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24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.

Event management
budget uncertainties
insurance against risks
MST326 lecture 8
24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.ppt
Event management
What is an event?:
conference, symposium
hands-on training
marketing exhibition
sports competition
many others ...
24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.ppt
Rudyard Kipling's poem:
I Keep Six Honest Serving Men:
"I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are
What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who"
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Budget: conference venue
Day rate per person all-in

Hire venue at fixed costs, and either
pay lower day-rate to cover refreshments
perhaps with teas/coffees required
leave delegates to find own refreshments

Access arrangements
disabled persons
exhibition materials
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Budget: conference speakers
speakers pay full registration fee
include their accommodation?
include travel and subsistence costs?
generates goodwill and eases speakers load
speakers pay (reduced) registration fee
speakers attend free
the latter two require higher registration
fees from non-speaking delegates
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Conference: delegates
Poster papers
often used to gain additional delegates

Access for disabled persons
Special dietary requirements
vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc
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Budget: marketing and media
TV, radio, journals, magazines
specialised mailing lists
e-discussion lists
SMS/MMS telecommunications
flyers, brochures etc
design costs
printing costs
mailing costs
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Budget: other costs
personnel on-the-day
travel (to view venue in advance)
audio-visual aids and technician

... and other income
flyers in the delegate pack
24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.ppt
Annual income twenty pounds,
annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen
shillings and sixpence,
[19.97p] result happiness.

Annual income twenty pounds,
annual expenditure twenty pounds and sixpence,
[20.2p] result misery.

Mr Micawber in Charles Dickens David Copperfield
24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.ppt
Continue or cancel?
cancellation may incur:
lost deposits on venues
refunds of any prepayments
speakers spending in anticipation of event
all that effort for nothing
continuation may result in:
negative budget
loss leader informing future events
loss of reputation,
if delegate expectations not realised
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Other types of events
Broadly the same considerations
outdoors may also need
formal permission to use public space
fenced area accessible only to ticket holders
security to ensure no freeloaders
public address systems
first-aid provision
independent caterers
24 February 2007 MATS326/EventMgt.ppt
what can go wrong?
pay-on-the-day and no-one arrives
the weather (no audience - no atmosphere)
insurers will cover the risk?
they are in business to make money
they consider the risks involved
they request lower premiums where
a full risk assessment already exists
where plans/budgets have sensible contingency