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Audience research

Our Surveys results

Number Of Participants
15-20: 30 people
21-25: 2 people
3% 8% 26-30: 2 people
31-35: 1 person
36-40: 1 person
40+: 3 people


• Our first question asked the participants how

old the were, holding a massive 76% the
15-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41+
majority of participants were aged from 15 –
20 years old. This may have had an affect on
the other results as younger peoples views
on films normally differ to adults. Therefore,
the demands of both groups may differ.
Male to Female ratio
Male: 30
Female: 9



• As most of the participants came from a

males college, it is normal that 3/4 ‘s of the
participants are male. This again may
Male Female cause an affect on the results of other
questions as males and females usually
prefer different types of film especially as
these surveys were taken by more younger
people than anyone else, younger males
may prefer genres like action, or superhero
stories, whereas females tend to prefer the
romance genre.
Most enjoyed Genre of Film
Thriller: 13
Comedy: 21
4% 4% 17% Drama: 2
Horror: 11
Action: 17
Romance: 3
Fantasy: 7

• As I am personally not a fan of the comedy
9% 3% genre, I am quite surprised and shocked that
most the participants enjoyed this genre, it is
even more striking that they preferred this
Thriller Comedy Drama Sci-fi Horror Action Romance Fantasy genre over the action and thriller genres,
perhaps they are less adventurous when it
comes to exploring other genres maybe,
however everyone is entitled to their own
taste. most importantly to me the thriller
genre was rated within the top three genres,
as I said before this may have been affected
by the participants chosen to take the
surveys, as majority of the participants were
young males aged 15 – 20.
How often Films are Watched
2 or more times a week 6

once a week 14

15% twice a month

Less than once a month 8

• This result allowed me to come to a
suggestion to suggest maybe why the thriller
genre wasn’t rated top by most participants,
perhaps it is because films are not watched
on a regular almost half of these participants
2 or more times a w eek once a w eek tw ice a month Less than once a month watch films twice or LESS a month, not nearly
enough to be a real demanding audience ,nor
is it enough times to explore different genres,
however most the participants stated that
they watched films once a week, which is a
good intake of film.
How Films Are Viewed
cinema 32
free channels 10
sky movies/ pay per view 10
internet 14
22% pirate DVD/ Illegal streaming
33% 11
DVD 22


10% • Honestly it makes me happy to see that most the
participants, especially as they are young people,
watch films via DVD or cinema, it is the best way
cinema free channels of absorbing a film, to really catch the quality, also
sky movies/ pay per view internet it is not illegal like pirate DVD’s or illegal
streaming, the internet scored the third highest
pirate DVD/ Illegal streaming DVD points which isn’t exactly what I had hoped, I’d
have preferred if this option came second to last,
just ahead of pirate DVD's and illegal streaming.
however I am still please with this result as most
film lovers would be.
0 thrillers 13
How many Thrillers are viewed in a week
1 thriller 14
2 thrilers 10
3 thrillers 2


• As little people watch many films in

a months it is normal however
unfortunate that 27 people watch
one thriller or less, nearly 3/4 ‘s of
the participants. I didn’t expect a lot
of people to watch 3 thrillers in a
36% week, however it is still a shame
that this number is very low in
comparison to the rest of the
0 thrillers 1 thriller 2 thrilers 3 thrillers
How Often the cinema is Visited
2 or more times a week 0
once a week 1
twice a month 12
Less than once a month 26
the majority of people stated that they went to
the cinema was less than once a month,
this could be due to increasing cost at
cinema’s or perhaps younger people are
preoccupied with school and other
activities. Still an unfortunate result,
2 or more times a week once a week twice a month Less than once a month
especially when looking at the people
that go cinema 2 or more times a week,
How many people Own a skybox
Yes 36
No 3

• Just a question to see whether the

amount of people who owned a
skybox had an affect on the amount
of people that choose to watch films
on their sky boxes see slide 5.

Yes No
Would they still go to the cinema
Yes 23

No 16

• A simple yes or no question
resulting in a positive
outcome, I am pleased with
the fact that people, especially
younger people, are still more
enthusiastic about going to the
Yes No cinema, to enjoy good film