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Endangered Species

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qamar , asmaa , mazni & KA
of Enda
 When discussing the causes
of endangerment, it is
important to understand that
species are not the
only factors involved in this
dilemma. Endangerment is a
broad issue, one that involves
the habitats and
environments where species
live and interact with one
another. Although some
measures are being taken to
help specific cases of
endangerment, the universal
problem cannot be solved
Specie Profiles

g o ri ll a is c la s s ifie d as a
The ri mates
e r P

o rd
membe r o f th e
i l l
m e m b e r o f th e fa
and is a m a le gorilla
Hominid a e . T h e
a b o u t s ix fe e t high,
grows to to s ix h u n d red
and weigh s u p
n ds . T h e fe m a le gorilla
pou fi v e fe et high,
grow s to a b o u t
e ig h s u p to tw o h undred
and w g o ri lla is
pound s . T h e
d a s a n e n d a n gered
classifie th e p ro jected
species d u e to
o p u la ti o n d e c li nin g to
gorilla p 5 0 % d u e to a
at the h ig h e st
a re a o f o c c u p a ncy.
decline in e la rg e s t and
The gorill a is th
e rf u l p ri m a te a li ve,
most pow l a n d sociable
but is a p e a c e fu

The Iber
e r i a n l y n x lynx i an
Ib classifie is
d as
a memb
er of
the o
Carnivor rder
r e s)
and is
member a
the of
classifie It is
d as
species ed
to due
estimate an
populati d
on of
l e ss
2500 m than
c la s s if ie d T
The tige r is iger (P

m e m b e r o f t h e a nthera
a s a
C a r n ivora tigris
order ) a n d is a
(Carniv o r e s
e r o f t h e f a mily
memb T h e m ale
Felidae. u p t o t en
w s
tiger gro om its head
feet long fr of its tail,
to the tip up to 575
and weighshe tiger is
pounds. T a s an
classified d s p e cies
endang e r e
t h e p ro j e cted
due to p o p u lation
tiger t o a t t he
declining d u e t o an
highest 5 0 %
o f a b u n dance
index lin e i n area
and a d e c h e
p a n c y . T
of occu f e ig ht
sis t s o
iger con
 The giant panda is classified
as a member of the order
Carnivora (Carnivores) and is
a member of the family
Procyonidae. The male giant
panda stands up to five feet
tall, and weighs up to 265
pounds. The female giant
panda is smaller and weighs
less. The giant panda is
classified as an endangered Giant Panda
species due to the fact that it
only exists in severely
fragmented subpopulations
consisting of up to 250
mature adults, and that there
has been continuing decline
in the area of habitat. The
giant panda feeds mainly on
bamboo, even though it is
classified as a carnivore.
The Cuvier

classified a 's gazelle is

Cuvier's s a member
gazelle of the
Artiodacty order
la (Even-
Toed Hoofe
and is a m Mammals)
ember of t
family Bo h
vidae. It e
classified is
endangere as an
d species
due to
fragmente a severely
d populati
estimated on
less than to number
2500 matu
individuals re
. The
Cuvier's ga
found zelle can b
in e
Morocco, a Algeria,
nd Tunisia.
What Kids Can Do To Help
Protect Endangered
Species And Their Habitats
fi n d o u t
You can s on the
which speecd species

endanger y o ur
list live
n d
h y they Draw
area    a endangered.
are a p ic tu r e Pictures
Then draiw m a l a n d the
of the an hreats to its
biggest t If you need
survival. re o f the
a pictu u can
y o
species, find one at
probably blic library.
your pu e p ic tu r e,
Send th h o rt
h a s
along witlaining why
letter exp it, to your
you drew or
Senator tative. Be
Represen ll them
a sk s
a ke M
M d
A n
u m e s
Co s t  Based on a picture of
an endangered species,
make a mask or a
costume using paper
Mache, paper bags,
construction paper, or
whatever you can find
around the house or in
the art room at school.
You can even make it a
group project or a game
at a party. When you
finish, maybe you and
your friends can wear
your costumes and
march in a parade. Be

Select a single,
or many,
species that
interest you. D
research in yo
local library an r
on the internet
Make A learn more abo
St or ybo ok species.
Determine whe
they live and
why, what th
e a t, w h a t e a
them, who shar
their home, an
why they are
e r s! !!

Ot Share your new
knowledge with
others. Tell them
about endangered
species and
explain why they
are endangered.
Encourage others
to learn more
about endangered
species. Let them
know that
 Love Animals
 Saf e Them!!!

 The Animal s Need Us...