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Internacional Marketing

Catuaba - Ibiza
Catuaba - Ibiza
Why Catuaba

Brazil is known - development of plant species with unique characteristics. The export-based drink made Catuaba can be
seen as an opportunity because there is NO product that could be considered direct competitors.

Ibiza and facing the audience with high incomes. This choice is due to the fact that this particular region, is chosen by
young high-class looking for fun in a different way.

The new market focus will give more prestige to the brand, and international exposure can even change the design of
pre-formulated product in the internal environment with regard to its lack of prestige.

Being a product with low added value, the upper middle class
has a negative view of it. Cost - (from $ 5.00 a liter)
May be substituted for wine, which has similar characteristics.
The wine itself offers a higher value-added and some brands,
are usually consumed by the public middle and upper class.
Similar products such as flavored vodka have good
acceptance in the international market
Considered the existence of non-tariff barriers to exports of
manufactured products. It may pose some difficulties to the
marketing of products imported into the European market.

There is no product with features entirely similar, the non-tariff
barriers pose a risk with regard to product characteristics, and
may be barred from the industry protectionism as whiskey,
vodka and local wines.

Plant aphrodisiac - treatment for impotence, agitation,
nervousness, pain, weakness, poor memory or
forgetfulness. Catuaba functions as a stimulant of the
nervous system.

Widely sold in festivals and concerts, the consumption by
young people from lower and middle class is growing every

Advantage over its domestic competitors and their
product can improve and optimize its production capacity.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Environmental Analysis - Spain
Why Spain - Conditions, Political, Economic, Legal, Competition, Social and

The largest trading bloc in the world

As a non-essential consumer goods to the population, consumption of imported alcoholic beverages declined due to
the problems created by this crisis.

It will require specific documentation or invoices to accompany all international shipments, which allow authorities to
monitor and ensure payment of taxes

Catuaba as domestic competitors, it can be considered low-quality wines and Jurupinga.Energy drinks are also
considered competitors. External competitive market - premium vodka and whiskey.
The new generation, also known as health generation, has given preference to drink as natural as possible.

IBIZA - the island has seen in tourism its main source of income, which allowed a higher than expected economic
growth for their traditional resources (fisheries and agriculture). Its busy nightlife of the island has one of the main
meeting points of young high-class looking for nights of intense excitement. The months between June and
October are considered high season, where most popular DJs in the world are presented in various
nightclubs in the city. Many of them choose to Ibiza town to promote their latest releases.

Catuaba - Ibiza
Determination of goals


1. The immediate intention is to enter into some tasting Catuaba strategic nightclubs in Madrid.

2. The public are the Class A and B that can attend the best and most renowned nightclubs in Madrid.

3. The disclosure will be made in these first Nightclubs, for about a period of six months.

Short Term

4. After that period of six months of tasting clubs will enter the tasting in the high summer season in Ibiza.

5. Where we see a great opportunity to showcase the brand because it is frequented by young people from all countries.
During this period, the island of Ibiza receives over 500 000 young people.

Medium Term

6. Having done all this by passing Nightclubs in Madrid and have also introduced the drink in high summer season in Ibiza, we
will begin to introduce the drink in other cities in Spain, where it has a large concentration of young and nightclubs.

Long Term

7. After reaching the audience of Spain's intention is to enter the main European countries like Germany that has a large
audience for consumption, Finland, France, England, Holland, Ireland, Italy and Portugal.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Selection of Market
Segment Size

The segment for this type of drink is unique because as it is a tropical drink, focused for people who like to enjoy the nightlife, is
not adequate, so far, trying to insert Catuaba in other niche markets.

Potential Growth

The growth potential of this drink is much like that of most alcoholic products on the market, once known by the public and brand
positioning strategies and set the drink becomes part not only of clubs and discos, but also private parties such as birthdays
and other celebrations that our customers will realize.

Potential Competition

Our competition can be analyzed in two ways, first by the sector to which we belong, the alcohol, competing with products like
vodka, whiskey, beer, wine, and so on. Or the second type of drink that we are offering, without a single drink compared to other
types of beverages sold in clubs, nightclubs, bars and supermarkets in Europe.

