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Athira T.S
Wireless communication is simply data
communication without the use of landlines.
This may involve cellular telephone, radio etc.
Since from the beginning of wireless
communications, there have been a number of
developments in each generation. Considering the
future generation of wireless communication i.e.;

To achieve the goals of true broadband cellular
service, the systems have to make the leap to a fourth-
generation (4G) network.
Most probable the 4G network would be a network
which is a combination of different technologies
(current cellular networks, 3G cellular network,
wireless LAN, etc.)
4G is intended to provide high speed , high capacity
and low cost

A STRATELLITE(25 times larger
than good year blimp) is high altitude
airship employed like a satellite for
remote sensing, communication.
STRATELLITES are positioned in
stratosphere approximately 13 miles
above the earth.

Stratellite can service a 3,00,000 sq mile
The initial stratellite
was 188 feet long, 60
feet wide & 42 feet
Outer layer is made of
spectra which is the fabric
used in bullet proof vests.
Filled with a mixture of
helium and air
Consists of:
Solar cells
Regenerative fuel cells
Helium gas bag
Hybrid electric motors

Inside layer is filled with
helium gas it is an inert gas
and is therefore not flammable
With this design, the helium
expands as the airship rises
forcing air out by propellers
and lifting the airship.
Uses solar cells sprayed on
their surface
to generate electricity.
The generated electricity
drives propellers that work
with GPS technology to keep
the stratellite stationary.

Stratellites will carry
over 20,000 pounds of
radars and other
equipments and
communication relays.
Stratellites decreases
signal latency.

Stratellites are far
cheaper to launch
and to maintain.
For country like us
two stratellites are
enough instead of
using thousands of

The Stratellite will allow subscribers to easily
communicate in "both directions" using readily
available wireless devices.
In addition to voice and data, the
telecommunications include cellular, 3G/4G
mobile, paging, fixed wireless and OTHERS.

May lead to traffic problems in stratosphere.
Would require efficient ground control and
Unlike with a satellite, a stratellite is at the mercy of
the weather.

Once the defects of Stratellites have been overcome and
becomes more reliable, they play a vital role in the future
generation wireless communication.
This is a promising technology that could combine the best
of Satellite and wired Internet - fast with low latency and
hugely widespread, at least in theory.
Stratellites provides the required facility
of wireless communication more
efficiently than the ordinary towers. They
minimize the cost of communication.