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How to defend a castle

By: Tashin Naidoo, Kyle Erwin and
Dhivash Bridglal
Castle layout and structure
The moat surrounding our castle has been structured specifically to accommodate
for wooden stakes, which have been strategically placed under the water. This
will act as an element of surprise and sink ships attempting to enter our
territory, by piercing their boats, thus, creating holes.
In the event that our moat is poisoned, we will have bountiful reserves of water, as
well as a well.
It is a strong possibility that our attackers would attempt to starve us out of our
castle, by depleting us of our food and water sources. During the time of the
siege, we plan to grow foods within the boundaries of the castle. We plan on
having beehives, herb gardens, fruit trees, vegetable patches and fish ponds in
order to obtain food. Should for some reason we have a shortage of food, we
plan on creating tunnels to hunt for game on the outside of the castle. This,
however, is a very risky option.
Defence has been split into the following categories:
1. Mind games
2. Weaponry and retaliation
3. Spread of disease

Mind games
In order to confuse and “screw around” with our opposition, we have devised a
plan that involves the use of mind games. We plan to arrange “dummies or
mannequins” dressed in battle armour and arranged at guard posts to
intimidate our opposition and make them feel weak and worthless. They will
feel vastly outnumbered and this will encourage them to give up. We also plan
to launch food over the walls to indicate that we have masses of food and are
not going to starve.
The curtain walls of our castle are 15 feet thick. These walls will contain arrow slits
which will allow us to shoot and hopefully kill our enemies. Five guards will be
stationed at each D-shaped wall. The guards will follow a “shift” system where
guards are rotated so that everyone is given a chance to recuperate, ensuring that
the guards are able to be focused and alert. Our weapon catalogue consists of:
catapults, bow and arrows, crossbows, guns, cannons, and the use of murder holes.
Catapults would be covered in sand and wet animal hide to prevent them from
being burnt. Boulders as well as diseased livestock and humans were used as
catapult ammunition. Scorching hot oil and sand were poured down the murder
holes to scald the opposition to death.
In order to intimidate our enemy, we planned to not only catapult objects
to physically hurt them, but also mentally hurt them. We plan to
catapult diseased animal and human corpses. This will not only scare
the opposition, but also increase the chance of their people becoming
infected with disease. Diseases such as Dysentery and Typhoid fever
will be spread through the catapulting of contaminated food and faecal
infested water. Leprosy and Influenza will be transmitted through the
contact of dead, diseased people.