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Can the Krupa Arogya Suraksha health insurance scheme be

made viable ?

PARTICULARS 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
Total Receipts 2289640 3546102 4826799
Total Payments 2586797 3858647 5519508
Deficit amount in INR -297157 -312545 -692709
Deficit in % 11.49 8.1 12.55
Revise subscription fee (annual and one time fee)
Every two year as per inflation
Include transportation cost in fees- as promotion scheme
Target premium rural segment with increase cover
Launch family plan- segment according to family size
Head of family more concerned about family than himself
Tie up with industries in Kheda and Anand districts (on-site risk cover)
Increase penetration in educational institutes (40,000 student population)
No exclusion clause in pre-existing diseases should be modified
Atleast two years from date of subscription in case of pre-existing disease

Promotional scheme
Increase health checkup camps in colleges and industries
Increase spending on direct selling- agents, telemarketing
Word-of-mouth publicity should be encouraged
New schemes for industries and educational institutes
Awareness programme in haat, melas and village demonstrations

Improve renewal rate(49%)
Increase renewal lapse period- atleast three months
Concentrate on five major taluks- Anand, Petlad, Nadiad, Borsad and Thasra (highest
worker population)
2. Does the design of the product (scheme) suit the lower-
income segment in the area? What additional features could be
included to make the product more attractive?
60% farmers and laborers.
86% customers annual income below Rs.10,000.
Enrolment increased triple from 14000 (2005) to 43000 (2009) exhibit 7
Exhibit 13, Outpatient 45% and Inpatient 59% are either farmer or
Include Transportation cost
Include Ambulance charges
Promote food grain contribution scheme
3) Would a better promotional strategy help increase
Increase awareness about health insurance benefits.
sufficient information to enable the consumer to understand what is being offered and the risks
Promotional schemes for industries would help to increase enrollment.
There is negative perception about insurance companies- promotions would help to clear doubts
Set up of medical Camps
Free checkups in remote areas atleast once or twice in a month.
Direct selling would help to address local issue and would help to somehow customize our products
Word of mouth publicity would help in building trust and confidence

Promotional strategy