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Choosing Brand Elements to

build Brand Equity

What are Brand Elements?
 Brand elements are those trademarkable
devices that serve to identify and
differentiate the brand
Why are brand elements so
carefully chosen?
 Enhance brand awareness
 Facilitate brand associations
 Elicit positive judgments and feelings
Criteria for choosing brand
 Memorable  Transferable
– Easily recognized – Within/across categories (Line
– Easily recalled and Brand extensions)
– Across geographies/cultures
 Meaningful (Non-meaningful names like
– Descriptive (Product category) Exxon translate well) (Nova)
– Persuasive (Attributes and  Adaptable
benefits) – Flexible
 Likable – Updatable
– Fun/interesting  Protectable
– Rich imagery – Legally
– Aesthetically pleasing – Competitively (Should not be
easily copied)
Brand elements
 Name
How is this for a name?

Very popular outlet in Kanpur. Shown in Bunty aur Babli

Or these names?
 MTV ‘Bakra’
 Soul Fry
 Coke
“Any name can be used….”

Provided that there is a consistent

effort over time to give meaning to
this name….

Savour this….
“…. curiously, history teaches that the choice of succesful
brand names owes more to intuition, misplaced belief and
naivety than to meticulous strategic planning”

(SONY, Volkswagen)

Barrie Blake Coleman “Brand Names & Product Dynasties”

The Frooti dilemma
The Pizza Hut dilemma?
The Pizza Hut dilemma?
Brand Naming Guidelines
 Brand awareness
– Simplicity and ease of pronunciation and
– Familiarity and meaningfulness
– Differentiated, distinctive, and
Brand Naming Guidelines
 Brand associations
– The explicit and implicit meanings
consumers extract from it are important.
In particular, the brand name can
reinforce an important attribute or benefit
association that makes up its product
Brand Naming Procedures
 Define objectives
 Generate names
 Screen initial candidates
 Study candidate names
 Research the final candidates
 Select the final name
Brand elements
 Logos & Symbols
Also called Symbols
Brand elements
 Numbers (Maruti 800, Levi’s 501, James Bond
007, Nokia 1100)
 Packaging
Brand elements
 Sound: Harley Davidson
Brand elements
 Sensation:Dettol - ‘burning’ sensation and smell
 Slogan (Connecting people, Kuch meetha ho jaye)
 URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – Domain name e.g.
 Spokespeople
 Jingles
Putting It All Together
 The entire set of brand elements makes up
the brand identity, the contribution of all
brand elements to awareness and image
 The cohesiveness of the brand identity
depends on the extent to which the brand
elements are consistent
 Strategic
Brand Management by Kevin
Lane Keller. Chapter 4