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It is a general term for the assembly of all

suspension parts, which together support
the coach body at the two ends. It
includes the structural frame, wheels,
axles & bearing, suspension links and
springs ctc.
ICF All Coil Bogie - Special Features
1. Weight of the bogie - 6.2 Ton
2. Speed Cleared for 140 KMPH
3. Wheel Base 2896 mm

4. Bogie Frame - Box Type Head Stock &
Sole plate made of T Section
5. Wheel Diameter 915 mm (New) 813
mm (Cond.)
6. Brake Clasp Type
7. Braking System Air Brake
8. Type of Bearing at Journal Spherical
Roller Bearing
9. Suspension - Two stages (Primary &
(a) Primary Suspension Coil Spring with
dash pot arrangement.

(b) Secondary Suspension Coil Spring
on lower spring beam through hangers
with vertical shock absorber.
10. Axle guidance Rigid
11. Coach load transfer 100% through
side bearer.
12. Traction & breaking load transfer
Through centre pivot
Main Parts of Bogie
1. Side Bearer.
2. Bolster Spring Upper Plank
3. Centre Pivot Bottom Casting with Silent
Block .
4. Bolster Spring
5. Bolster Spring Lower Plank
6. B.S.S Hanger (Stirrup Link)
7. Hanger Block
8. B.S.S Hanger Pin (Stirrup Link Pin)
9. Bogie Frame
10. Hydraulic Dash pot with Axle Guide
11. Primary Spring
12. Anchor Links with Silent Block
13. Equalizing Stay Rod
14. Vertical Shock Absorber
15. Brake Rigging Arrangement
- Bogie Leverage Non AC 4
AC 5.5

Bogie Frame to be Checked
a) Any member of Bogie frame cracked, damaged
or welding failed.
b) Bolster spring upper plank cracked or broken.
c) Bolster & Primary safety bracket cracked or
d) Bolster spring suspension link broken or its pin
or stone broken or deficient.
e) Any parts of side bearer assembly cracked or
f) Lower spring plank rusted, cracked or broken.
g) Anchor link broken or its pins deficient or free to
h) Equalizing stay cracked, broken or deficient.
i) Vertical Shock Absorber deficient or its securing
bolts, nuts or split pin deficient.





Surface should be
Check for Porous
Wearing piece for side
Weight of Coach body is transferred to the bogie by
side bearers. The side bearer arrangement consist
of machined steel wearing plate immersed in an oil
bath and a floating bronze wearing piece with a
spherical top surface kept in it, on both sides of the
bogie bolster. The coach body rest on the top
spherical surface of these bronze wearing pieces
through the corresponding attachments on the
bottom of the body bolster. The whole arrangement
is provided with a cover to prevent entry of dust in
the oil sump.
1. Oil Bath
2. Approved Brand of Oil Qty 02 Lts.
(Servoline -100 of IOC, Yantrol 100 of HPC, Bharat Univol 100 of BPC)
3. Wearing Plate
4. Wearing Piece

New Condemn
Wearing Plate 10 mm 8.5 mm
Wearing Piece 45 mm 42 mm
Oil bath is welded with bolster spring upper plank also called
bottom side bearer. Top side bearer is welded with body
under frame.
Wearing Piece
Wearing Plate
Oil Bath
Objective- To control vertical damping Axle
box guides are of cylindrical type welded to
the bottom flanges of the bogie side frame
with close dimensional accuracy. These
guides together with lower spring seats
located over the axle box wings, house the
axle box springs and also serve as shock
absorbers. These guides are fitted with guide
caps having nine holes of diameter 5 mm
equidistant through which oil in the lower
spring seat passes under
Axle Guide
Pressure during dynamic oscillation of coach and
provide necessary damping to primary suspension
to enhance better riding quality of coach. This type
of rigid axle box guide arrangement eliminates any
longitudinal or transverse relative movement
between the axles and the bogie frame.
The quantity of oil required to achieve 40 mm oil
level above the guide cap in modified arrangement
is approximately 1.6 liters and in unmodified
arrangement is approximately 1.4 liters. As it is not
possible in open line to distinguish between
modified and unmodified arrangements, 40 mm oil
level is standardized for both.
Dash Pot Assembly
Axle Box Seating Arrangement into
the Dash Pot step by step.
1. Axle Box Wing
2. Lower Rubber Pad
3. NFTC Packing
4. Dash Pot
5. Compensatory Ring
6. Primary Spring
7. Iron Ring
8. Upper Rubber Pad
9. Dash Pot Cover (Protection Tube)
10. Oil (Servoline 150)
11. Axle Guide
12. Sole Plate (Axle Guide welded to sole
13. Under Axle Guide cap ( Nine holes)
14. Upper Axle Guide one hole & Air Vent

Parts Of Axle Guide.
1. Guide
2. Guide Cap
3. Guide Bush
4. Circlip
5. Rubber Packing Ring
6. Guide Ring
7. Dust Shield
8. Axle Guide Spring

Important Data of Axle Guide.
Axle Guide
Non Modified
Axle Guide
(a) Oil Level Height Above Guide
40 mm 40 mm
(b) Oil Level Height Below Guide
92.5 mm 66.5 mm
(c) Guide Cap Thickness 10 mm 13 mm
(d) Total Height ( a + b + c) 142.5 mm 119.5 mm
Total Oil required 1.6 Lts 1.4 Lts
Free Height of Oil Level before
104 mm 88 mm
Axle Guide Cap Welded Threaded
Items to be Examined of Dash Pot
a) Check upper & lower rubber washer / pad for
b) Hydraulic dash pot & dash pot cover
c) Leakage of oil from dash pot
d) Air vent screw loose or deficient
e) Axle box wing / lug broken or cracked
f) Compressed or broken primary spring
NB: At the time of examination ensure proper
tightness of the air vent screw.