choice for men because
Wolsey is the sock for all seasons and all reasons.

The Slogan won a Holiday for 2 to Switzerland 10

I would choose Shell Helix Motor Oil for my
Hyundai Lantra CD because
Motorway Miles, city crawl, a quality oil,
protects overall.

The Slogan won a Hyundai Lantra 11

I like Olympus Sports Stores because
in the race to please they win with ease.

The Slogan won a 1-Week Holiday for 2 in USA

ASDA adds power to my pocket because
,geared for great shopping the rest they outstrip,
programming more products than a silicon chip.

The Slogan won a Ford Capri Car

I feel MARS has always given me
the best value because
the three ingredients are consistent,
quality – quantity - economy

The Slogan won a Cash Prize of £30 000

San Francisco with Nabisco sounds like fun because
with GOOD BUYS from Nabisco,
it’s HELLO San Francisco

The Slogan won a week Holiday for 2 in San Francisco

I like what I buy to be longer lasting because…
my pleasure is doubled, my pocket less troubled.

The Slogan won a Volvo Car

I buy Jordan Toothbrushes at BOOTS because
they’re the fundamental pair
in my family’s dental care

The Slogan won a Family Holiday in Norway

A Diamond is forever because
it’s angled to perfection
to give a clean-cut reflection.

The Slogan won a trip to London

and choose a £2 000 Diamond 18
The End
May you find joy
and meaning
in your
Creative Writing

With Metta,
Bro. Oh Teik Bin