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Pre-Production and

Ahmed Mohamed Hassan
For the story board what it does is makes a completions of
scenes which can be used to make the different types of
scenes so the person could make
This will help me because I can create the scenes without
having to actualy waste time re shooting or having
discussions during the actual filming process which is vital
for the people filming as it would take too much time.
For the script it is absolutely important that it is made wether
or not the film has any dialogue or not the script must be
made to give any one a direction of the scene and so that
they can follow the scenes without little problem
For me this is highly important as it outlines the key aspects
of the scenes and somewhat explains the scenes as a set of
important instuctions like a recipe book.
For the shot list it is a set of details scenes which list out
almost every kind of shot used in each of the films it may
also vary as to containing a list the actors involved or even
the props used. This will have a large affect on how the
producers and directors view the film.
For me this type of document is another important matter to
be discussed by me and my group as it would allow us to
find any shot that seems to impair the viewing of out chosen
For the risk assessment this is more important than most of
the things that have been mentioned as this is in charge of
mapping out all of the safety hazards in the location which
has been chosen.
For this it will affect us in a important way as the health and
safety issues are dire as this would mean that the user can
find another way of making it harder for the actor with his
health and safety in problems.
The recces is a detailed response as to what the location is
when the people would film at the location and to how many
people would be there, it will also show the risk
assessments of the chosen mediums and can make sure
that the different types of assessments are taken to account.
For this to affect me what I would have to do in order make
sure that the health and safety issues are being addressed
or it would cause a large number amount of problems in the
For the Shooting schedule this would be made in order to show the crew to
when the shooting would begin and this would require a
large portion of time in order to find the time for all of the
members to be available for the chosen time or there may
be problems in the future.
For this I would have to consider a number of factors which
range such as having the different types of days and making
sure that all of the things
The treatment is an expansion of the script which outlines
the key parts of the film such as the camera angles,
dialogue and other factors. This would mean that it would
have a way of showing the different aspects of the film and
waste little time in its production.
It not absolutely necessary for me to create this however it
can assist me into making sure any other detail for the film
could be addressed and show how it can affect it all in a
different way.
The shot log is a list of nearly every single shot which has
been shown in the start to the end of the film and can be
used to address the story board as it is a collection of the
main shots in the sequence.
For me to create a show list it is highly important as it would
allow me to make a list of the shots available this would
mean that







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