Compatibility and Feasibility

Here in Brazil the beverage serving different classes. The idea is to export the concept to create a beverage of which possess very
different in Brazil. The project is extremely important since changing the concept of the drink in a place in which it does not
exist, and considering the current price of it, and the price at which to introduce market first, promises a good profit

Target Market Selection

A selection of our target market at this time of insertion in the European market is the audience in the ballads of Spain, Ibiza
mainly because that audience is coming from different neighboring countries with a good amount to spend, and an extreme
desire to prove things new.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Insert the product on the market
Period for Public Presentation

The intention is that the product has been marketed in the high summer season in Ibiza, which occurs from July to
September. The product presentation to the public will occur before the target period, starting in the high-season winter of
2011 Spanish from the New Year 2010/2011.

Presentation to the Public

The public presentation will start the festivities of New Year's Eve 2010/2011 in nightclubs in Madrid, where most of the
audience, who ends up attending the high summer season usually goes from Ibiza.

Ads will be deployed in specific vacancies for this in the bathrooms of bars and night clubs most sought by the target
audience of the region, which attract the classes A and B.

Models will be employed in bars and nightclubs in Madrid hottest offering small doses as tasting for potential customers who
are in these places.

The intention is to show the public that the drink is energy is energy can provide both night and during the day, so to speak
or consume it and be connecting the whole night until dawn.

The product will also be promoted by radio stations most listened to electronic music in the city of Madrid, highlighting the
presentation and selling in large scale from July 2011 in Ibiza.

The bottle will be changed, no more plastic, but glass, with a unique and innovative design, as major brands of vodka sold
There would need to also change the slogan on the label and because the audience will not be pleased by the current, which
is a bit of profanity in this audience.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Product Presentation
Indirect Exports

Concept: Operations indirect export is the sale of export products, which come from industrial or commercial establishment
for trading companies, trading companies or any company authorized to operate foreign trade, addressed.
Operation with the suspension of the IPI, in accordance with Article 42, and the non-ICMS.

Direct Export

Concept: A direct export is the operation in which the exported product is billed by the producer to the importer, this type of
operation requires knowledge of the company's export process in all its extension.
As we are starting a business in hitherto unprecedented in the target country, we prefer for safety reasons we started this
whole market with the trading companies.

Trademark License Agreement

The parties have identified, among them, agreed and a License Agreement for Use of Marks, which is governed by the terms
and conditions of price, form and term of payment

Price: Will be sent abroad with a profit margin of 80% on customs valuation, so you can keep the product at the desired level,
classes A and B.

Form / Term of payment: We will use, at first, CAD (Cash Against Documents), so we can back up both in as back-up for
buyers in Spain. In a second time after the initial contact and business growth, increasing mutual trust between exporters
and importers, we may use the payment term from 60 to 90 days after shipment.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Growth strategy
The growth strategy will be based on feedback during the summer season in Ibiza, so you can examine the front
lines to increase sales in European countries.

At first, post-launch sales will be mitigated in Madrid, in nightclubs and specialty shops, which can reach more
people, continuing with the action of overt marketing and advertising in specific places.

Trying to put people on the idea of a new and innovative product with unique tropical characteristics, sales in the
second time will be extended to other major Spanish cities such as Barcelona.

Bearing in mind that Madrid is one of the nightlife capitals of the
world, it is believed that the product will gain prominence elsewhere in
consequence of its sale in the Spanish capital.

Sales will be expanded to other capital known for its nightlife and
homes that appeal to young people in classes A and B, such as
Milan, Prague and Berlin.

The intention is to undertake a "frontal attack" in major European
countries, reaching the public, both tourist and local, in places like to
attend - clubs, festivals of electronic music and the annual
regional parties.
Catuaba - Ibiza
Market Analysis
New Customers

Try it will, after reaching a younger
audience of high income, achieve the
previous generation, trying to seek the
parents of this generation. With new
marketing strategy, to recast such a
detailed study will be worked on this
new and future audience.
The other classes will come in finding
the product because often what the
upper classes do and consume serve
as "inspiration" for the less affluent. So
once you have the audience reached
classes A and B, will be the
consequence of the product is sought
by the lower income classes.

