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Steve Jobs Biography

Made by Jonathan Cabrera

Birth and Adoption

• Steve Jobs was born

February 24, 1955 in
San Francisco,
California to an
American mother,
Joanne Carole Schieble,
and a Syrian father,
Abdulfattah John
• A week after birth he
was put up for
• He was adopted by
Paul and Clara Jobs
who gave him the
Childhood and Teenage years

• Since he was a boy, his

skills became so apparent
that he was allowed to skip
5th grade and go straight to
middle school.
• When he became 11 years
old he moved to Los Altos
that distinguished by its
great number of engineer’s
• At Homestead High, he
attended his first electronics
class and befriended Bill 14-year old Steven Paul Jobs

Fernandez, who shared his

passion for electronics.
• Fernandez happened to
Friendship between “the Two Steves”

• Although they met in

1969, a real friendship
between Steve and Woz
started developing a
couple of years later, when
Woz became a renowned
figure in the small world of
“phone phreaks”.
• They started selling “blue
boxes” that allowed to Steve Jobs (left) and
make AT&T’s international Wozniak (right) with a
“blue box”
calls for free, until it
started to become too
illegal to be safe.
College and his First Job

• After Steve finished High

School, he attended Reed
College in Oregon.
• His grades were extremely
• “After six months, I had no
idea what I wanted to do with
my life and no idea how
college was going to help me
figure it out, so I decided to
drop out”.
• It wasn’t before 1974 that
he got his first job at a young
video game company called
The Birth of Apple Computer
• At that time, Steve Wozniak was
working in the design of what would be
considered as the first PCs.
• Steve’s own interest in computer
design was limited, but he understood
that his friend’s current project was an
amazing feat of engineering.
• He started to get involved and after a
few months, he convinced Woz to found
a company to sell his computer.
• So, on April 1, 1976, Apple was born.
The name “Apple Computer” was
chosen because they hadn’t found
anything better and because it was
Steve’s favorite food.
Apple’s first logo
The Apple I

• Though their initial plan

was to sell just printed
circuit boards, Jobs and
Wozniak ended up creating a
batch of completely
assembled computers, and
entered the personal
computer business.
• The first personal
computer Jobs and Wozniak
introduced was called the
Apple I.
• The Apple I sold for
The Apple II

• In 1977, Woz started

working on the design of the
Apple II, which was a real
breakthrough due to its color
display, sound and
expandability. More than two
million were sold.
• At this time, Apple gave up
its old logo and adopted its
striped apple-with-a-bite logo.
• Apple became the company
of personal computers.
• In 1983, the Apple Lisa was
introduced, but wasn’t a
The Macintosh Project
• Steve, who owned $7.5
million of Apple stocks, was
worth $217.5 million by the
end of the day. He became
one of the richest self-made
men in America.
• However, Steve wanted to
be involved in the
development of Apple’s future
• By early 1981, Steve took
over the Macintosh project.
• He wanted the Macintosh to
be a PC “as easy to use as a
• 1984 saw the introduction of
the Macintosh, the first
commercially successful
Departure from Apple

• The first figures of Mac sales

looked very promising.
• However, the differences of
treatment between the former Lisa
group and the Mac group hurt the
• It all came to an end on Tuesday,
May 28, 1985. Despite his attempts
to convince board members, every
single board member voted his
• This was the beginning of one of
the darkest period in Steve’s life.
He didn’t know what would become
of him.
• After leaving Apple, Jobs
founded another computer
company, NeXT Computer.
• Like Apple's Lisa, the NeXT Cube
(launched 1990) was
technologically advanced, but was
never able to break into the
mainstream mainly owing to its
high cost and compatibility
• In January 1992, Steve decided
to react to the Cube’s miserable
sales by licensing its operating
system, but it failed too.
• On February 11, 1993, Steve
Jobs officially confirmed he had
given up and shut down NeXT’s
efforts in hardware.
• The story of Pixar began in 1985.
At the time, it was a little group of
almost 50 people who shared the
same common ideal: computer
• Steve decided to purchase the
company at $10 million to Lucasfilm
• The Pixar team made the short
films Luxo Jr. and Tin Toy that got
so popular that the latter won the
Oscar for best animated short film
in early 1989.
• Pixar started to gain more
attention from animation colossus
Disney. Steve signed a three-
picture deal, the first of which was
Toy Story.
• Everything went as planned, and
even better than that: Toy Story
was a critical success and earned as
much as $29 million in US box office
The Return to Apple
• During Steve’s absence, Bill
Gates used his privileged
relationship with Apple to steal
some of its latest technology
and develop a GUI of its own,
Windows; and soon became the
most popular OS.
• Apple’s marketshare fell down
to around 4%, making it an
almost small player in the
market it had created.
• They decided to purchase
NeXT on December 20, 1996,
bringing Jobs back to the
company he founded.
• On August 6, 1997, at
MacWorld Expo, an
announcement was made: Apple
was going to partner with its
New Beginnings
• Steve took many measures
in order to bring Apple back to
its glory and cut the number
of projects from 350 to a
• The first one was the Think
different campaign.
• But the best was yet to
come: the iMac. It was
unveiled on May 6, 1998. Its
revolutionary design made it a
stunning success.
• That design was also used
on the iBook with the same
• More importantly, it is in
January 2000 that Steve
showed the first glimpses of
Apple’s next generation
The iPod Revolution

• In the early 21st

century, a new age of
computing began: that
of the digital lifestyle.
• When the Napster
phenomenon erupted
in 2000, Steve asked
the iTunes team to
work on a new project,
a portable digital
music player.
• The iPod was
introduced to the world
on October 23, 2001
and could carry “1,000
songs in your pocket”.
Personal Life
• Jobs married Laurene Powell on
March 18, 1991 and has had three
children with her.
• He also had a daughter named
Lisa Brennan-Jobs with Chris
Brennan, whom he did not marry.
•One of the most difficult episode
of Steve’s life occurred in the
midst of the turnaround of his
very busy career.
• On 2004, he was diagnosed with
cancer. His doctors told him that
it was incurable. Later, he had a
biopsy where the doctors found it Steve talking about his
personal experience with
was a very rare form of death
pancreatic cancer that is curable
with surgery.
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