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Learn How to Use the System
Your Profile
The profile
contains your
information and
other important
data that you
provide us with in
your sign up form.
Please be as
accurate as
possible while
filling in all the

Writers Profile
Provide us with required info
We provided writers with
possibilities to edit some pieces
of personal info and account
settings, add necessary samples,
scans of documents, diploma,

In order to change something in
your personal data use Edit,
Save and Upload buttons.

Be aware that particular
information cannot be modified,
e.g. TRUSTED EMAIL can be
changed under no conditions.
The 'Email' can be changed by
support representatives only in
case your Trusted Email is
Verification is important
Make sure you enter all your phone numbers in the international
format. If you give incorrect numbers or do not give any numbers at
all, your account might be terminated due to an inability to contact
Types of orders in the system
Available orders (1) section shows all the orders available for you that our
company has at the moment. In this section you can view and take the order you
want to work on. Next to Available orders (1) in the menu you can see Active
orders (2) and Closed orders (3) sections. Active orders (2) are those which are
currently being prepared by a writer. Closed orders (3) include all orders completed
by you during the whole period of our collaboration.
The Available orders list is
very easy to view and
navigate. In brackets you can
see the number of all orders
currently available on the
The details of an order can be
viewed by one simple click.
You can also use an Expand
all button.

There is a Hide order button
for your convenience. You are
welcome to use it if you
consider the order to be off
your expertise. To view all
hidden orders tick the
relevant field in Filters.
Available orders
Receive Compensation
Taking an Order Process
new messages, news
available orders
order details
an order
Upload completed order
before the deadline
Taking an Order Process
Step-by Step Tutorial
Step 1. Login to the site. If you dont remember you login/ password,
check your email box and find an Approval Letter containing this
information. Otherwise press forgot password on
the site.

Step 2. After you logged in, check if you have any new messages in
the system. Click Inbox section in the upper menu to check your
messages first. Also, make sure you scroll down and read company
news in the News section.

*If you have already taken any orders, refer to the Active orders
section in the upper menu to view order deadline and details. (see
pic.1 on the next page)

Step 3. Click on Available orders tab in the upper menu and search
for orders. (see pic.1)
Click to
browse for
Check for
Read the
Picture 1
Taking an Order Process
Step-by Step Tutorial
Step 4. When you open the Available orders tab, pay attention to
the Filters block on the right-hand side.
You can sort orders by subjects, order types and labels. Besides you can specify
the number of pages and expected total price as well as time remaining
appropriate for you. (see pic.2)

Step 5. Once you see an order that appeals to your interest, click on it to view
the details:

check on the order deadline
check on requested writing style
read the description of the order carefully
check on additional uploaded files (see pic.3)
take a look at required sources (see pic.3)
Choose the sorting
Picture 2
Order Labels
While you browse through available orders pay attention to the following

F First Client order - the first order from a new customer. Be very attentive
with this order as you need to gain the clients trust to be able to receive
personal orders from him in the future.

PO Personal order - in case you are chosen as a preferred writer by a

CR Critical order - an order that has a short deadline

HV High Value order - an order with a high compensation

MS My Subject order - an order that matches your indicated subject
Taking an Order Process
Step-by Step Tutorial
Step 6.
If you would like to take the order but you notice some discrepancies,
refer to the Report a Problem option. By pressing the relevant button on
the order be ready to specify a problem you have noticed select from the
given list.
Kindly note that support representatives will be informed about all problems
you mention except the Specific sources problem (see pic. 3.1). By choosing
it you will send a direct message to your client with particular sources

If you need additional time for the order completion press Request
deadline extension below. (see pic.3)

Step 7.
Press Take order button when you are ready to take an order. Please
remember that you can cancel the order without any penalties only within 5
minutes after taking it.

Picture 3
Picture 3.1
Messaging System
You can easily communicate with clients and support representatives via Inbox
section in your profile. It has an appearance of an average mail box with similar
navigation and options. Use the Compose message button in order to create a
message (see pic 4)

Before you compose a message choose Yes if it relates to a particular order and
No if it is of general character. Kindly note there are different types of messages
you can create (see 4.1).

First of all, they are divided according to a recipient (client/support). Secondly,
there is a division by reason: you have to specify the topic among the giving
options, e.g. if the message is addressed to QA Dept you choose Individual
conditions, Other or Probation concern. It is also possible to attach files to your
messages if needed. See an example on pic 4.1
Picture 4
Inbox section
Picture 4.1
Inbox section
Check your earnings

You can check your pending or processed payment in My Earnings. This report
allows you to view all your payments for the selected period.

Example (see pic 5): to view the payments for October 15th - 18th, find the line
with mentioned dates in the 'Payment period' column. Find the amount to be
paid in column "To be paid".
Make sure there is no notice "No scheduled payment" on the right.

You can view the payment status on the right side from Payment period, by the
Question mark.
Picture 5
Do not hesitate to ask questions
We believe that healthy working
environment can be characterized by
constant learning. That is why all our
writers are always welcome to ask
questions concerning hazy issues they
might have during Order process or
System navigation.

Our HELP section is created for you. If
some questions remain unanswered,
contact us via:

- Messages
- Chat/Billing Chat
- Email
- Telephone
- Skype

Thank You!
Choose one of the options to move further:

Visit HELP to learn more

View the list of Available Orders to take an order

Kindest regards, Team