Current Customers

As the product is not
marketed abroad, there are
no customers present in the
audience. Today's customers
are mainly class C and D in
Brazil, some may appear
between the class B and few
between Class A.

Catuaba - Ibiza
Market Analysis
Current Products
There is no similar product currently on the market target. For the alcohol
content and product placement, you can put it as a match for Vodka and
Whisky. The public that will be achieved with marketing the product in
Spain, the brands of vodka Ciroc will fall in competition.

Current Customers
As the product is not marketed abroad, there are no customers present in
the audience. Today's customers are mainly class C and D in Brazil,
some may appear between the class B and few between Class A.

Current Markets
Currently, the product has only market in Brazil is not exported to any
other country. The product has sales networks in most super markets for
the public launch.

Current Thread
The product currently has only one segment, which is sold on the market.
Once exported, you have the export version, which will also be sold on
the domestic market, better packaged and better produced, having a
quality control process required by the target audience abroad.

Country Current
Currently, the product is only sold in Brazil

Current Brands
There are some famous brands (Wild, Powerful, and Lincoln) that are
currently vendita, but that will be added when a new start to be exported.
New Products
Once it reaches the desired level of increased sales abroad, there will be
a need for innovation in the product. So there will be the inclusion of new
products adjacent to the principal, with some gaps, and the alcohol
content, flavor or even the packaging - with the possibility of making small
bottles for personal consumption.

New Markets
The target market is currently Europe, targeting initial Spain, and later
other countries. Once the product gets featured in the old continent, the
Americas, and even Brazil will turn to the product, because the emphasis
in European countries is the basis for entry in other markets.

New Threads
In the short to medium term, the product will have little variation in the
segment, being altered only in packages and the creation of associated
products, which is the main base. In the long run if it detects a chance to
break into new product markets, will examine the possibility.

Emerging Countries
As mentioned above, the initial intention is to reach European countries to
eventually reach America.

New Brands
No new brands are created in a first moment, only new product
formulations, changing similarly to the world famous brand Johnny
Walker, with something akin to "Labels" possessing.

Catuaba - Ibiza
International Marketing Mix
4 - A


4 - C


4 - P


4 - B


Catuaba - Ibiza
International Marketing Mix
Best, Good business, Stock, Bomber
Catuaba - Ibiza
International Marketing Mix
Superior, Benefits, Action and Reaction
Catuaba - Ibiza
International Marketing Mix
Solution Cost, Convenient, Interactive Communication
Catuaba - Ibiza
Evaluation and controls
Market Share
In Brazil, Catuaba's most famous brands (Wild, Powerful, and Lincoln) jostle for space on the
market with various drinks, such as cheap wines, vodkas, cognacs, whiskeys and other cheap
drinks without quality. In the last decade gained enough space in the lower classes in age from 18
to 25. But even his biggest audience, yet it is forbidden to sell for over 18 years, one aged 15 to
18 years.

Mind Share
Being a much cheaper and take up markets class C, D and E, its share-of-mind is not very good.
The concept of this drink is linked to its high alcohol content compared to its main competitor,
which is of low quality wine, and taste a bit sweeter than traditional sweet wines. Porting
customers call the drink to the fact that it is easier to drink in large quantities and cost less.

Heart Share
A positive brand image in consumers' minds is one of the devices forming the share-of-heart.
Thus, as the brand has not identified loyal customers for reasons of quality but on price, the
concept of Drink Catuaba is still connected to the lower class and poor-quality drink. To achieve
this effect change will be made a communication strategically well thought out and constructed to
enable the consumer to understand that this product actually represents a difference to others
Catuaba - Ibiza
The model of the package will be directed
to the export-glass, with the product name
and the outline map of Brazil and the
phrase "The amazonic Purple Drink",
which will sustain the marketing

On the label, as well as the most popular
beverage by the target audience in the
world, there will be a brief product
description, telling of the myths that the
environment and its production in Brazil.

Catuaba - Ibiza
Catuaba - Ibiza


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